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  1. I'm from NJ which we all know has the densest population! But somebody is being dense. I answered the question a couple times showing it wasn't ever the case. I showed 4x region champs and you kept asking the question phrased as a conclusion.
  2. Where are you getting this interpretation? Just because something happened in a certain way doesn't mean it was legislated that way. There was no rule stating three times only. I already pointed out that Luke Skove was a 4x region champ winning 3 States. Joey lost 3 matches- all freshman year. He was eligible. Sam Cole was 1-2-2 (10-11-12) at States but won regions 3xs (9-11-12). He was eligible. Nowhere on that page does it say they couldn't. They just didn't.
  3. Off the top of my head- Mike (Mark won 4 Preps) Grey, Andrew Campolattano, Anthony Ashnault and Nick Suriano. That's it. Scott Winston won 3. Injured freshman year. Gerry Nisivoccia won 2 but was career undefeated. Don't remember the circumstances.
  4. Mike Frick was 1-2-1-1 graduating in '72. Lou Durant placed 4xs winning in '78. Luke Skove was a 4x Region 6 champ winning states 3x. Just because no one happened to have placed all 4 years doesn't mean they were excluded from doing so.
  5. I remember when Matt was early in HS at 103 and I was pretty much looking him in the eye. (I was probably 5'10 or so back then)
  6. 3 chances at which title in the 70s and 80s? NCAAs had 4 chances all that time as did NJ.
  7. Not much of a practice. I watched for an hour and they mostly just stood there. (Only 69 was getting any action!)
  8. I don't remember the Major (although I think Captain then) reffing. He coached with us NJ.
  9. It was broken 4 years ago in this same thread.
  10. Hopefully, I have every year memorized! At least AD. (And a lot of BC)
  11. J'den Cox Olympic athlete Description Description J'den Michael Tbory Cox is an American freestyle wrestler and graduated folkstyle wrestler who competes at 97 kilograms. Wikipedia Born: March 3, 1995 (age 26 years), Columbia, MO Weight: 190 lbs Height: 6′ 0″
  12. The speed of the scenarios and the need for more viewpoints is why. In folk, you wouldn't score unless you held the opponent in position for a few seconds usually (hand down td aside). In FS you can score from a much less controlled situation as far as exposure is concerned. Ironically, tds in FS come with a stricter positioning but can come quicker.
  13. Or that photo is from before they left
  14. Does the pope s"-% in the woods?
  15. 2nd prize is 2 weeks in Easton! (I'm from Phillipsburg!)
  16. Plus the NYAC is right there.
  17. I heard the Japanese team came back after training elsewhere!
  18. 2012. That first year after (and no offense intended to anyone) was complicated to put anything in place so the remaining staff did what they could (and actually did quite a job). Then Solomon Fleckman came in and then Brian the next year. So Brian was there 6-7 years depending on how you count this past year.
  19. Wow is right! Your response was less than a minute after mine
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