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  1. Ira Lubert dropped to 190 last couple of bouts his senior year for PSU 1973. I don't know about better wrestling-wise. He was a decent sized HWT. I'm sure he lost well over 50 pounds. I remember a few of us fans saying it might not have improved his wrestling record but was likely the best thing for his health.
  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3av7pnQQ4fM https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vYShG2DbJ1w
  3. It's about ICU beds not regular beds. They're filling up. And although there's some truth to the labeling issue, the numbers of deaths overall this year is above the last few years and by more than the number labeled covid. I agree that this situation might go away if Trump is gone next year. Most every other country was able to clear it up.
  4. That's not the point at all. My statement was referring to posters saying how much time was left by viewing the video. I made no reference to the legality of what happened.
  5. This is a stretch here, but Pete was pretty close to Suriano. I wonder...
  6. There APPEARED to be time on the clock from the video. Back then video graphic clocks weren't in sync with actual clocks. I think DC started celebrating a little early but not the 3 seconds it seemed to show. And I'm pretty sure time was up before BM got there. Possibly before DC started the actual flip.
  7. He did! 19, 99%, 1%, 50/50, 99.9, few dozen, divide... How much more do you want?
  8. This has been brought up before but that caused more of a stir here than in Mongolia. I had a sense that it was something cultural. St Benedict's has had a series of Mongolians going through a few years back (the 2003 Mongolian World team trained there) that I know. I asked one what it was. If you remember the coaches stripped and took their clothes and handed them to the officials. What they were saying was- you robbed me so take the rest of what I own! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U36DqaTtAno
  9. Most all events will be testing something this year.
  10. The statement was smallest D1 Wrestling school though for which F&M qualifies.
  11. And as PT posted on FB - So a few years back Boise State drops wrestling to pursue baseball. Today this drops. You literally can't make this stuff .
  12. In their first year at Super32 (just clips and interviews) I don't think Martin even had a camera. Sara tells the story that she drove Martin to BestBuy (might have been a different store) to get a camera or two. On Monday he realized the cameras didn't work right so he returned them!
  13. That's false- or at least misleading. All scores NOW are multiples of 10. I got a 1457. I'm not sure when they made that change. Also, the definition of an 800 changed a couple years after I took them. T0 oversimplify the scores are based on 500 being dead average and then 600 being 1 std deviation above the raw score mean and 400 being 1 std dev below. So 800 was (when I took them) 3 std devs above. That may or may not have been a perfect score. And if the test was "easy" and more than expected got a perfect raw score that might not be 3 std devs above. A couple years after I graduated they announced that a perfect raw score would translate to an 800 regardless.
  14. gimpeltf


    The current administration would oppose funding NATO!
  15. Next one you do should only be one.
  16. Unless the wrestlers are that far below the other students. School Location 25th Percentile SAT Score 75th Percentile SAT Score Princeton University Princeton, NJ 1380 1540 Harvard University Cambridge, MA 1470 1570 Columbia University New York, NY 1490 1580 University of Pennsylvania Philadelphia, PA 1370 1520 Brown University Providence, RI 1450 1570 Cornell University Ithaca, NY 1390 1530
  17. Let's see how many people figure that one out!
  18. Yes and no (mostly yes). It would require a 6th year here and then what you say. So it would need to be a double dose of remedy. 1st to allow for a 6th year in the first place and then to allow competition as a grad. Since the 2 years off (1st and 2nd years after matriculating) have nothing to do with covid this all seems unlikely (at Cornell). So for him to compete elsewhere would also require a 6th year, that would be almost entirely up to Cornell. I don't imagine the EIWA would balk but in a case like this I'm not sure if the IVY League would also need to rule.
  19. Not sure how Cornell/Ivy could make a covid exception since the NCAA isn't.
  20. Division I dead period will continue through Aug. 31 June 25, 2020 6:13pmMichelle Brutlag Hosick The Division I Council extended the recruiting dead period in all sports through Aug. 31. The Council met virtually Thursday afternoon. The full Council and the Council Coordination Committee will continue to review the recruiting dead periods on a regular basis. A dead period precludes all in-person recruiting. Phone calls and correspondence can continue to occur. Additionally, the Men’s and Women’s Basketball Oversight Committees indicated they are not planning to recommend any changes to the summer access model that was adopted last week, which permits institutions to begin summer countable athletically related activities in basketball beginning July 20 and may include up to eight hours per week of weight training, conditioning and skill instruction, with not more than four hours of skill instruction. Council members also granted a waiver to modifying the start date for preseason practice in sports other than football. Fall preseasons generally begin a specific number of days prior to the first scheduled regular season contest. The waiver allows teams to count back from the first day contests are allowed, instead of a team’s actual scheduled first contest. The waiver allows some flexibility for additional acclimatization for fall sport student-athletes who missed out on spring participation opportunities and accounts for schedule changes due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
  21. In theory it seems straight lined. But in practice it isn't. I remember talking to some compliance people when the ones I remembered happened and they basically did face palms talking about it. So I repeat, people can say what they want, it isn't (at least wasn't) simple and is full of pitfalls.
  22. Cmon, Pat! That's a lot of grandmaster draws! (For the non-chess players- that's when they don't make many moves and just shake hands)
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