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  1. A vs An is by how you say the word. If a vowel sound an, if consonant a. NCAA is generally pronounced En-Cee-Double_A That starts with a vowel sound.
  2. And to my knowledge, nothing in either the rulebook or the compliance manual.
  3. Not sure I get your point. It was the other guy that pushed away. And I'm from Lehigh.
  4. Huh? Some tournaments limit but I've never heard of this restriction.
  5. This has been mentioned before but you can't go by the NFHS numbers for participation for Pa. The PIAA approximates by taking a guess at the average of 20 per participating school. The published survey showed Pa with 9460 (473 schools). The actual numbers are more like 10,900 which puts much closer to most mentioned and ahead of NJ. I know the numbers because I get a full dump of them for the PIAA Team States.
  6. Inductee: Chris Campbell In 1977, after his senior year in college, Chris Campbell made his first World team at the age of 23. In 1980 he made his first Olympic team but was unable to compete because of the United States’ boycott of the the Games. The following year Campbell won a gold medal at the World Championships. After a layoff of nearly 10 years, Campbell made a comeback in 1990 at the age of 35. At the World Championships that year he won a silver medal. The following year he placed fifth at the World’s despite notching a victory over the eventual champion. In 1992 Campbell made his second Olympic team and earned a bronze medal at 198 pounds. While wrestling for the University of Iowa Campbell was a three-time All-American and a two-time NCAA champion, winning titles in 1976 & ’77. His career record of 122-6-3 ranks sixth on Iowa’s all-time career winning percentage list. Did you know? Chris Campbell was 37 years old when he won his bronze medal at the 1992 Olympics.
  7. An actual slap? Probably in lower level if the chair knows it was wrong for some reason. What happens more often is for the chair to deny the call. For the most part, a denial means the chair is pretty sure it isn't one. Chair will agree if he thinks it probably was a good call. At the actual international level, things can get more complicated with possibly 3 different languages going on in the crew (and 3 different national interpretations and 3 different egos).
  8. A. Perspective. B. Generally the most experienced official is here. He can keep his focus on the bigger picture. I officiated international for a number of years mostly in my 20s and 30s. I preferred on the mat as long as the chair had my back. However, you learn how to see more than you think from the chair.
  9. Other countries have different systems that wouldn't necessarily apply here. I think a number of countries are done with their HS term after the equivalent of 10th grade.
  10. I've seen it called Rumble and Tumble and Beauty and the Beast. Several schools do it. https://brownbears.com/news/2019/1/23/general-gymnastics-wrestling-combine-for-fifth-annual-rumble-and-tumble-meet.aspx https://encrypted-vtbn3.gstatic.com/video?q=tbn:ANd9GcQdhoyTendJXHceGDB5DOvl0-g2ggiw4YKO4eHlDMxUgSC5pTaT https://www.thedaonline.com/beauty-the-beast-gymnastics-wrestling/image_30676dc4-9755-11e3-b6ca-0017a43b2370.html
  11. I remember having a half-time break at Lehigh way back. After 150 before 158, maybe? Channel 39 used it as a tape break for commercials.
  12. This is my favorite Gilman video. Caden is Cory Cooperman's son.
  13. Aren't they seeding all 33 again? I assume you mean seeded below 16.
  14. They're called volunteers because the school doesn't pay them. Just a fan had it right. Generally it's the alums that pay them through the "unaffiliated" club.
  15. They turned it into being about Jon's battles with rage fueled by people playing with his glasses used to protect his eyes after his retinal detachment.
  16. What does that statement mean? It says it doesn't count and defines it as when the opponent doesn't show. It doesn't say the opponent doesn't get a loss. Pretty awkward wording.
  17. And to clarify my response, by "Meaning what", I was asking which scenario you meant, nothing more than that.
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