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  1. I think he can major most of,if not all the guys in his weight! Has that been done? How many guys lasted the whole match this year without getting majored?
  2. Eric Tannenbaum is a doctor doing his surgical residency. I would not want to wrestle him over the bill he charges! Lol
  3. Great thread! I happened to see Lee Kemp wrestle at the Northern Open back in 1981! No one would score on him. He was a tree trunk out there! Very nice summary Randy! By the way, Randy Lewis is still one of my top five wrestlers in the USA of all time!
  4. Crutchmer looked very solid!
  5. Okey state has some studs! Anyone know their projected lineup?
  6. Bo just teched his quarterfinal opponent. He has Miller next! If he beats Miller by four,I will call him a favorite next year!
  7. I'd be shocked if he beats both Miller and Caldwell! If he does, you can hand the title to OSU cuz Snyder will win it at 97 or be in the finals and Logan is the most dominant college wrestler right now!
  8. How in the world do they avoid those big guns?
  9. Great topic! I stand firm in my belief that my work will contribute more to humanity than Neil's! My work is original and I have a federal copyright on it. In 2014, my book for adults was the top rated book on Amazon under two categories, Emotions and mental health. I have developed the simplest and most effective psychology approach for the treatment of most relationship stress including addictions, depression,anxiety,anger,eating disorders,etc. Here are a couple links. Both Ryan Lang and Jake Herbert have endorsed my book on Amazon,among notable athletes. http://www.easyceu.com/emotional-mental ... re-therapy See CEU availability here in link below. http://www.naperprinting.com/upload/aaa ... 20Card.pdf
  10. I always search for the truth! Neil is a solid student. He has five books on Amazon to my two. He has five hundred positive reviews to my 325! He may be smarter!
  11. Any contribution to humanity will be measured by how many lives it impacts! Watch the video. My video and work can impact millions!
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