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  1. Maybe they could enter an Open tourney right before B1Gs and AD goes back to old form! And it's Chas. (I think Blair had it that way for some reason. I thought it was z too and I asked him last year)
  2. Just a few years ago, yes. They realized there were driving safety issues at stake. Kids coming home on their own and driving while tired.
  3. No, just need to certify first before competing. And he is certified. The minimum practices issue could be school by school.
  4. Given the arguments above, seeing what years are showing on their roster isn't the question. Check Stanford's history- how many of them used the 5th years at Stanford? I don't know what the numbers are, I'm just stating that it doesn't mean anything just yet.
  5. I hadn't noticed that he did that before last night.
  6. No it's not. It clearly says the offensive wrestler,
  7. You're that hacker Trump talked about?
  8. Lehigh- 1. Admiral Colin Kilrain https://www.navy.mil/navydata/bios/bio.asp?bioID=700 2. Capt James B Detrixhe https://www.honorstates.org/index.php?id=269849
  9. Parents: Sarah Bravo and Melissa Cruz
  10. Not really- technically he started some in other years for a while but was behind Mena and Mena took over after Midlands the one year.
  11. So he's going to Parris instead of Rome?
  12. But Gagne was also a wrestler. 2-1-1 47-48-49
  13. Has Jason Bryant put you on ignore yet? (If you don't know- he hates that term)
  14. A few years back the NCAA added stricter grey-shirting rules. Only get one free year unless Military or Religious service. I believe it was after 2009 so perhaps he's grandfathered (pun semi-intentional) in.
  15. That's kind of the point, you probably won't unless you intentionally balance the pressure. You're likely to hit one or the other. And that's been the reason for this for years as already stated.
  16. I don't see that listed that way. As I read it it's if it's malicious, so who knows.
  17. And why level 2? The manual even says flagrant is level 1.
  18. Very likely. I think the OPC listed weight is based on the last weigh in not the certification. So he could have done his cert at 150 with enough body fat for 141.
  19. I'm confused. A level one suspension in Florida takes you out of that event and the next two. Are these three consecutive events all huge tournaments?
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