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  1. David Marcus said he cheated. I don't think Spock used the word cheat except to talk about cheating death.
  2. Now, now- he reprogrammed the system!
  3. Everyone has to be there by Monday to be tested.
  4. Yeah, we (EIWA- not that I speak for them) should have had more of the better guys tank!
  5. They do have some exceptions though- Navy will have four divers competing at the NCAA Zone A Diving Championship in Greensboro, N.C. on Thursday-Saturday and one shooter participating at the NCAA Smallbore Championship in Columbus, Ohio on Friday.
  6. Boy, are you young! Already forgetting the other 20s/30s and Oklahoma A&M! Cmon Willie!
  7. The swelling takes a few hours to cause immobility. The lack of ACL per se doesn't prevent you from walking. What happens is that the lack of stability causes unwanted minor motions in the joint which then causes the cartilage and bones to deteriorate because of that same unwanted motion. It can be very gradual. I tore my ACL coaching wrestling around New Year's Day but was back playing ultimate that spring once the swelling calmed down. I barely noticed it for several years until the cartilage had frayed enough and my knee locked.
  8. Being from NJ I can say- I've got your space right here!
  9. Shouldn't Jason Bryant also be two words?
  10. By random draw, he means that the unseeded wrestlers are placed randomly. Pigtails (or byes depending on your point of view) are placed randomly as compared to the seeded wrestlers. That's actually the rule both in HS and college. However, especially in HS it's generally accepted to seed all and thereby the higher seeds get the byes.
  11. All events everywhere! You can't call them all-inclusive otherwise!
  12. What's the over-under on number/length/severity of response coming shortly?
  13. I was hoping you'd change the subject though!
  14. Gotcha on the 2nd part. I can't remember when on the monthly descent plan (so to speak). And I don't think it started in the 60s. I think maybe late 70s early 80s?
  15. Yeah, I think Dec +3, Jan +2, Feb +1- Scratch 1st day then +1 +2. But 127 would be day 2 of second weight class because there was no 125. 118, 126, etc.
  16. You tell me. When I posted- it was. Simple statement of fact. I didn't care one way or the other and still don't.
  17. What's wrong with you? I did use the word coincide as you quoted. And you railed against it saying it didn't "coincide".
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