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  1. gimpeltf

    133 S. Parker

    I believe it was made public the same time as Scotty. I'm not there every day but I haven't seen or heard of him getting on the mats since November.
  2. gimpeltf

    Fix/Suriano - worst ncaa match of all time?

    Not sure where you get a lot of that. Do you think College wrestling had huge crowds in the early 1900s? And go to other countries to see what some people think of Freestyle (and greco). Your last sentence is essentially correct. Might not be the only answer but it is one of them.
  3. That's the category of the call. Hands to the face and blocking on face are terms used in the picture section of the book.
  4. gimpeltf


    I'm not going to bother with most of this- it's your opinion. Are you positive that Rutgers didn't warm-up earlier and off the main floor?
  5. gimpeltf

    Kurt McHenry

    Did he move to NJ?
  6. gimpeltf

    Horrible Match (NS vs DF)

    Exactly not. Again- a stiff arm anywhere is illegal. Simply placing the hand above the eyebrows wouldn't be.
  7. gimpeltf

    What is locked hands anyway?

    It used to be ok (at least it wasn't mentioned). Then it could be unsportsmanlike. Then inappropriate. But it doesn't appear to be a substantial change since then. They call it baiting now Probably more of an emphasis.
  8. gimpeltf

    Horrible Match (NS vs DF)

    You're conflating things. Yes, a straight arm to the forehead could be un. roughness. However, this newer tougher interpretation is simply hands touching anything from the eyebrows to the chin. One is more about force and the other is location.
  9. As it turns out- the refs did their own reviews. Greg and Gary were there as spectators (and apparently got good seats)
  10. gimpeltf

    Suriano vs Fix: Who wins the dual?

    Did he say excape?
  11. gimpeltf

    What is locked hands anyway?

    That was my point. It's only illegal on the mat.
  12. gimpeltf

    What is locked hands anyway?

    I didn't see it but it's not easy to sit out while standing. It's while defending sit outs and switches where most locked hands normally happen, I would think.
  13. gimpeltf

    What is locked hands anyway?

    interlocking or overlapping. As mentioned earlier- it's referee's discretion as to reaction time before calling in those situations. And it could actually be ignored if felt to be intentional as to dropping to the knee. In recent past, it could be considered unsportsmanlike.
  14. Thanks, and that would end the match as opposed to tb.