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  1. Art. 12. Stalling by Dropping Down to a Lower Leg. When the offensive wrestler positions himself with one or both hands below the buttocks of the defensive wrestler, the referee shall immediately start a verbal five-second count� Whenever possible, the referee also should include a visual indication of the count� The referee shall stop the count when the offensive wrestler improves his position, moves his hold back up above the buttocks of the defensive wrestler, releases the hold or when both wrestlers rise to the standing position� If the referee reaches the fifth count before the offensive wrestler improves his position, moves his hold back up above the buttocks or releases the hold, then the offensive wrestler shall be called for stalling�
  2. I'm not sure where people are saying he was jumping around at 285. I rewatched the 285 from videos here, when I saw him he almost always had another wrestler to his left who had his arm around ADS and ADS could be seen using his right arm bracing on a chair or table sometimes although I also saw him doing the fake towel waving thing too.
  3. Also,add in the photos pg 84 29-31. In the last 2-3 years (I believe in the 2017-2019 book) they changed the definition of not continuing after recovery time following an illegal hold from a default to a dq. So, since Desanto tried to continue after the initial situation, it wouldn't be a dq (I didn't see that bout so was it called illegal at all?) unless he said he couldn't continue during recovery time or before continuing immediately following. This wouldn't be considered flagrant unless called as such initially so it's a dq without further repercussions.
  4. DICK DiBATISTA, Pennsylvania ‘43 is considered the greatest wrestler in Quaker history. He was a two-time NCAA champion denied an additional shot by World War II whose high, college and freestyle record was an unblemished 137-0.
  5. It seems this has to be told on every one of these. This is strictly by points. In this case- place points for D1 NCAAs and that's it. You are making a subjective choice which is fine if you want to set up your own lists. This guy has his objective method. Take it for what it does.
  6. I didn't forget him. He didn't walk away as per the original question. He was injured as you quoted. He even wrestled 3 bouts that last year.
  7. Closest I can do off the top of my head for Lehigh is someone with a similar spelling. Surenian- took 3rd as a sophomore (might currently have been considered a rs fr) and walked away.
  8. Don Rohn, Wade Schalles, Bill (Elbows) Simpson
  9. Not since 2000 (He had a y2k problem!). For several years he was assistant to Terry Daubert. He's been helping at Saucon Valley for a while lately. He even has a road named for him near the HS.
  10. If there's a question in there somewhere, a location would help people help you.
  11. They did award two. At least I kept hearing "no way" from the coaches. They gave the brick back after the review after signaling no call.
  12. It appears the point Borelli was making was that they should have included some of the time where he pushed up away from the mat while within 4 inches or in a bridge. Personally, I don't think it was two. You can't review a review so it's possible they just rejected the second challenge and that what looks like them going to the table was to warn Borelli for misconduct. As opposed to my earlier post, which was meant to be more theoretical, I see now that the call wouldn't have been made until they went out of bounds therefore no erasure of anything that happened other than the call itself. Possibly there could be an argument for an escape and that would be eliminated.
  13. I have no idea what happened but this all depends on exactly what was challenged and when. The initial challenge might not have been about the NF per se but about something leading up to it. Possibly this happened near the edge (again I have no idea just laying something out there) and the challenge was about an out of bounds scenario that would preempt the NF. At this point time would revert to the time of the OB and erasing all existence of the NF. The match now ends at the OB so you can't now challenge what never happened. As a real example, when Lehigh wrestled PSU at the PPL center 2 years ago, Scott Parker pinned the PSU 133 in the second period. You can't challenge a fall so they questioned whether there was a locked hands just before it. During the broadcast I questioned the utility of the challenge. Not at all as to whether they were right about locked hands but the way Parker was wrestling at that point he was going to either pin or tech him anyway and in losing the challenge they had none left and I knew the last few weights were likely to be close and more in needing of having a brick available. Had this been near the end of the dual this thought process would have been exactly the right thing to do and pretty clever. It would have eliminated the fall from the record entirely.
  14. Not any more. Just saying it seems like it would make more sense than only either 2. But it's been this way as long as I can remember- and I'm old. I reffed intl late 70s early 80s and even though scoring was different (1 for td) this would have been 2 not 1 and 2.
  15. That's pretty much it. Had it been straight from feet to back 4. It kind of feels like something like this should be 3 since it's more than just one or the other but ...
  16. I think the father and both sons all spelled it differently
  17. Did you realize that since Mike new left Princeton and until Roger Reina came back a couple years ago, there wasn't a single ivy head coach that went to an ivy
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