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  1. You kept walking into the lateral drop for a year?!
  2. Mike flipped houses. They lived in or near Flemington, then as the kids approached HS age (I think she already was of age) they bought a house in Lopatcong near (geographically not chronologically) where I went to my one room schoolhouse grades 2-4. She's the oldest I believe. Within a few months he bought another house near the Palmer Mall in Easton. She stayed in Lopat and Andrew transferred to Easton after a couple months at Pburg. I always got a kick out of the Pburg people complaining as if they could claim them. Hunterdon Central might have a claim but not Pburg.
  3. You need to read what I said. You wouldn't have had uppers and lowers showing with what you described. Biting (Point of Emphasis): If, in the opinion of the referee, a wrestler bites his opponent, it will be deemed intentional biting and will be called fla grant misconduct (Rule 5-12-2c). Referees do not have to see the bite in order to call biting. Furthermore, any claim of biting must be brought to the attention of the referee immediately. One should not assume intentional biting has occurred if only one set of teeth marks is present on the skin. If the referee did not see the alleged bite, he/she should look for the presence of marks from both the upper and lower teeth. Incidental contact with an opponent's open mouth can result in what appears to be a bite; however, the presence of both upper and lower teeth marks is more likely to be the result of an intentional bite than from incidental contact with the teeth. Referees should pay close attention to a cross-face applied to the area of the mouth, especially when the mouth is open. If teeth marks are present after the cross-face is applied to the mouth, the referee should only call biting if he/she believes the wrestler actually bit down on his/her opponent.
  4. They aren't allowed to wrestle for or against Pa Diocese schools.
  5. When the Ciasullis got to HS, Andrew wrestled for Easton and the sister Sara Jane stayed at Pburg.
  6. -1 for each person for unsportsmanlike conduct. 2nd for anyone is a point and ejection. Coaches questioning rules is 2 warnings then 1 team point per.
  7. There's no such thing as a bench warning per se so what do you mean? Coaches can only get warnings for Questioning a rules application- and for that it is 2.
  8. It should improve!
  9. Thanks for making my point. He ALMOST got carried away.
  10. I'm not defending what Cael did (and although I know Cael a little I'm friends with Sammy so I more side with him) but I don't like seeing people get carried away with stuff. I realize that people here are reacting to the caption of the video.
  11. Let's not overstate this. He threw the brick and then a towel at Sammy Julian. Sammy threw him out. He picked up the chair which was below stage level and waved it at Sammy and slammed it down (possibly on the mat) but waited to do that when Sammy walked away.
  12. Bobby Knight did that not Cael.
  13. Something wrong with this premise. If they confirmed a call. Nothing changes and they DON'T go back.
  14. That wasn't my quote. It was JDA. I think he might have been suggesting it as an Ivy loophole not NCAA. Perfectly legal either way as I see it just unusual and seems almost more something you would have in D3.
  15. There's no way to answer any of these scenarios. Each kid has a different level of pain tolerance. I tore my ACL in 77. After a couple months letting the swelling go down, I played Ultimate cutting very hard off that knee for about 5-6 years before the instability finally resulted in cartilage issues. It's possible to compete on a torn ACL if you can deal with the pain. And for me at least, the pain was mainly the first few months until later. Getting surgery might not help you compete but what it does is reduce instability that results in other damage.
  16. Not true. (And I'm not including Preps) 1 boys tournament, 1 girls.
  17. A. If it was a quick pin how could the brick fly before he hit the mat. (Even if slow, I guess). B. You can't review a fall.
  18. Actually, you want to attack the good leg and make him stand on the bad one.
  19. That might be the minimum age! (I work them- and I up the minimum at 69 myself)
  20. My understanding about push out is that the refs look for extended arms not underhooks. This might be why the ref said what he said. The pusher can certainly be just pushing with underhooks in place but they don't want to call it unless it's more obvious with extended arms.
  21. I thought it was funny to see the Iowa guys cheering but if they came too close one of the others would run up and grab them and carry them back (to Ole Virginny?). Spencer Lee was on both ends of it.
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