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  1. 1 hour ago, klehner said:

    The point was that nobody who didn't get tested was actually counted as having tested as positive, thereby inflating the count of positive cases.  This story is being pushed in an attempt to show that the system is rigged (by whom?  no idea) to push the irrational fear of this pandemic.  

    Do you have a link to that?  According to this poster, six people were marked as positive, which implies a far higher positivity rate than one sees (every one of those six got mixed up with a positive case).

    Something just occurred to me. Did you just see of this incident quite recently? Reason I ask is that another friend mentioned something like this recently. The one I heard about was possibly early June. So these may well be different scenarios.

  2. 1 hour ago, klehner said:

    The point was that nobody who didn't get tested was actually counted as having tested as positive, thereby inflating the count of positive cases.  This story is being pushed in an attempt to show that the system is rigged (by whom?  no idea) to push the irrational fear of this pandemic.  

    Do you have a link to that?  According to this poster, six people were marked as positive, which implies a far higher positivity rate than one sees (every one of those six got mixed up with a positive case).

    That was weeks ago. I have no idea. I think it might have happened in a couple places. One went as I suggested. Another logical possibility is that the no shows were simply marked as positive rather than removed. 

  3. 15 minutes ago, klehner said:

    "They got tired of waiting and left before being tested.  The results of the "non test" came in 2 days later.  They were all positive with covid."  Another BS urban myth you bought into that I've seen all over the place.  I call BS.

    From what I've seen not really an urban myth.

    However, it's not what it appears either. It was an instance of bad queueing. It was situations where queues were set with names before getting in line. Then if someone pulled out of line, their names weren't pulled out of the queue. Therefore, they got the results of the person originally behind them in line. This cascaded through the line. I assume the last people in the line got no results.

    As a tournament organizer, it would be like having a forfeit at some point without recording it and without clearing that bout so that results kept being one off. 

    I don't know if it means the testers weren't checking names or that they didn't know what to do to the computer part of the job to recognize the missing entry.

  4. 40 minutes ago, Cementmixer103 said:

    Very cool. What year(s) if you don't mind me asking? Very possible my name was one of them you announced. 

    I wrestled 04 - 06 in NYC before going to St Benedict's

    I helped run a number of tournaments. I announced some. Hard to say if I did a specific one that you were at. However, I also have been running the preps since your parents might have been in grade school!

  5. 16 minutes ago, 1032004 said:

    I don’t believe the current push out rule is working.  It seems to be one of the most argued calls, and that’s with the highest level refs calling it.

    What part of the shot clock is arbitrary?  Who the passivity gets called on?  If so I agree, and that’s why my proposal was to start the shot clock on the stepout instead.

    A problem of definition with a step out type of rule in folkstyle (especially college) comes from current out of bounds rules. In college, nobody is out until everybody is completely out. So it's actually the second guy going out that causes an out of bounds call. Obviously, you don't want to penalize him. But suppose one guy goes one foot out and then yanks the other guy around and out and then the first guy steps out. That's why currently you might see it called wrestling out. You might need to change the ob criteria from your feet to mirror freestyle and keep it when on the mat or in the process of a td.

  6. 1 minute ago, AnklePicker said:

    This to me sounds like you are encouraging kids to go to clubs. Imo USAWNJ should be doing the exact opposite. 

    You're reading way too much into this. Calm down. And again, I was responding to your statement that clubs won't help. I said clubs may be all that will help. I wasn't saying right now.

  7. 9 minutes ago, AnklePicker said:

    What does it being on them have to do with it? The point is it’s happening all over the state and it’s shameful. 

    You were making it look like you were blaming us or me for them doing it on their own. We can't control them any more than any other sport. Not all clubs are USA sanctioned anyway.

  8. 2 minutes ago, AnklePicker said:

    And I keep getting emails from Gabe Dean about a camp that will run in two weeks in Atlantic City. Crazy part is it says the emails are coming from Cornell University and I’m sure Cornell would not be on board with this. This is a camp for all ages bringing kids from all over the state that will then be heading home. Again, mind boggling and to me it’s nothing more than a money grab. 

    There was supposed to be a dual event down the shore in a couple weeks but it was cancelled the other day. 

