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  1. That might depend on where that site is. A few years back Lehigh held the PSU dual at the ppl arena in Allentown. Had close to 10k. That was counted.
  2. He went to Iowa once before- never wrestled.
  3. The kids like Darrius Little. (I spoke to one this weekend)
  4. So, if a journalist ALSO announces he can't be considered a journalist anymore?
  5. The statement referred to NCAAs. This would appear to be several years later for DT.
  6. Still no idea where you get that. I'm not going to release ages but I checked about half the team and no one appears old for their grade. I don't think I even saw anyone that did or would turn 19 before the end of their senior season.
  7. Not sure where you get that idea. They can't be 19 before 9/1 like most everyone else to be able to wrestle publics. Years ago they were largely a PG team but that ended early to mid 90s.
  8. You also have to consider the whole doping issue. The young skater gets caught too, so what will that do since they were already on double secret probation!
  9. Chris Ayers did go to Brown and Blair same time frame and weight that Chris Ayres went to Lehigh (Newton) and Blair.
  10. Interesting how Diakomihalis fits but they have to cut down the Y/D!
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