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  1. 39 minutes ago, gowrestle said:

    The NWCA had a good thing going running the National Dual Meet Tournament. A few coaches didn’t like it and now the event is history. Nothing attracts interest more than a dual meet. At the current rate of D1 programs being dropped, it’s just a matter of time till wrestling loses NCAA recognition. 

    Yes and no. Sure, duals attract interest. But do they at remote and often neutral sites? Plus generally those duals were often rematches.

  2. 20 minutes ago, PRyan2012 said:

    And why would anyone think that? Let me see here we had the Russia scandal designed to impeach Trump or make him resign. Then you had the hooker scandal to make him resign. Then you had supreme court sex scandal. Then impeachment itself. Then a double hit job with Covid/race riots. Any other made up scandals that I missed? I think they were all fake. Covid may not be fake but the response to a disease that kills .4% like that is what is fake. But I will say I would not be surprised if Trump is in on all of it as a bad actor to divide us to make money and raid the US treasury. All I know is something is not right with the worlds elite/leaders. They appear to have a plan for you and me! O and most of them hate wrestling!  

    Maybe people want to get rid of Trump because we knew before the election he couldn't handle the job. Especially, if there was a crisis. Now he's proven that to be more correct than we could ever have known.

  3. 45 minutes ago, ionel said:

    Yes there are bringing freshman and up to 40% to campus but still doing online classes for all, unless you've found something different?

    I was responding to your saying all classes were online. I guess you meant all classes COULD be online not that every kid had to be online which is how I took your statement.

  4. 15 minutes ago, 1032004 said:

    I'm pro-mask, but one could probably argue you don't know if the workers were getting it from each other (due to their prolonged exposure) or from customers, and I'm not sure if we know whether or not their rate of infection is much if any higher than the general population.

    To one of dman's comments, I don't think there is a lot of evidence of grocery store shoppers for example getting it much.   I think this study of multiple restaurant patrons in China sitting at a different table from an infected and presymptomatic person for less than an hour and still getting infected is the best example I've seen of person to person transmission without symptoms without "prolonged" exposure - https://wwwnc.cdc.gov/eid/article/26/7/20-0764_article

    So, sure it's probably low risk to go to Home Depot or the grocery store without a mask if you're only in there for 30 minutes or less, but that doesn't mean there's no risk.   

    Also pro mask where needed - not sure that grocery store workers are necessarily close to each other that much. Stockers are usually off by themselves (relative to other workers) and checkers have their own aisles. But both sets end up coming close to patrons so they are likely to interact with someone infectious. This might depend on the size of the store. I do my main shopping at Wegmans but supplement at Wawas (east coast convenience store). I could see the workers closer to each other at Wawa than at Wegmans. Not sure here (I don't think anyone is)

  5. 28 minutes ago, 1032004 said:

    I think this is a pretty fair interpretation of what is happening, yes.   Although I'm not sure I'd go as far as saying they've been wrong more than correct.

    A lot of the anti-maskers though are super annoying because they say "why were we initially told we didn't have to wear masks then?!?!"  So they believed what the "experts" said at first, but not now?  Besides, the mask guidance was changed pretty early on and from what I've seen there have been quite a few studies/examples that seem to show their effectiveness.  I'm not anti-Trump but I feel his refusal to wear a mask seems to be playing a major role in many people thinking wearing a mask is taking away their freedomz

    Initially, people were thinking of wearing masks to protect themselves (with good reason). That reason didn't hold up super well with most masks other than n95s. At the time, the country's inaction left us with too few of them so don't wear was to make sure health care people had enough. Eventually, we realized the majority of masks for the public did a decent job (not 100%) of preventing the spread FROM the wearer.

  6. 17 minutes ago, dman115 said:

    And gimp if you take what I wrote that republicans are just dismissing it than you clearly want to read and interpret things to fit your narrative.  No use having a respectful conversation with you than.

    You're the one missing the whole point. Nothing to do with a narrative on my part.

    You said Republicans aren't dismissing but are taking a wait and see attitude. That is in and of itself dismissing the science. The science was telling us DON'T wait and see- ACT!

  7. 37 minutes ago, klehner said:

    Multiple football coaches in the Ivy League told The Athletic over the weekend that they expect Wednesday’s announcement to be that the league is moving all fall sports, including football, to spring 2021. The coaches spoke on the condition of anonymity because the conference has not announced its final decision. “In order to have an effective season without hiccups, time is the answer,” one Ivy League coach told The Athletic. “If we play in the spring, it won’t bother me.” Added another Ivy League coach on Sunday: “That seems most realistic now with cases spiking in so many places.”

    Although the Ivy states (NJ,Pa,NY,Ct,Ma,NH,RI) are doing fairly well right now so the in-league games might not be too bad by September.

  8. 17 minutes ago, Shiraz123 said:

    As we are speaking about crime, Nurmagomed Gadzhiev is under investigation for murder. He is one of Azerbaijan's 97kg guys. 

