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  1. I thought he was in some program like that prior to PSU.
  2. I knew what you meant. I don't know about way back but those are the only two I could find. 1984 and 1996.
  3. Afghanistan? They've had 2 bronzes in Tae Kwondo and nothing else. I'm aware of Weaver and Angle.
  4. Hence your screen name? Anatoly is Sergei's twin. Generally wrestled the weight above. Anatoly won earlier but Sergei ended up winning more.
  5. And watch the assistant ref on at least one of them. Kessel looked for help and didn't get any.
  6. And a problem with big time pinners like this is what if he got taken down but eventually pinned?
  7. Not many- Lehigh- Mike Frick wrestled 118, 126, 134, 142, 150, 158. John Driscoll- 157, 167, 177, Unl, 147 (yes, the 147 came right after wrestling 6 bouts at Unl through December)
  8. Did you actually read his post? He said Chris Taylor not David.
  9. And it's possible this answers LU Alum's question as in they figured they'd get this answer from him so they hired him.
  10. I was ready to be rick rolled with this one
  11. Nothing with original Flamingosis as a backdrop? C'mon there, AV!
  12. I doubt many studies like this would ever be done from within. Could create difficult working conditions.
  13. Only if they pay tuition. Va has the best southern HS wrestling so they can get in-state quality kids. A lot of what I had seen was Florida and Georgia and Alabama that might not have had any local starters. A quick look at the roster showed a number of Va kids but maybe a couple starters. A lot of Ill and Fla. It's more likely that the starters were on scholarship so they weren't helping the school financially as much. Anyone have any idea of the actual breakdown?
  14. One thing I've seen some over the years in particular with southern schools is that so few of the roster are from the home state. I didn't notice that mentioned here as a reason but it did sound like a lot were out of state.
  15. Richard Sander, Ed.D. DIRECTOR FOR THE CENTER FOR GLOBAL SPORT LEADERSHIP, Why wouldn't they? People use University personnel for studies all the time.
  16. OK, then you know why the other poster said he was mid-western. That was all I was getting at. You can argue if that makes him as such but ...
  17. And a few of the best names in the business Real Woods - 2021 RS Sophomore Requir van der Merwe - 2021 RS Senior Fabian Santillian - 2021 RS Freshman
  18. I got mine via Lehigh a week or so ago
  19. I'm just a simple frisbee player https://www.facebook.com/shaina.murray.77/videos/927008410800168/
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