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  1. Just to ask- might he have been asking for publicity photos? Not that that wouldn't be a problem but it would be as much for Flo as him and a different level of issue than what's being mentioned about PD3.
  2. That's not how I read Reece's message. He said he was upset that WE HAD to let him go. He's part of we and had to means he felt they had no choice. He can still feel kinship with Downey regardless.
  3. I meant the ones that retired there.
  4. A lot of Floridians came from NY originally.
  5. A bit of a gymnast also. Not sure how much he did in a formal sense but he would put on little shows while warming up. Unfortunately, he couldn't stick the landing at NCAA's!
  6. It'a also Rutgers- goes back and forth locationally. (That's not meant to change much else you said)
  7. Chloe did post something about it. Not happy. PD3 has posted an apology.
  8. I doubt this is the first incident. Just perhaps the first they can point to specifically.
  9. What Open events do you think there might be?
  10. Some sports do two seasons. Championship and non.
  11. NCAA doesn't count wins and losses at all other than to do the stats for that given years event.
  12. In having worked the event for 20 years I did hear something about the D1/2/3 event sizes. Around 30 years ago D1 downsized slightly from 360 to 330 by eliminating the D2/3 qualifiers. Reason given was that no other sports allows 2 bites at the apple. But D2/3 also downsized- fairly significantly as I recall. Perhaps JB or PT can confirm what I am about to say. Reason for D2/3 downsizing was to bring the ratio of qualifiers versus total starters inline with other sports. Why didn't D1 do the same? D1 has almost 50% (33/~70). The reason I was given was that the D1 event was one of the best attended of all sports beyond football/bball and I assume Hockey. Might be a few others but ... So they didn't want to play with it.
  13. I agree that only one tournament (or at least one series including the qualifiers) are well attended. I've said this earlier but will try to say in another way. Duals are great at home. At the NCAA duals events, pretty much only those schools drew and largely only schools within a reasonable distance. I'm sure there were a few pure fans but nothing like at the NCAAs. Duals are very parochial (not using the religious definition) and mainly only help those schools. And there aren't that many schools at the duals events. Plus having two national events would likely limit a lot of people to choosing just one in so far as travel and vacation are concerned.
  14. In Fargo, he was DC. Kind of all over the place but could lift and throw with ease. One year (after soph year I think) his ticket brought him out for greco. He didn't know about it and didn't know greco. The coaches taught him on the plane. I think he placed 5th.
  15. It's full bore but I like the symbolism invoked.
  16. There are a couple of committees at USAW that end up making the decision. Bender and Gutches might make a proposal to said committees but they don't make the decisions.
  17. You can't see the real clock. I do think the graphic was slightly off (not as much as I had previously thought) but the tapper reaches for the ref before DC flips and you can see the ref trying to stop BM before also.
  18. Lehigh men's rowing is a club. Women's is varsity.
  19. I was thinking the Ivies consider similar. Just an Ivy schedule. My reasoning for this was that at least as we speak now the Ivy states are in better shape than the rest.
  20. Wouldn't that be a reason to keep it since they aren't spending the money?
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