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    Yianni won the arbitration. Next steps?

    Sammy Julian doesn't live far away but will they bring the same officials back? I'm not sure who the judge was but two of the officials that do the Olympics were on that bout. And Tucci and stecklein were on the review. Do you keep them out?
  2. First, I don't think I was the only one to assume you meant in bounds by on the mat. Second, it doesn't matter how long the knee or butt was down. Third, in my watching video initially was thinking it was close as to whether the knee actually touched. But in reviewing I think it did. Clearly Zach errett did also several times. He was incredulous with the other guy's refusal to see it. Fourth, as to my lack of understanding, I officiated national fs and Greco finals matches over the course of about 7 years. Admittedly that was a while ago but the concepts in this case haven't changed.
  3. No idea what you are looking at. They might have been a couple feet from dead center. This is between 2:50 and 3:00. First the knee touches (barely) then Yaz sweeps a leg and Goz hits his butt. The ref called 2 after the butt hit.
  4. gimpeltf

    Worst NCAA Championship Match of All-Time

    There was some talk about whether Palmer tanked intentionally so that Kinseth would get OW.
  5. The other review official next to Errett hardly looked at the video. I also thought that even if you think the knee didn't quite touch a couple seconds later his butt hit.
  6. gimpeltf

    Yianni won the arbitration. Next steps?

    My understanding is that they are shopping around for a venue for labor Day.
  7. gimpeltf

    Your Team’s 19/20 Probable Lineup

    2nd d1 transfer can only be back to original without other complications. But he did wrestle what looks like 7 dates through early January.
  8. gimpeltf

    Yianni won the arbitration. Next steps?

    Remember the most entertaining sequence in that Olympics? The Mongolian protest? It was also involving UZB. The investigation found something along the lines that certain officials kept being assigned to the mat or review teams for UZB and calls were made in UZB favor.
  9. gimpeltf

    Bad Look For Wrestling

    I don't know why I came up with 3 gallons I know it's 8 pounds per. I doubt they would weigh him at the hospital prior to taking care of him. If he was showing signs of dehydration they would be negligent to do so. Assuming they called an ambulance they would have started prior to getting to the hospital.
  10. gimpeltf

    Bad Look For Wrestling

    But wouldn't the hospital have immediately IVed him prior to checking his weight? I doubt they gave him nearly 3 gallons of fluid but I think 17 pounds was after taking care of him which would include clothes isn't what he went in weighing.
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    For one thing- they want a chance for any country to medal. The odds of that drop if they try to actually get the three best to medal.
  12. I'm not going to claim that I know viewership but Greco is likely popular in different countries than FS. A breadth of popularity in terms of countries might account for higher entries at the World's. Possibly in countries with less developed internet capabilities. I think Greco is more similar to various other folkstyles.
  13. gimpeltf

    Kurt Angle 1995 Worlds

    As I said I couldn't remember the specific rule. I also realize you're saying what they were told to mark down as opposed to what they were to count. I was working the results side of the event and did see the score sheets.
  14. gimpeltf

    schedules 2019 - 2020

    Yanni Yianni
  15. gimpeltf

    Professor Matthew Mitten

    Except that it isn't other than in this guy's (and your) opinion. If another post is to be believed, PSU showed considerable precedential evidence to the contrary and somewhere Tucci was shown saying it wasn't.
  16. gimpeltf

    Professor Matthew Mitten

    I was very impressed with this guy's resume as regards sports arbitration. The main two previous wrestling arbitrations (Lewis-Smith, Sieracki-Lindland) seemed to revolve around conflict of interest rather than rules of the sport. This seemed to be more about a rule. I don't think I've ever met Zain. I have had a couple of very short but enjoyable conversations with Yianni. My amateur opinion was that Yianni should have scored (although different views showed different things). However, this "rule" about the timing of the brick was interpreted by the top in sport people as being ok under the circumstances. We can argue that here but the people that are paid to interpret those rules on a regular basis decided what they decided. That says to me that it wasn't a hard and fast rule in the first place. And I haven't heard anyone suggest that Tucci, et al, has any bias towards anyone. The closest I can see anyone with anything close to possible geographic bias would be Sammy Julian who doesn't live too far from Benton and he voted for Yianni. Does anyone have any clue as to whether all four sides here (Zain, Yianni, initial officiating crew, Tucci and review panel) had input? I would think that Tucci saying this 5 second rule was as valid as the more well known 5 second rule (dropping food) - it isn't- would end the argument.
  17. gimpeltf

    Anything from arbitration?

    According to Yianni's Twitter, the rematch won't happen until next year! https://twitter.com/yiannidiako_LGR/status/1162131066678927360
  18. gimpeltf

    Who's taking an olympic redshirt this year?

    I get all that. I was simply commenting on the use of grey-shirt in this case. Not that grey-shirt is at all of an official term but its use is for deferring enrollment not during enrollment. My friends and I would generally call this situation an Ivy shirt.
  19. And Matt was around 130-something senior year HS and didn't grow that much in college.
  20. gimpeltf

    Who's taking an olympic redshirt this year?

    Did Brandon Paulson? Although even if so Frayer was likely talking FS.
  21. gimpeltf

    2020 NCAA seating

  22. gimpeltf

    Kurt Angle 1995 Worlds

    He was given the decision because the officials had more attempts marked down than JADs. I think this only counted in OT but not sure any more.
  23. gimpeltf

    THE Ohio State University - a dumb idea?

    So if someone writes/talks about the Ohio State wrestling (pick your sport) team, they could be sued?
  24. gimpeltf

    If Rob Koll had become the Penn State Coach?

    More likely BA.
  25. gimpeltf

    Kurt Angle 1995 Worlds

    DFino- DelFino.