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  1. LWL is correct about the video rule being unclear. It is experimental at this point. He may be correct about it being headgear then lock. But it still can be a double lock. Doesn't happen often (and is often overlooked even when it does happen) but I've seen it.
  2. I didn't realize I was under oath. But the point is that they most likely happened within a few seconds of each other so your question would have been moot. There's no time span mentioned. You just review a ruling.
  3. Sometimes guys lock hands twice in succession. (Lock, unlock, lock- two separate penalties)
  4. In the first period Grey caught Beckman adjusting his head gear to get in deep on a shot to get the only take down. Not exactly a great win by any means. But he did what he had to do to get his arm raised so hats off to him. Or headgears off in this case. ;)
  5. You missed the apostrophe in can't
  6. You do realize that you can't get dq'd for stalling in college?
  7. I hate to say it, only because I think I'll get criticized, but I was watching this live and thought Welch was faking it. He was going to his back, Massa didn't even have it tight, and out of nowhere, he was out. Then, like you said, he recovered awfully quickly as if nothing had happened. The move is legal as Massa's applies it. That's not to say it should be legal, but at the present, it is. It's also nothing like the Fleming move. That's across the jaw and, from what I've heard, incredibly painful. There is a general restriction about using holds for punishment only. Obviously, you need to have only defined but ...
  8. Not really. It's random unless they agree to a starting weight. Generally, coaches agree to 125 so the difference between the rule and what you said is moot.
  9. Uhhh... that was my point. I don't get why they went to this place at all unless they got such a good deal expense-wise that it was a Godfather deal.
  10. I'm going out on a limb here, but I think this year we will see a significant drop in attendance.
  11. I thought he was at 157 at some point in his career. 5 years 165. (1 bout at 174)
  12. Agreed. Especially since the NCAA won't allow it.
  13. No. Stalling is warning, 1, 1, 1, ... Very difficult to get penalty point dqed in college any more.
  14. And to answer the next question- it's 0% going to happen as of now. They may revisit the question later but ...
  15. 3 ties EIWAs (not for a long time). No real ties for NCAAs. (unofficial tie in 1933)
  16. gimpeltf


    Don't think so. They show 7ths going with cons semis.
  17. Brill should be able to keep his rs.
  18. Well that's it - that has to change; dual meets may become a rarity or even a thing of the past. How can anyone think that changing something as fundamental as the culture of cutting of weight would come without significant change on other fronts? To change the culture of cutting weight the sport may have to lose this need to pit one team against another in a dual format. Sacrilege? Perhaps. But consider for a moment the format employed for the Olympics. So it obviously isn't impossible, but the change will come with attendant sacrifices. But much like the realities of gun control, previously unfathomably changes will only ever happen when the will of the many are mobilized and galvanized by the occurrence of a seminal event that focuses their attention. In our world of wrestling I fear it will be the death of one of our young people due to their participation in cutting weight. How many tournaments outside of States, Nats, Olympics get much of a crowd? Beast, Ironman do alright. A few others but basically nothing. And by going to tournaments as primary means of competition there will be that many fewer home events for the locals to attend.
  19. [highlight=#efefef]Emmanuel Yarborough[/highlight]
  20. I think this is his first (maybe 2nd) as actual coach. He was listed as what I call Do-Wops (Director of Wrestling Operations). Technically, people in that position aren't allowed to have any contact (sporting contact, I guess) with the wrestlers. And not just during regular practices. I know at some point they made the more logical assignment to be an actual listed coach.
  21. Assuming we're talking about once out of bounds and the ref has blown the whistle- rule 5.4.1- failure to stop on the whistle can be considered Unsportsmanlike Conduct.
  22. No. But should try if possible. Might be moving towards the position and sliding in which could make it difficult for a couple of seconds.
  23. Again, I can't see any school allowing that. It's very different to allow a kid to be able to transfer on his own design and another thing entirely to let the coach take them with him. If I were the AD I would consider firing the coach since it means he's clearly not doing things in the school's best interests. And we still have to remember that Mocco didn't transfer until he was there a couple of years.
  24. But again (and to be clear- I'm largely doing Devil's Advocate here) there's a big difference between the kid setting something up in advance and the coach doing it. I would think the coach would get fired for unethical conduct by grabbing recruits at one school only to take them with him elsewhere. I would think that this is one big reason why the NLOI came into being in the first place. To prevent exactly this scenario.
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