    Wrestling News: Twin European medallist Nurmagomed Gadhziev is suspected for murder. The Dagestan native has allegedly murdered Abdulbasir Omarov during an altercation, reported WrestlinUA, Russian news daily. The incident occurred in Dagestan after which the Azerbaijan Wrestling Federation (AWF) contacted the suspect’s relatives. They said that Omarov died in the ‘domestic conflict’, but added that Gadhziev was just an eyewitness to the crime. “As far as we know, he did not shoot Omarov. We will wait for the results of the investigation,” the report quoted the AWF.

    Sadrudin Aigubov, the wrestler’s personal coach has also denied that Gadzhiev had anything to do with the alleged murder. “Nurmagomed was in an absolutely stupid situation, and he is not at fault for what happened. Just close relatives asked him to come and support during the conflict. He arrived and ended up in the wrong place at the wrong time. A lot of guys participated in the conflict, about 20 men, and they all got on the surveillance cameras. Now the proceedings are ongoing. And so, the guy is not to blame for anything (Sic.),” the report added.

    Gadzhiev is two-time European bronze medallist and once European Games silver medallist. He competes for Azerbaijan in the light heavyweight division –97kg freestyle.

  9. 1 hour ago, dman115 said:

    Some of your political leaning is showing gimp...I don't consider myself neither republican nor democrat...but you saying "mainly republicans dismissing" is just outright false.  Like I said in my recent post above...it is how people interpret what the "experts" say.  From my seat republicans want to take a more wait and see approach with the attitude let's make sure the "treatment isn't worse than the disease"..i.e., crash our economy and destroy lively hoods, mental heath impacts, etc....and then I agree, democrats have typically taken a very conservative cautious approach..i.e., stay home, close certain businesses, wear masks, don't go socialize, etc.

    In other words, the Republicans dismiss what science is saying. You said it right there. I didn't say you said I said they said.


  10. 5 minutes ago, dman115 said:

    So why is it even a debate if "people would just believe the science"??  Because scientist are debating it.  People think the scientist they believe are right and the others are wrong and vice versa.  The problem comes is that you get people who bash others for believing something different.  Then admit that the "science" out there is still unknown yet turn around and talk out of the other side of their mouth and believe what they want to believe to fit the narrative they want it to fit...hence it becomes political.  And the only thing that is for certain is that this somehow has turned into a political witch hunt on the president...like Russia and every other asinine thing the stupid politicians and media come up with.  Again...I don't even like Trump...he has done some good stuff but he has also done and said some seriously head shaking things...but in the end he is ALL our president...just like Obama was (who I voted for the first time), just like Bush was, just like Billy the rapist Clinton was (who I voted for the first time).

    Back to Covid...if some of you seriously don't think it is political...how do bars and restaurants and beaches get ALL the blame for the recent uptick??  And yet massive gatherings of protestors, looters, and rioters all around the country doesn't even get mentioned as a cause??

    It's not a serious debate among the doctors and scientists.  There will always be outliers but the percentages are quite low. If you notice on the news- it's mainly drs, epidemiologists (including those on the task force) and democrats advocating for caution and mainly republicans dismissing. And that's going away- at least as far as wearing a mask is concerned.

    They don't get blamed for ALL of it but when you look at people in bars and restaurants and beaches they weren't wearing masks whereas most of the protest were pretty high percentages of mask wearers. Pretty simple. And there are articles mentioning exactly this about protests where the stats as of yet don't show problems from them. Also, I'm seeing that beaches might not be as much of a problem as bars. My guess here is that at bars you get drunk more than at the others. Also, you tend to go to bars with co-workers or other friends that you aren't already exposed to. A high percentage of people going to the beach are families and college kids. Families are likely exposed to each other. College kids are less likely to show symptoms.

  11. Wrestler Yuri Lomadze detained in the case of reprisal against a resident of Batumi

    Jul 05, 2020, 13:15 | Essentials , News , Incidents

    TBILISI, July 5 - News-Georgia. Georgian Greco-Roman wrestler, European Championship medalist Yuri Lomadze detained in the case of reprisal against a resident of Batumi. This was reported by the opposition television channel "Mtavari Archi".

    Earlier today, the Georgian Interior Ministry reported the detention of five people on charges of unlawful imprisonment and group violence. The investigation established that in Batumi they abducted 32-year-old N. Dz., Took him to the village of Bohvauri of the Ozurgeti district (Guria region), where they brutally beat him. As noted in the department, the crime was committed "on the grounds of revenge."

    RELATED: Police detained five people who massacred Batumi resident

    According to Mtavari, among the five detainees there is not only a 24-year-old wrestler, but also his 19-year-old brother, football player Luka Lomadze. The Pirveli TV channel claims that it was the Lomidze brothers who organized the massacre, and the kidnapped N. Dz. - This is their relative's boyfriend.

    As for the victim, he received quite serious injuries and still remains in one of the Batumi hospitals.

    The investigation in connection with the incident continues under two articles of the Georgian Criminal Code - “illegal imprisonment” and “violence committed by a group of persons”. Detainees face sentences of imprisonment for a term of two to ten years.

  12. 25 minutes ago, Husker_Du said:

    response to #2: why did CNN write several pieces poo-pooing   it and then recently (like two days ago) say it's working. (this isn't rhetorical. i literally haven't looked into anything the last few days).

    Not quite. CNN showed a report that looked like it worked but the article also said researchers doubted it. As is often the case, the headline diverged from the article.

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