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  1. You can't require what won't be allowed until later. @RichB was just saying it's not likely young healthy athletes will be in line for vaccinations during the early spring.
  2. A hermit. (That's literally the name of the painting). Who else would willingly keep face covered and stay completely off the grid?
  3. The problem is that taking the advice by any given person is as likely to affect those around him that are trying to do the right thing. Even if they do what's necessary to prevent it in themselves it forces them to have to keep wearing masks and keeping distance longer than they would like. I don't know anyone that prefers needing to do those things other than maybe
  4. I have fun with the Ag school thing but (and Cornellians feel free to correct) I believe the Ag school is less of an academic thing as much as a tuition one (lower).I believe Nickernoodles was in Pre-Med - in the Ag School.
  5. I think you can still see the footprint on Troy's leg.
  6. You mean- Your prior suggestion? Wasn't sure why you quoted yourself.
  7. I wasn't doing it for your benefit. Often people don't see this sort.
  8. Interesting. It didn't occur to me to look in Boomer's version of Cornell stats. There he has 7 also.
  9. Was wondering the same although all of these were well before Boomer passed away leaving the more recent Lehigh and EIWA stats up to JDA. I don't think we've updated NCAA stats other than brackets since 2014. The Cornell HOF listing for him doesn't mention any falls but they didn't seem consistent with others in this regard.
  10. I looked in both Track and Flo and didn't see anything as was pointed out. Since maybe March or into January. Harder to tell on Flo as not as much location info readily apparent without clicking each I button but it didn't look like any there either. I would have bet on it!
  11. NCAA Champions for Cornell Click on Wrestler Name for Details Wrestler Career Record Win Pct Falls High School Dave Auble 1958-1960 51-1 98.08% 18 Ithaca, New York Frank Bettucci 1951-1953 50-3 94.34% 0 Ithaca, New York Don Dickason 1951-1953 31-11-2 72.73% 0 Champaign, Illinois David Hirsch 1991-1994 116-17 87.22% 0 Clarkstown South, New York Glenn Stafford 1927-1929 26-1 96.30% 0 Ithaca, New York
  12. Z was 14 in 2010. Reece took 3rd losing in the semis to Dake. Z would have had to have been 5th seed or in that part of the bracket.
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