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  1. Not sure where I saw it and it seems surprising as I was listening for this but I heard there were 6 overturned calls upon review out of roughly 60. Seemed less.
  2. When you say not challenge anything I assume you mean as in video review since you also mentioned yelling in the same sentence? I think Lehigh had about 7 challenges at EIWAs, three were upheld- as in reversed the call, unfortunately one of them came after they ran out of challenges. They had one or two this weekend. I remember initially thinking they might challenge on something and then realized the camera would have been completely out of position.
  3. Percentage of overturns didn't seem very high here but we had quite a few at eiwas. What gets me is how many involve locked hands.
  4. I wondered that also. In addition, with the same thinking, I didn't think pitt should have even been allowed to challenge since you can't review a review.
  5. In the all star meet at Lehigh in 1983 Roger frizzell put one on Ricky rindfuss winning by default.I think he was done for the year. I don't see him in the brackets for ncaas that year and he was seeded the year before. I remember thinking it was pretty brutal when I saw it. The move itself or any given move doesn't have to be specifically written as illegal to be called illegal when used for punishment
  6. Hs isn't supposed to agree on a starting weight in duals. Might differ per state. Tournaments can arrange. In college, coaches can agree on a starting weight in a dual. Looks like they all agreed.
  7. It is inappropriate conduct for the defensive wrestler to touch either or both hands or one knee to the mat in order to release the offensive wrestler’s lock, and the referee shall not call a violation if the lock is held in such cases.
  8. I think Dana White was following one army wrestler just for his name. Coleman gracey
  9. It's been like this for years. Flagrant misconduct is a penalty and loss of all points scored. Should net to minus one
  10. Best matside announcer comment so far, Jake Llewellyn watching the trainers clean the mat. Ammonia on a mat is slipperier than rabbit gut on a tile floor.
  11. I just went back and looked at the team scores again. Missouri had forty nine after the bout as I was leaving. They now show forty five which would account for the one point penalty and losing three. And of this kid is bout a senior he'll have to sit a bout next year.
  12. The last I looked while leaving showed him still holding all points.
  13. The video review rule says it's to be used to confirm or reverse a call or non call. There's a clause stating that the referee can use the review to check the scoring. And there's another longer standing rule 3.11.2 saying that scorer type errors not resolved by the official before the wrestlers leave the area can be handled by the tournament committee.
  14. Not sure how much sarcasm throughout this one since you quoted the duplicate and I assume you know it's paperless.I don't think they're keeping spare sheets as backup.
  15. Everyone left the mat - by rule, the result should seem to stand. Not necessarily. Note the last sentence. For a tournament, the correction shall be made by the referee and shall take place before the contestants leave the mat area or the bout sheet leaves the scorer’s table. Any error not resolved by the referee shall be arbitrated by the tournament committee.
  16. Re: Most famous guys not to make weight at nationalsby gimpeltf » Tue Mar 05, 2013 2:28 am BigApple wrote:I have personal knowledge on Shawn Garel and Melvin Douglas not making weight. The 1976 NCAA tournament was in Tucson, i offered to drive Shawn Garel and Mike Chinn to the weighins. They decided they would rather run to them. Garel barely missed making weight, Von Hitchcock the Cal Poly coach was setting by the scales. It took me about 30 minutes to convince Stan Abel that I wasn't joking. Stan told me that Melvin tried really hard to make 167, but simply couldn't get down in time. Jerry Stanley or Stan were with him the entire time. Next year he moves up to 177 and wins. I believe Garel's picture was on the cover of the rulebook that year. Abel was heard to joke about his missing weight by holding up the rulebook and saying that Garel should be the Outstanding Wrestler. ... As in, he was Out Standing in the hall the rest of the tourney gimpeltf Gold Member Posts: 3560 Joined: Fri Jan 08, 2010 12:40 pm
  17. I found out what happened. They have a regular team score- as shown on Flo. They rolled in scores from the duals- similar to the NCAA proposal. That wouldn't explain what you saw. There may be other deductions but mainly teams were penalized a point every time they wrestled without an NCWA logo on their singlet. I guess Ga Southern wrestled 15 bouts.
  18. Middlebury won DIII last year. Lehigh was 5th but moving up to DI this year.
  19. Not sure if things have changed but a while back they just had a setup where ones met fours and twos met threes (of regions) etc.
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