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  1. Can't compete second half of a season (based on dates not just first semester second semester)
  2. I put weight classes on a mat for the day (until later on if they move a weight on a mat with more bouts). So it kind of works out the same way.
  3. That does help a few of the seeds but I think there were only 3 of those requests. The unseeded weights didn't need to have any separation. No expected ncaa qualifiers (or not more than 1). This kind of event is simply about getting the necessary number of matches not about finding out who was the actual 2nd or 3rd best kid at the weight (first usually works out no matter what).
  4. Was also switching between college and HS and thought HS. College-wise happens a bit. I don't think any restrictions other than keeping in mind that more than 6 attached wrestlers makes it a countable date. Not sure if the 7+ has to be a same event or not. Never thought about that.
  5. Sorry- misread. I think there was also a thread about that sort of thing recently also. Some states do allow this some don't. Events like Beast/Ironman/Eastern States often have teams that only bring 1 or 2 so it must happen with them also.
  6. Some of the weights were unseeded.
  7. If I understand it correctly, Michigan allows multiples at the sections (or whatever they call first round) and not beyond. Thought I heard about switching weights at 2nd round but that seems very weird.
  8. A vs An is by how you say the word. If a vowel sound an, if consonant a. NCAA is generally pronounced En-Cee-Double_A That starts with a vowel sound.
  9. And to my knowledge, nothing in either the rulebook or the compliance manual.
  10. Not sure I get your point. It was the other guy that pushed away. And I'm from Lehigh.
  11. Huh? Some tournaments limit but I've never heard of this restriction.
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