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  1. Is that the same event that Zahid didn't get dqed from?
  2. I think we already know one thing for much of the country. It won't be a 2020-20201 schedule. Just a 2021 schedule. (If that)
  3. Probably not from a business/rtc standpoint (as far as firing goes) but certainly it does from a legal standpoint which is what I assume you're pointing out. I assume it could be illegal anyway if they want to press charges but if minors that could be game over.
  4. What would you like me to re-post?
  5. I believe his numbers are revenue figures for the last couple of years not company worth. I had googled and saw something similar to what he quoted.
  6. After previous post, I kind of figured that unless they are completely unethical and did what I asked about and are simply throwing him under the bus the fact that they quickly fired him and (I think) said something about no tolerance implies that Nomad was doing this on his own. Whether it was his idea of marketing or for his own prurient interests isn't good either way although at different levels of issue.
  7. I don't know if you are referring to my post on one of these threads suggesting that if this was about a marketing layout that it might be as much Flo's fault. The reason I said it might be on Flo (and your suggestions above are valid) was that it might be a marketing idea from somewhere else in Flo that was left to Nomad to expedite.
  8. I'm not sure it's a rule that they have to. But I was saying when he wrestled especially in HS. He wrestled 130 Junior year and went up to 152 as a senior. Then 149 in college. Now 135 and 145 MMA. His senior year had Burroughs at 135, Molinaro 140, and Winston at 145.
  9. DC never really cared too much about the weight of the other guy.
  10. Isn't it likely for this coming year that Bball would be moving similarly anyway?
  11. A conference conference call!
  12. Just to ask- might he have been asking for publicity photos? Not that that wouldn't be a problem but it would be as much for Flo as him and a different level of issue than what's being mentioned about PD3.
  13. That's not how I read Reece's message. He said he was upset that WE HAD to let him go. He's part of we and had to means he felt they had no choice. He can still feel kinship with Downey regardless.
  14. I meant the ones that retired there.
  15. A lot of Floridians came from NY originally.
  16. A bit of a gymnast also. Not sure how much he did in a formal sense but he would put on little shows while warming up. Unfortunately, he couldn't stick the landing at NCAA's!
  17. It'a also Rutgers- goes back and forth locationally. (That's not meant to change much else you said)
  18. Chloe did post something about it. Not happy. PD3 has posted an apology.
  19. I doubt this is the first incident. Just perhaps the first they can point to specifically.
  20. What Open events do you think there might be?
  21. Some sports do two seasons. Championship and non.
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