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  1. The ones I remember were 15 years ago. One was a Lehigh BBall player where we had to forfeit 7 games. I think the other might have been a Lock Haven wrestler. I don't remember specifics just that both compliance departments were completely confused. Perhaps a better word than complex would have been ambiguous. If you looked at the sheet there are a lot of what ifs involved. And it's not uncommon during transfers to have to wait a while to see what credits transfer. It might be simpler under current rules but it's pretty uncommon under any circumstances.
  2. First sentence is correct. You can say the second all you want but I was aware of 2 of them causing major issues within a couple years. Here's how simple it is-
  3. He was a Hwt in college- 165 in HS. That might explain something. Another MD story- (not related to this exact subject). He wrestled the dual in Ames against Chris Taylor. They had a press conference afterwards. Someone asked him how it felt to wrestle Taylor. He looked out and said Taylor caught him. He held off for a few seconds until everyone caught their collective breaths. Yeah, he continued, I was headed out towards I-45- he caught me and pinned my a$$!
  4. Lehigh had a hwt about fifty years ago that was our first to take a timeout to find his contacts. He didn't wear contacts, he just took the timeout!
  5. He wasn't top 12 then. He'd be pretty low now too, I would think. We have to assume that unseeded now would imply below 12th (at least).
  6. https://gowyo.com/sports/wrestling/roster/coaches/mark-branch/139
  7. Not sure top seeds going 0-2 but 2003 Greg Jones WVU (2002, 2004, 2005 NCAA 1) top seed. 2-2 2002 Scott Justus VT top seed 1-2. Neither loss to placewinner. and the cons win was ot. 184- this was the weight where Rob Rohn ended up winning
  8. Juco can be very complicated when done as a 4-2-4. I know of a couple situations where the final 4 year school lost wins that year because they screwed something up. It can be very difficult to reconcile
  9. Here's the Princeton student athlete handbook Handbook It doesn't really mention this hypothetical situation but it does appear they wouldn't allow grads at all. This paragraph, however, looks like it says the NCAA prohibits it which is obviously wrong and contradicted elsewhere. The University, Ivy League and NCAA require that to be eligible for practice and competition, a student-athlete must be a full-time, matriculated student in a four-year baccalaureate program.
  10. Baseball has a non-championship season. The question I answered was would he be eligible if they went to a 2nd semester sport. I guess he might not be if he transferred starting 2nd semester where his issue would remain unsolved but this assumes he goes to classes 1st semester and pulls gpa up. If it's what you suggest- lack of satisfactory progress- wouldn't that only be solvable by end of school year? There looks like an exception if he had enough credits for the 2 preceding terms but that would seem difficult here.
  11. If he's eligible 2nd semester, then he's eligible 2nd semester. The only problem for him would be if wrestling went to a 1st semester sport.
  12. What I've read is that the Ivies only allow 8 semesters of competition, which is slightly different. This is more anecdotal though. I've seen people say it.
  13. And do we know if he could compete at an Ivy in grad school? I think the answer is yes if transfer but... You can't if you do 4 years there.
  14. Not going any further here. One thing I said was that I wasn't the only one that seemed to be seeing the same things. I thought of making the one post last night and held off until this morning. I noticed a few others commenting on what you said and then you saying things like - Oh, I was talking about 18+, or IF was the operative term. I'm a computer programmer. I've designed a few systems in my time. One thing I learned was this- if 100 people try it out and nobody had an issue good for me (although I'm sure someone will come along and do otherwise- or my favorite- you can't build an idiot-proof system as someone will build a better idiot). If a couple people have a problem, it's likely their fault. If several have a problem it's my fault.
  15. You sound like our president- say something, two minutes later say something else. Then have someone say how clear he was on this. (At least you did it yourself). I wasn't trying to do a gotcha. I simply responded to something you said that I quoted that you denied.
  16. As you can see, I'm not the only person that can't figure out where your goalposts are on this subject. So about the only scenario that might fit your "plan" and that might not be blatantly illegal NCAA-wise is something like this. A few adults that have absolutely no connection with the relevant institution (Fresno here as per OP) miraculously happen to be at the same establishment at the very next table as the completely somber Fresno group is. They pay for alcohol and a stripper for their own purposes and merely by happenstance the Fresno group is now set up to look like they are involved.
  17. I didn't say there was. I was simply referring to your hypothetical- " and a couple of adults paid an exotic dancer to dance"
  18. Alums/boosters are under NCAA regs also.
  19. Shp, I'm not going to look up specifically (you might come up with it) but I would suggest it would be considered a benefit not available to the student population in general. Also, I believe this mentioned recruits (?) so I think there are restrictions of where you can entertain them relative to campus. Just skimmed the article. They list a series of scenarios that are illegal according to the school handbook. Adult entertainment listed. Age of recruits irrelevant.
  20. 26 states have approved. NJ was the 12th- less than 2 years ago.
  21. Depending on exactly what did happen, Troy can't be the main investigator or judge. Not sure what you mean by Leave the NCAA out of it. If you read the article- the investigation IS happening at the school. Generally, that's how things work. Violations are initially self-reported and the school makes recommendations. Then the NCAA gets involved. Obviously, you can't allow the institutions to completely investigate themselves.
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