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    Your favorite wrestler who never won it all

    Sophomore year. 2004. 2-1-3-x
  2. Why was the reporter talking about it in front of a basketball game?
  3. gimpeltf

    Did anyone happen to see

    It's not called BAD-minton for nothing!
  4. gimpeltf

    IOWA 12 - OKST 18

    Crap! Now you can't say that!
  5. gimpeltf

    Nick Suriano

    What about a good psychologist?
  6. gimpeltf

    Whizzer-Origin of name?

    He's out in Arizona I believe. Came out this way recently, I think. Coach Turner wasn't aware of Leeman naming it as he recalls knowing the name Whizzer while in HS starting in '53 prior to going to Lehigh.
  7. gimpeltf

    Ohio State- Nebraska

    I never knew that (and I've known him since mid-grade school). I now see some references but ones that look more like either a middle name or that were quoted as in a nickname.
  8. gimpeltf

    Whizzer-Origin of name?

    A Japanese Whizzer (usually called by Gilman's form of the phrase) is a form of arm throw and not a defensive maneuver.
  9. gimpeltf

    Whizzer-Origin of name?

    I've never heard of either of these explanations but they're pretty interesting. And the railroad thing could lend credence to the Lehigh connection. Lehigh's founder was a railroad guy and when Leeman came to Lehigh the rails were still a big thing in the Valley.
  10. gimpeltf

    NCAA D1 champs with worst HS results

    I believe he grew significantly either late in HS early college.
  11. gimpeltf

    NCAA D1 champs with worst HS results

    It was something we talked about around here some but I obviously misunderstood. And I even looked there and missed that. Ctrl-F!
  12. gimpeltf

    NCAA D1 champs with worst HS results

    Stan Dziedzic didn't make it out of districts.
  13. gimpeltf

    Battle of the Italians

    That's because no one survives to tell the tale!
  14. gimpeltf

    National Prep Wrestling...?? Blair,Wyoming,Malvern

    That might have been named by a soccer fan. Messi-Ah!
  15. gimpeltf


    Call it a NCAAdam! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Naadam
  16. gimpeltf

    National Prep Wrestling...?? Blair,Wyoming,Malvern

    I wasn't really saying that any in particular were non-religious but perhaps I should have said 'religiously' named.
  17. gimpeltf

    Common Sense in Big 10 scheduling

  18. gimpeltf

    National Prep Wrestling...?? Blair,Wyoming,Malvern

    I was trying to count actual Prep schools rather than Parochial schools in the ones I mentioned specifically. It looks like Md, Va and Tx have what could be parochial rather than private schools but not sure. It looks like NE, NY, NJ are pretty much only privates. Generally a The or School (without High before it) indicate a private even if religious based. I remember when Strobel came to Lehigh and we talked about Preps. He said there were hardly any on the left coast.
  19. gimpeltf

    National Prep Wrestling...?? Blair,Wyoming,Malvern

    That's probably correct. And most of them are still on the east coast. We get about 125 with kids that qualify. There are approximately 300 prep schools in the opc under Nat Preps. state count(distinct orgname) CT 24 DC 9 GA 1 IL 1 MA 34 MD 41 ME 1 NC 25 NH 4 NJ 6 NY 13 OH 1 OK 1 PA 21 RI 3 SC 1 TN 2 TX 45 VA 38 WV 1 Obviously there are others from other states but most of them wrestle in their state association. There are a number of eastern prep schools that also compete with the publics. In Florida, Lake Highland Prep competes with the Publics. They have made requests to compete with the Preps. In NJ Delbarton, St Peter's, CBA, Rutgers Prep, Pingry, Seton Hall, Don Bosco, St Augustine all compete with the publics. Probably most that compete Preps are live in and most that don't are day schools but not sure. Again, we have virtually no request for schools from other states. Mainly the ones we have gotten of late are newer and seem athletically based.
  20. gimpeltf

    Updated: NCAA's Prediction - Mid-February 2019

    Maybe this happened in the 60s with the Cowboy rule- 2 points for the first td only- 1 after that!
  21. gimpeltf

    A great show of sportsmanship

    No he doesn't!
  22. gimpeltf

    Bey with a right hook

    They left their socks on
  23. gimpeltf

    National Prep Wrestling...?? Blair,Wyoming,Malvern

    There aren't a ton of prep schools out of the East. We almost never get requests from the other time zones outside of Texas.
  24. gimpeltf

    NW vs Mich - Rivera wrestling Micic

    I don't know any wrestlers whose goal it was to win state. States on the other hand...