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  1. South Park in PA had a quarterback named Kenny! He died every game from what I hear.
  2. In part to add to Jason and to ask him a question- One reason Va Duals isn't what it was is because it isn't. At some point the National Duals evolved out of it and then moved away. Depending on what year that happened (my question to Jason) would completely explain this.
  3. Let me lead off by saying that I obviously have no knowledge other than what you set forth here and have no opinion on the intent. However, unless you took photos AS the ref was looking at the arm or possibly later if the ref was suggesting that the skin was torn, the photos are meaningless. We're talking about some indentations in the skin that would likely disappear within a minute or so if not a few seconds. The opinion of the other coach means nothing here. The rationale with checking for two sets of teeth indentations is that if it's the result of a cross-face it's highly probably the pressure puts it mainly against the uppers or lowers, not both. Both implies that there was biting. I wouldn't argue that it could be a gag response but it's still biting. I believe the rules people years ago decided that it would be extremely rare to see two sets of teeth that were not the result of a bite. I would also add that it's likely the ref wasn't right out front with a clear view of the cross-face at the time. Could be his fault as to the legality of the crossface but since it's also possible that the crossface was initially legal and the bottom guys head moved causing the arm to go into the mouth (again not suggesting that happened here just showing why the rules are what they are) with him looking at other things going on. They needed a way to decide this without a direct view.
  4. Stop with the substance abuse there Pamela!
  5. Offhand, I think the main "problem" was that Ohio State had a Steiber to work out with and Stanford didn't. Not sure that applies to the others there.
  6. They also showed 5 197s. I realize some are not at lowest weight but that makes 20 between the two weights.
  7. Do you know how many parents are out there? Either buy a case book or talk to a local official.
  8. It does look like Army (51) has a few more than SHU (49). Although SHU showing 4 ineligible in addition and Army 1. However, what's more interesting- does Army have the most 285's in the country? 15!
  9. I believe John Clark told me they have the largest in the country.
  10. Your question was what makes them official. Official seeds often make no sense. One thing has nothing to do with the other. If the organization in charge of the event makes them or grabs someone else's and uses them, they are then official.
  11. Bad doesn't mean unofficial
  12. Didn't mean for it to be as much of an insult as it came across. You've posted a bit here and I was surprised.
  13. How do you not know what the OPC is? It's where results and certifications and descent plans are tracked for about 20 years in both HS and College.
  14. He's listed at 174 in the OPC
  15. Is this one being recruited because he's good? Or...
  16. So it was a scoring mistake as I suggested. A lot of people think it's a point but you get it only if a minute or more (and only after 7 minutes for those that want to give riding to a tf less than 7 minutes). I was just wondering if something else came into play there but sounds like it didn't.
  17. Has nothing to do with my question and realize that simply being fit isn't the primary requirement to be a good ref. It takes years to get good enough to be able to anticipate action, take a good position and to have a good working knowledge of the rule book. Ryan Hagan is probably one of the few that made it to the top possibly before turning thirty. Generally the top NCAA refs are required to stay fit but a large percentage are bald. I kid about it every year.
  18. Appears to be a mistake but I didn't watch it. The transcript gives no reason for the point. I see Latona chose neutral going into the last period. Was that from an injury? You would only get 1 for riding time (1 minute not a second) which is possible if you were on top both tb periods. Likely from Injury time. I would think the livescorer would still show riding time rather than an unsub point (watching Criminal Minds now)
  19. Not sure what the color or length (shortness actually) of his hair has to do with his ability to move around.
  20. They don't add the point in bouts. Are you talking about dual meet criteria?
  21. Is that in 1973 dollars? What would the $6 Million Man cost today?
  22. That would explain why it was in so many state supplements.
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