  9. 26 minutes ago, AnklePicker said:

    Please explain what good a temp check will do when most kids are ASYMPTOMATIC?  I’m not sure what’s so hard to understand here.  It’s mind boggling.  Anyone running a club or a tournament needs to take responsibility when one of the wrestlers at their events grandmother dies because they had to get in a few more knee pull reps in the summer in the middle of a freaking pandemic.  Please do whatever you can to encourage these things NOT TO HAPPEN. I beg you. 

    What's so hard to understand that we aren't wrestling yet? I was talking about preparations for when we do.

    We might not be allowed to for a long time. And given the camp in Georgia who knows?

  10. 24 minutes ago, Billyhoyle said:

    I was asking about NJ, where it seems the lockdown is still in effect. 

    If you have a lawyer looking into it and have checked with the local guidelines, then you would definitely know better than I do. It just seems odd that health officials in NJ would allow wrestling practices at any club when they don’t seem to be allowing indoor gyms, bars, and restaurants. Obviously wrestling is more high risk than those.

    I've twice said we aren't wrestling yet. 

  11. 2 minutes ago, Billyhoyle said:

    Younger people will often be asymptomatic. The worry is that asymptomatic spread will happen in these clubs, which will then lead to transmission at home to an older/less healthy individual (e.g. an overweight parent in his 50s/60s is an at risk individual), who then dies. Unfortunately, the only safe way to hold practice right now is non contact and outside.

    I’m not a lawyer, and like I said I’m not familiar with current rules regarding the shut down in NJ, but if you are openly helping these clubs operate and leaving an online paper trail, you may want to consult with a lawyer to ensure you won’t face liability if there is an outbreak. 

    This is nothing new to all of us. We have a lawyer with USAW/NJ. And we on the state board are more on the side of holding back than a lot of the parents. We were canceling out trips to the national duals in June and Fargo before the national officially canceled the events. As I said, I think some clubs are already wrestling. We haven't officially sent out anything to open. We were originally thinking to open early July but have still held off any announcements. The one club that's mostly using the site is doing it with conditioning and outside work. And NJ is actually ahead of most states in infection rates- although they're going back up a little now. We're actually telling the clubs to check with their local authorities first.

  12. 48 minutes ago, Billyhoyle said:

    I’m not sure if you are being facetious...but assuming you are serious...I don’t live in NJ so am not familiar with the current lockdown rules in the area, but I can’t imagine that this allowed. Obviously you will still spread the virus when wrestling even if you are outside. 

    Outdoors/Zoom. I'm sure some are wrestling but quiet about it. Mostly conditioning and independent drilling at this point. I threw together a page for the clubs to have their kids sign into and record the kids temps. So far only a couple clubs are using it. They'll have a special clothes changing process and several other conditions. The site will help with attendance in general but specifically for contact tracing. One of the interesting ideas that came up is to limit partners throughout. This will have the partners keep track of each others health. In the smaller/medium sized clubs the coaches are very much on top of the kids health (hopefully) which means there's a better chance to know what's going on. The biggest concern I have is the larger scale events (camps, tournaments) where you lose track of who's there and likely have to travel via airplane or other mass transportation means. The club kids are generally driving alone or having their parents drive them to whom they're already exposed. I'd like to have them all tested but we know how that's going.

  13. 9 minutes ago, AnklePicker said:

    For the overwhelming majority of kids who wrestle in this country...they are. Every kid who wrestles seriously has a goal of becoming a state champ.  Hard to do that without a season. 

    But that's got nothing to do with clubs going now. They will need to deal with the future- this might be the only way to do that. There will or will not be a season. That's independent of the clubs. Especially in NJ. You're not better because of those awards, you're better because you work to get better. NJ is a major club state.

  14. 5 hours ago, AnklePicker said:

    We even have clubs running and apparently some camps coming to town. For what?  Going to a club won’t help you much if there isn’t an actual season. It’s a shameful money grab imo.   Makes me sick. Pun intended!

    Huh? Going to clubs may be the ONLY way to help you much this year. In season awards aren't the only reason to wrestle (or compete in any sport)

  15. 4 minutes ago, Housebuye said:

    I was high in Glasgow too, but in hindsight this is hilarious

    The latest estimates are that Scotland has about 60,000 problem drug users, or 1.6% of the adult population. Scotland has "proportionately way more drug users than the rest of the UK" says Dr Andrew McAuley, a senior research fellow at Glasgow Caledonian University.Feb 26, 2020

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