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  1. 1st qualifier in 20 years I heard so probably
  2. NCAA announces fan attendance policy for upcoming championships Policies will vary by site, depending on guidance from local health authorities February 23, 2021 1:13pm The NCAA will allow up to 25% capacity for its 2021 winter championships and Division I fall championships being held in the spring. Exact capacity percentages will vary by site, depending on state and local health mandates due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Once finalized, announcements will be made for each championship. The capacities for the Division I Men’s and Women’s Basketball Championships were announced Friday. The men’s tournament, hosted in the Indianapolis region, will allow up to 25% capacity in all rounds. The women’s tournament, hosted in the San Antonio region, will allow a limited capacity of up to 17% from the Sweet 16 through the Final Four, with all of those rounds being played at the Alamodome. “Our partnership with state and local health authorities will continue to be vital to providing safe championship experiences,” NCAA Chief Medical Officer Brian Hainline said. “Each championship site presents different circumstances related to the COVID-19 pandemic and, therefore, allow varied capacities. Still, team testing and safety protocols will remain consistent as our No. 1 priority surrounding all championships remains the safety and well-being of all involved.” Championships hosted in cities and states that do not permit spectators or where the site is deemed to lack capacity for spectators from a health and safety standpoint will allow only essential personnel within the competition venue. Championships hosted in cities and states that permit spectators will allow any percentage up to 25% of overall venue capacity. Specific attendance numbers will vary with each venue due to capacity. More information about ticket sales will be available closer to the championship dates. “The national office is working very hard to provide the best experience possible for student-athletes who missed out on these championship opportunities last year,” Senior Vice President of Championships Joni Comstock said. “Although this year’s championships may be different, we are committed to providing a memorable once-in-a-lifetime experience for all student-athletes.” The event capacity will include all participants, essential staff and family members of each participating team’s student-athletes and coaches and, where allowed, a reduced number of fans. All attendees must wear face coverings and physically distance during the event. Thorough cleaning, disinfecting and safety measures will be a priority in all venues. Additionally, all events will be livestreamed so fans will have the opportunity to experience the competition. Capacity for spring championships will be determined later as the NCAA continues to monitor the COVID-19 pandemic. Media Contact Chris Radford Associate Director, External Affairs NCAA cradford@ncaa.org (317) 917-6172
  3. I think they still had the other home and think they've moved back. So as they say- It's complicated!
  4. Interesting as his USAW card is still under interim suspension.
  5. I would differentiate the two. The Bartlett family actually moved to Pa before Beau went to HS. Mark Perry was a boarder at Blair. Technically he could be NJ from the standpoint of certain national events but clearly he was fairly well developed wrestling wise before going to Blair. Both wrestlers are a bit of both states they were involved in as are most in this situation. I think Perry more Okla, Bartlett- I don't know which is more but when people move it doesn't mean you discount the second location.
  6. I know Pat Milkovich is on here so he probably won't like this- but my understanding (from Lehigh coaches and Mike Frick) is that Grady Penager (MSU coach) complained about how big Mike was. They got on the scale and Mike was actually slightly lighter (I think just a pound or two) with neither very far over.
  7. He wrestled in that World Cup thing in Serbia
  8. Apparently, it's something for everyone!
  9. EIWA Preliminary brackets http://arena.flowrestling.org/event/8a9db96b-0239-4a5b-bf89-e66f49e87ae5
  10. How can you be unique and a stereotype at the same time?
  11. 3rd place last year at 125. Didn't certify until a couple days before that one match at 141. Not positive but believe he lost a wrestleoff at 141.
  12. No mistakes with the numbers. It computes the way they said. The concept????
  13. If this is a vote- Nahshon might stack the deck!
  14. Because then weights would end up unbalanced numerically. That may or may not be a problem given that we only balanced them a few years ago.
  15. Like this- thanks for the information but also I'm giving a negative reaction for the content you are relaying!
  16. Go to the information tab and grab the Direct Link. The normal links session out. These don't.
  17. Historical data same as all conferences this year.
  18. Team participation is high enough in all 13 sports to avoid reductions in championship selections February 11, 2021 3:39pm Mark Bedics After reviewing participation numbers for teams competing in winter sports, the NCAA Division I Competition Oversight Committee affirmed today that winter championships will be played without any reductions to bracket or field sizes. The Competition Oversight Committee, which oversees all winter championships except men’s and women’s basketball, noted the remaining 13 winter sports all exceeded the 50% threshold of schools and conferences participating in each sport. In a previous meeting, the committee had established that any sport that dropped below 50% participation would have its bracket sized reduced to 75%. “We were all pleased to see continued substantial levels of participation in each sport,” said Lynda Tealer, chair of the Competition Oversight Committee and executive associate athletics director for administration at Florida. “After going through the disappointing process last year of having to cancel the winter championships, we are looking forward to full brackets and field sizes for the national championships this year. Our student-athletes deserve this opportunity.” The winter championships overseen by the committee are women’s bowling, men’s and women’s fencing, men’s gymnastics, women’s gymnastics, men’s ice hockey, women’s ice hockey, men’s and women’s rifle, men’s and women’s skiing, men’s swimming and diving, women’s swimming and diving, men’s indoor track and field, women’s indoor track and field, and wrestling. Previously, the committee determined that all of the fall championships, which were moved to the spring, will be played at 75% of the original field/bracket size. A final decision for bracket/field sizes for spring championships will be made in March using the same participation criteria applied to winter championships. Media Contact Greg Johnson Associate Director of Communications NCAA gmjohnson@ncaa.org
  19. Or true bouts. But either could get sticky- but ...
  20. Those issues are under discussion. Hopefully decided Monday on the weekly call.
  21. Unless they change their minds, any possible true bouts will not change the team scores. They will only be done at weights where relevant and for NCAA qualification.
  22. He is pretty well known in these circles, but one thing you should know about Husker Du- He's not big! (or Big for that matter)
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