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  1. No. But Trenton State was Ken Mallory Montclair State
  2. This isn't quite true. Yes, the compliance manual doesn't specify the relevant distances or criteria for PSAs and Coaches but it does state that the regional training programs must select these participants in a means outlined by the relevant NGB. 13.11.3 Tryout Exceptions. State, Regional, National or International Training Programs. Participation by an institution’s athletics department staff member in recognized state, regional, national or international training programs or competition organized and administered by the applicable governing body shall not be considered tryouts, provided the athletics department staff member is selected by the applicable governing body and the participants are selected by an authority or a committee of the applicable governing body that is not limited to athletics department staff members affiliated with one institution. A member institution’s coaching staff member may not participate only in noncoaching activities (e.g., consultant, on-site coordinator, participant selection), except as provided in Bylaws, and [D] (Revised: 1/9/96, 11/10/97, 4/28/11 effective 8/1/11)
  3. The NCAA rules that prevent exactly that! It's a compliance thing. It might depend on what you mean by prevent, laws don't prevent things from happening they just make them illegal.
  4. I'm not sure what it does for the Olympic level guys but it allows more high caliber HS kids entry. Regular clubs would allow more kids as they have a fifty mile limit but no qualification requirements. RTCs can only allow kids with various credentials but with a 250 mile limit or if state is bigger the whole state.
  5. Not trying to bust chops (although I'd understand if you thought so) but isn't 1954 Post WWII? I assume you mean immediately Post WWII. As in they didn't allow it for nearly 10 years.
  6. Not a fantasy one, for sure!
  7. https://www.pennlive.com/sports/2013/03/ed_ruth_helped_along_path_to_m.html I also seem to remember a quote when he first committed- something on the lines that he wanted to go to PSU to watch football.
  8. I don't remember it ever being a one count while I've been watching (late 60s). It was proximity then and at sometime in the early 70s it went to the 2/5 count. I suppose it could have been a silent one count initially though.
  9. I'm guessing there was a php (or some other asset) upgrade on the site and the forum package now also needs upgrading,
  10. TexRef- what do you think is so funny about this? Might the coaches have indirectly started the re-evaluation? Sure. But I worked the event at that time. I talked with the NCAA rep about the ruling. What I posted is what I was told by him. He gave me a bunch of stats about it. Never mentioned any feedback from coaches affecting things. And overall, the coaches wanted the kids in. Don't forget that at about the same time the NCAA downsized 2 and 3. Why would the D1 coaches want that also? They have kept the size of D1 where it was even with the number of teams dropping like they have because of the financial success of the event.
  11. Don't forget that Snyder at 213 lost to Coon in the earlier match (dual?) but beat him at NCAAs after putting some weight on.
  12. There's a similarly worded D1 compliance rule about alums attending practice (at the institution not the RTC). In the last few years they allowed 'recent' alums the ability to attend regularly for two Olympic cycles the same as applies to NGB approved individuals. After the two Olympic cycles the now not so recent alums can attend 'occasionally'.
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