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  1. Not as much as the Hokeyes. Taylor as a recruit was the only one I recall switching. And then the younger Sanderson brother for just the one year, I think.
  2. Every name ends in v except the one from Tuva (near Mongolia)
  3. Those are the equivalents to the usual other than splitting lower weights from uppers.
  4. But he followed his head coach, if I read it right, which is a free pass.
  5. I wonder why it wasn't 3a and 3b?
  6. Counting his AA last year he's only the 2nd D1 AA ever. Mikey Coyle 8th 2000 133 JMU
  7. Haven't talked to him in a while but he was thinking about it (returning) some months ago.
  8. Wilkes-Barre Mohegan Sun Arena. 5/2-3. Still working out details.
  9. Pinto was out the whole season. Injured. He helped out at districts, regions and supers.
  10. Show me that rule. It's a forfeit after brackets are deemed official and final. At EIWAs we started waiting to determine that after weighins were completed a couple years ago. We had two relatively recent scenarios where the top seeds didn't make weight (actually one didn't even show up) where we had determined the brackets were final at the evening before seeding meeting. Those were forfeits. Since then (2016 and 2017) the conference said brackets were preliminary until weighins completed.
  11. When did it change away from that?
  12. The distinction is that they are two different concepts designed for exactly this circumstance. If you blow the whistle the bout counts and you can continue. I was the head computer scorer at DIs for 20 years from '87 to '06. The old rules in tise regards did allow forfeiting with the possibility to continue similar to the HS rule. But it generally required some medical backing for the tournament committee to allow it. At some point in the mid-90s, as I recall, I mentioned to the rules committee that it was difficult to show a distinction and that they should come up with a win-type (or loss-type in this case) so that it would be clear in the results what was going on. The next year they added this with the proviso that if you took this option you couldn't wrestle again and added the stipulation that it counts for the winner but not the loser. (That second part might have followed by a couple years). When someone comes to me and says that they don't want to wrestle a particular bout but they do later I tell them to default by going to the mat and letting the ref blow the whistle and then calling for a default. I don't judge why- sometimes it could be just to avoid a given opponent but often it's because they know it might take an hour or so to recuperate from something legit. I even tell them that in HS because if they forfeit and try to wrestle again the committee is likely to prevent them from doing so since it's up to them.
  13. I quoted the rule. And a medical default is not a medical forfeit.
  14. No. Once you mff- you're done. You have to default. However, you aren't specifically eliminated from the bracket. So, if you mff in the semis, you place 6th. But, if you mff in the quarters or before, you mff that next cons round and are then eliminated because you lost twice prior to placing. Art. 11. Losses Due to Illness or Injury. In a tournament, matches started and then lost due to injury default by illness or injury do not eliminate a competitor from further competition, except when a medical forfeit has been granted.
  15. Lehigh was scheduled to wrestle Mizzou (I think it was going to be a tournament) but ... I know Lehigh wasn't really allowed to travel other than end of season.
  16. Hunsaker UVU replacing Alirez at 149 according to Track. And as article says, Sheets in as 157 replacement.
  17. If I read the transcript correctly, there was a stalling call allowing a choice of bottom.
  18. Was hoping to find more Russian names- closest are a couple Polish names. Poznanski and I didn't copy the other.
  19. The NCAA is allowing some flexibility next year in that regard. Can't quote anything specific.
  20. I was wondering if there was a quote in the newer ones but I couldn't find one. I mainly remember from the older ones that Spock talked around the issue and David said it.
  21. Good question but they're saying through the weekend.
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