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  1. I don't know for sure but after this popped up someone (Willy? JBryant?) said that only applied to foreign students.
  2. Isn't that his HS recruiting ranking?
  3. It sounded like they ran it past compliance. And given that I don't know details either I wonder if the part that should follow his NCAA career is just verbal at this point. I didn't think you could deal with an agent/professional organization yet even with the new NIL stuff.
  4. I added the almost when I didn't see him on the 2021 roster.
  5. I guess not. I thought the other post where I saw it was from a NJ person but in double checking it isn't necessarily so.
  6. NJ State Champ now almost at Cornell
  7. Getting PDII fired up on the fora ands watching him go?
  8. I lost my thesaurus recently. I can't find the words to describe how I fell about it.
  9. https://www.flowrestling.org/events/7125085-2021-world-team-trials
  10. Over under on how long it takes Katie to react?
  11. A. Did he? Not sure. 2. I believe that's more about given league rules (or again was by old rules)
  12. I'm not up on the new transfer rules but the old ones would make it very difficult to do a second D1 transfer to a school other than the original.
  13. Again, the fact that you don't know should tell you the answer. It depends where you live. Hospitalizations have approached pre-vaccination era data country-wide but very skewed towards low vax states. ICU beds are gone/nearly gone in the states and people with other emergencies are being shuttled or refused ICU beds.
  14. A. Why comment when you know you haven't kept up? B Why are you more dubious for the same reason as in A? C. The fact that hospitals are being overwhelmed should tell you about how serious it is. The older are mostly vaccinated so some stats could be interpreted in such a way but Delta is infecting the younger group more than 1.0 did.
  15. You seem to be assuming the virus before vaccinations and now is the same. It's not. Delta is way more transmissible. Plus the hospitals being overwhelmed are in low vaccination areas and are almost entirely overwhelmed BY the unvaccinated.
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