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  1. gimpeltf

    Clarion Open

    Not to beat a dead horse since you'll get it from the horse's mouth, so to speak in this case, here's another article from a different writer this past March saying he was 29 then. https://observer-reporter.com/sports/evans-path-to-gold-medal-a-long-winding-road/article_6af7f2ce-2a4f-11e8-b51c-ff5dcf235532.html
  2. gimpeltf

    Clarion Open

    Go back to the original link. Clearly shows 2017. Jake Evans Is Not Your Typical All-American Wrestler At 28 years old, sophomore takes unconventional path to become an All-American By Cody Yankulic Editorial Assistant Mar 23, 2017 0
  3. gimpeltf

    Coon takes Silver

    I think he also placed in Sombo that year.
  4. gimpeltf

    Clarion Open

    March of 2017 so he was 29 as of this past March.
  5. gimpeltf

    NWCA All Star Classic

    And at some point everything else they tried didn't work so they changed it up to see if something else worked. It was after the season initially. Went to Feb for a number of years. Nothing helped yet.
  6. gimpeltf

    Coon takes Silver

    Chris Taylor '72 Bronze fs. The famous picture is greco.
  7. gimpeltf

    Wrestle-Off Results

    Actually, Cleveland is almost always misspelled. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Moses_Cleaveland
  8. gimpeltf

    Wrestle-Off Results

    Lehigh https://lehighsports.com/news/2018/11/1/wrestling-lehigh-kicks-off-season-with-brown-and-white-wrestle-offs.aspx
  9. gimpeltf

    Hands to the face

    We had a couple called in the Lehigh wrestle-offs tonight.
  10. gimpeltf

    PSU Visit from Mudflap

    Hard to believe anyone could mis-interpret the NCAA compliance book! I've likened the roughly 500 page book to James Joyce's Ulysses as being 500 pages of near gibberish. I didn't realize it went back that far.
  11. gimpeltf

    PSU Visit from Mudflap

    I don't know if Gable did anything per se but a few B1G schools (and Iowa was at the top of the list here) abused reporting in state vs out of state as regards scholarships. It was right around the same time they shut down Ok St for a year for other scholarship issues.
  12. gimpeltf

    Who could have 10 AAs this season?

    OP never said we (or anyone actually) would get 10 just who has a shot.
  13. gimpeltf

    Who could have 10 AAs this season?

    Here are the Intermat preseason rankings from Lehigh's FB page- (Flo's very similar- I just saw these first) Schram is a returning AA transfer from Stanford. 4 ranked top 8 with Schram previous makes 5 ranked there. Most of the rest on the cusp. Schuyler lowest ranked but has beaten a few top ranked kids.
  14. gimpeltf

    Super 32

    Pretty much. He's enjoying himself in general.
  15. gimpeltf

    Super 32

    If you click on the bout number in the bracket on the arena you will see the transcript.