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  1. What's wrong with you? I did use the word coincide as you quoted. And you railed against it saying it didn't "coincide".
  2. I wasn't reasoning anything. All I said was that SafeSport timing coincided with the Nassar thing. Meaning the trial. I don't understand what the issue you have is. It made the main news a few months before.
  3. For us with USAW- 2017. The lawsuits were mainly filed late winter/early spring, I think. It was around late spring into early summer we started hearing about SafeSport. Fargo was in July and I think I was taking the training just before that.
  4. That's why I said what I said. He wasn't born until Whitey coached there. I forgot he stayed on to coach.
  5. Not sure what your point is. I didn't say it was coincidental as in it accidentally happened then. co·in·cide occur at or during the same time.
  6. Background checks are for coaches and officials and state leaders. I don't think athletes get them.
  7. Because it's too early? EIWA did the first go round Monday night as preliminary. Usually no brackets until the day before.
  8. Background checks have been around for several years. USAW involvement with Safesport does coincide with the MSU issue. The first training we went through was just prior to Fargo 2017. I don't remember separate SafeSport background checks though- just training. Then we have had additional training sessions each year with more people needing to take it. That included kids 18+ since 2019 and I believe now all must take some. It's tailored per age.
  9. I didn't think Julian was born while Whitey wrestled there but he stayed on another year as coach.
  10. Often fewer than that. 1936 HWT- 3 guys (Arguably 4 since one was from the host school of Washington & Lee)
  11. Looks like '96 for double. '86 for losers to quarterfinalists. '72 for losers to semifinalists. '41 for losers to finalists. Before this I can't remember the name of the system (two people's names) but basically it was find the champ the first day. Losers to the champ wrestled for 2nd the next day. All the guys the 2nd beat on the third day for 3rd. I think it was Don Sayenga pointed out something to me about the equivalent to the podium pictures. There was a photo of the champs. But not of each weights placewinners. The champs had gone home by then! (I knew of this progression- had to look up the years)
  12. Both. Your interpretation of what you're seeing online appears to be correct. Scoring rules are up to the conferences.
  13. I see it the same way (as to scoring rules being used)
  14. Optimal Performance Calculator. Nowadays on Track. It's where the teams officially keep records including weighins although the weighin data isn't public. Go to track look for OPC towards the top. Click on the left side (not login) then find ncaa. And how can it be stupid for someone called Show_Me to ask someone to show him?
  15. I know. It's crazy both sites show one way and both OPCs show the other with a team score of 19-17 rather than 24-12. Until and unless they change it- the OPC versions are what count.
  16. I copied from the OPC and both the Cal Baptist and Stanford version of the results are the same.
  17. 01/24/2021 vs. CSU Bakersfield 165 Varsity - Tyler Eischens (Stanford) over Braden Smelser (CSU Bakersfield) (TF 15-0 5:02) 01/24/2021 vs. CSU Bakersfield 174 Varsity - Tyler Eischens (Stanford) over Hunter LaRue (CSU Bakersfield) (Fall 2:00) 01/28/2021 vs. Cal Poly 165 Varsity - Tyler Eischens (Stanford) over Adam Kemp (Cal Poly) (Dec 11-5) 01/28/2021 vs. California Baptist 165 Varsity - Josh Grant (California Baptist) over Tyler Eischens (Stanford) (TF 16-0 0:00) 01/31/2021 vs. Little Rock 165 Varsity - Tyler Eischens (Stanford) over Alexander Hernandez (Little Rock) (TF 16-0 3:13) 01/31/2021 vs. Oklahoma 165 Varsity - Troy Mantanona (Oklahoma) over Tyler Eischens (Stanford) (Fall 2:02) 01/31/2021 vs. South Dakota State 174 Varsity - Cade King (South Dakota State) over Tyler Eischens (Stanford) (Dec 10-8) 02/07/2021 vs. Oregon State 174 Varsity - Tyler Eischens (Stanford) over Colton Beisley (Oregon State) (MD 9-1) 02/07/2021 vs. Utah Valley 174 Varsity - Demetrius Romero (Utah Valley) over Tyler Eischens (Stanford) (MD 11-3)
  18. And 2-2 at 174 although I see 5-4 overall With Clever (sic as per PAC-12s) having all of his previous bouts at 149.
  19. Haven't read the whole thread but been 3 days forever and three weighins as far back as I go (50 years)
  20. Mat 2 is right by the speakers.
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