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  1. Snyder wrestled more free than folk during the year. The World's are generally later than the Olympics therefore so are the trials. And three of the 4 are upperweights which is a different style of wrestling. 2020 Olympics are 2-3 weeks earlier than 2016.
  2. So again, you'd hold off the whole process for 3 kids that have a shot? If they really want to make the Olympics they SHOULD take the year off rather than compete in folkstyle right up until the trials. They'd have to schedule another peak in a month. And, yes, it would be an imposition on everyone else.
  3. Why is this any kind of an issue? Do you think USAW should schedule it based on the few college aged kids that AREN'T taking an Olympic year that might possibly be a factor? They would mainly be kids that come from out of nowhere and/or decided to try out at the last minute without any substantial international training. Don't you think USAW should schedule them based on what's best overall?
  4. gimpeltf

    The call

    It's interesting how people can say the chair was wrong in confirming both because the judge HAS TO confirm or white paddle the ref. Isn't it possible the judge didn't do the "right thing"? And isn't it possible that just like the rest of the international rule set- we're being overly literal in that reading since it's more of a guideline?
  5. gimpeltf

    Date set for Dake/Dierenger

    Seti I:With my last breath I'll break my own law and speak the name of Moses... Moses.
  6. gimpeltf

    Most annoying commentator catchphrases?

    A few good comments at 197- the first couple times he mentioned Cael- he's a very fine wrestler- 4x All-American. And the other, announcer mentioned how he seldom saw this much speed at this high of a weight. Considering it doesn't sound like he EVER saw this high of a weight before this ...
  7. gimpeltf

    Iowa Hawkeyes - Director of Operations

    I'm not sure if it was a formal school position but one of our (Lehigh) female managers was called that (I believe after she graduated from undergrad school). I think I saw a tag to that effect on the office lobby desk she had.
  8. gimpeltf

    Iowa Hawkeyes - Director of Operations

    I believe so. I do a little informal compliance work and a couple of things I've noticed over the years are these- 1. The real school compliance people are sometimes surprised when I carry a manual with me- the real compliance people mostly work from forms prepared from the NCAA or from the school from years ago rather than knowledge of the rules. 99% of compliance is making sure everything is recorded. 2. The compliance manual was written by a fan of James Joyce's Ulysses in it's Irish-English language. 3. Also, I think the rationale for a lot of the rules were to allow what had always gone on (payments to kids/coaches largely and allowing outsiders to coach via clubs) but with limits and over the table rather than under.
  9. gimpeltf

    Iowa Hawkeyes - Director of Operations

    You can't employ (or I think plan to employ) a PSAs family. As to SAs- it's not specifically prohibited as long as it's a benefit available to the general student body and not related to athletic achievement. What that means...
  10. gimpeltf

    Made Up Positions?

    Technically that could be an issue. The DOWOPS is specifically mentioned in this regards so I'm not sure here. Is this another phrase for strength coach? Coaches are determined to be anyone "acting" as a coach with an agreement (pay or not) with the university- which is why I mentioned about who paid him. If that job is with the club then he has no agreement with the school and can come to practice regularly as an alum for the next two Olympic cycles.
  11. gimpeltf

    Women's College Wrestling

    Not sure the NCAA has decided since it doesn't take effect for another year as I understand it so if that's the case it would be up to each school for this coming year. And who knows if the NCAA would have to grandfather scholarships awarded this coming year.
  12. gimpeltf

    Fix oly redhirt?

    Did he visit the local Hy-Vee before or after the Olympics?
  13. gimpeltf

    Made Up Positions?

    If that position is paid for by the school (as opposed to by the club) he' shouldn't be eligible to work on the mat with the kids- same as DOWOP (Dir of Wr Ops) - since that makes 4 paid coaches and one volunteer, and that's even though he's an alum.
  14. gimpeltf

    Most annoying commentator catchphrases?

    Also, not a good way to start the broadcast. I didn't remember this one. Of course, there's the illegal fist to the back- which to add to it as I recall, they said it was head coach Manning calling for it but I thought it was Snyder. The other scenario I recall was in one of the matches the Nebraska guy had top in the 2nd or 3rd and the PSU guy would stand up, Nebraska would mat return him and the announcers were incredulous that no takedown was called.
  15. gimpeltf

    Stop 1984ing us

    You can talk about it all you want. Just not here. Make your own forum. Find another one. The government isn't stopping you.
  16. gimpeltf

    Fix oly redhirt?

    Back in the 70s there was an event at the Nassau Coliseum. Florida, Hofstra, Lehigh and Oklahoma. For some reason Oklahoma was delayed getting there. When they got there I yelled out- Better late than Sooner. They didn't like that!
  17. gimpeltf

    Pico TKO a few minutes ago

    Not sure that wasn't a troll job but Reece is 10 years older than Pico.
  18. gimpeltf

    Thomas Gilman History

    I was the same. A good friend of mine that was a big-time wrestling reporter from Ok mentioned it to me once when I said that (Okie St). I still say it but not as regularly as I think about it.
  19. gimpeltf

    Thomas Gilman History

  20. gimpeltf

    Good job USAW and Flo!

    And my thought from last year was why not same day- set up videos of the other site and alternate! Might be a long day but...
  21. gimpeltf

    Folkstyle Influence

    Who officiated? A lot of top USA officials don't really cross over that much. If anything are more likely to "leak" in the other direction.
  22. gimpeltf

    Thomas Gilman History

    I don't think the American athletes would be offended being called USAs but I suspect most would be confused by it.
  23. gimpeltf

    Pico TKO a few minutes ago

    That was in reference to Marsteller who just graduated from Lock Haven but has migrated to the Lehigh Valley to train with the LVWC.
  24. gimpeltf

    Thomas Gilman History

    At least Red Sox fans would!