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  1. gimpeltf

    Innovative Wrestling Camps

    Or the Perry Brothers Noodling Camp!
  2. 81 not 82. That might have been the WC match in question. The way I could tell would be after the handshake but they stopped before then.
  3. Ricky beat Sergei in a roll-around folk-stylish match the week before (Atlantic City I believe). I think it ended up a fall. The next week Sergei teched him as I recall.
  4. gimpeltf

    Is Ben OK?

  5. gimpeltf


    Is this still a wrestling forum?
  6. You're not really in school these years (Oly rs)
  7. gimpeltf

    NCAA approves shorts

    Lehigh and Missouri did it at the NYAC in '05(?). It was experimental that year.
  8. gimpeltf

    NCAA approves shorts

    You rang!
  9. Snyder wrestled more free than folk during the year. The World's are generally later than the Olympics therefore so are the trials. And three of the 4 are upperweights which is a different style of wrestling. 2020 Olympics are 2-3 weeks earlier than 2016.
  10. So again, you'd hold off the whole process for 3 kids that have a shot? If they really want to make the Olympics they SHOULD take the year off rather than compete in folkstyle right up until the trials. They'd have to schedule another peak in a month. And, yes, it would be an imposition on everyone else.
  11. Why is this any kind of an issue? Do you think USAW should schedule it based on the few college aged kids that AREN'T taking an Olympic year that might possibly be a factor? They would mainly be kids that come from out of nowhere and/or decided to try out at the last minute without any substantial international training. Don't you think USAW should schedule them based on what's best overall?
  12. gimpeltf

    The call

    It's interesting how people can say the chair was wrong in confirming both because the judge HAS TO confirm or white paddle the ref. Isn't it possible the judge didn't do the "right thing"? And isn't it possible that just like the rest of the international rule set- we're being overly literal in that reading since it's more of a guideline?
  13. gimpeltf

    Date set for Dake/Dierenger

    Seti I:With my last breath I'll break my own law and speak the name of Moses... Moses.