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  1. No answer to my question ... however, I see that Megaludis has a loss on his record. Which leads me to the question, suppose there was a guy on an undefeated path to surpass Cael's 159-0 record and Cael comes out of retirement to try to prevent it from happening, could this happen? Is there a difference regarding whether or not a win or a loss counts if its between a UNA wrestler who is redshirting with at least one year of eligibility remaining vs a UNA wrestler who is no longer eligible to compete at the college level? I'm not well versed in the rules, but I believe based on what I've seen in the past, the answer is more nuanced, i.e., redshirts are different from non-students. Example - Nick Arujau was not enrolled as a student first semester last year, but wrestled several open tournaments and wrestled unnattached in the Scuffle. Second semester he was enrolled and competed as a student. His second semester record was used to determine qualification for NCAA's, but matches wrestled before he enrolled did not count (and still do not show up on the record). Regarding redshirts - I don't know this for sure, but I THINK that wins / losses vs redshirts does not count, UNLESS the redshirt is pulled; if that happens, then the entire season record for the redshirt athlete counts (including matches wrestled unnattached). Someone with a better understanding of the rules (SHP, or Gimp maybe?) may be able to confirm that. As far as Cael spoiling someone's record - unless Cael has NCAA eligibility left, that couldn't happen! I think the question was could someone out of school ruin this record? When Cael was wrestling there wasn't much of that kind of thing happening. Earlier a lot of out of school kids competed in some of the Opens (especially Midlands). Later a lot of HS kids started competing. Now the HS kids are a no-no. There are no official rules for how a school considers a career record for an individual. The rules we talk about with what counts and what doesn't are those involving what counts towards seeding. I would guess that over the last several years most any school would follow those guidelines for career records but they don't have to. Cael did lose a match in his first (rsing) year. And wins/losses vs red-shirts DO count for the other guy in all cases but only count for the rsing guy if pulled off. But they are all supposed to be reported.
  2. Nice program upgrade, Gimp. I especially like the hyperlink to the NWCA database. Forgot we did that but I see the NWCA changed something so we're not really linked.
  3. http://liveresults.escapesports.com/201 ... egas.html#
  4. Agree, and the reasons seem varied. I was once told once to look at a 10th grader's facial hair in order to deterimine their college "potential". More facial hair meant more physically mature, and less "upside". Less facial hair meant less physically mature, with more "upside". Don't know if I've ever really bought into facial hair as a measure of future potential, but after having sent several kids through college and knowing the challenges of a student-athlete, here's a couple reasons HS success does not translate into college success, that do make sense...1) Can't handle the Academics2) Can't balance the rigors of athletics and academics (different than 1) 3) Homesick 4) Burnout (loss of wrestling desire) 5) Injury 6) Program not a good fit I think Pete Yozzo (Lehigh 1987 NCAA 1) has told me that he hasn't started shaving yet.
  5. It doesn't look like it. The only exception of a similar nature that I see is when going from DI to DIII.
  6. Yeah, but they couldn't call him for backing up!
  7. Yeah, they already have such a big hole to climb out of.
  8. 1. No. If he does it continually then it should be called. 2. Because it's not around the body- defined as below the neck. If you called that you could also call a cradle as a lock. Personally, I think it's usually a stalling maneuver but ... Also, personally, I'm in favor a eliminating locked hands as a technical violation. Years ago it was a problem apparently (way before even my time) but now you have officials diving all over to see something that happens once in a blue moon and normally it would have had no effect on the situation. I could see including it as a fairly quick stalling criteria. If the guy is sitting out and you see it, call it. If the guy is on his belly anyway why call a split second lock? Have to think about a gut wrench situation since it cuts both ways- trying to score a tilt is good but it may be tough to defend if allowed.
  9. Per se there's no reason to change anything. Champions qualify and the rest are selected based on ranking figures. I think someone's going into the ACC to keep them at size and the EIWA's big enough anyway. I believe Mike M and the NWCA are proposing merging some conferences for a down the road scenario because of all of this football realignment but that's to be considered.
  10. I believe Chris was at best 2-2 at states the one year he qualified (Jr?)
  11. I assume you mean Josh. Bill is a reporter for a Washington paper. (I had to google that). You'd never make it in the wrestling trivia world.
  12. Jon, but as a Lehigh person I would also add Colin Kilrain (and Joe Peritore but he was just before my time)
  13. It was Cowan but after the match so the score is correct but then dqed.
  14. I was there through 157 semis. I heard they were behind schedule but didn't really notice it other than they took a couple of short breaks but I just talked with Kessel and he said they didn't finish until 9. I think the biggest problem was simply they let the field get too big adding teams and still allowing more than 10 per team. One thing Gary and I talked about was the flagrant dq at HWT by the Penn kid. Does anyone know if they did the deductions? They were 11.5 ahead of Rider for 3rd and another 5.5 up on Bloom. I don't know if that was before or after the deductions. I think he should have lost 13.5 after a quick check.
  15. That's correct but very theoretical. Seems they always end up injured.
  16. 30% of dates none in the second half of the season.
  17. I thought this was going to be like knowing a guy from Nantucket.
  18. Touche! Mark wasn't there yet in 2011, was he? :roll: Mark isn't there yet.
  19. I don't believe a champ ever did. There were maybe two kids that tested positive in the 20 years I was the computer scorer. I believe a 177 pounder about 15-20 years ago. I remember being told to take him out of the bracket and adjust the team score. He might have been an AA. I'll try to look on Boomer's site at some point when I can remember better who it was and when it was. The more I think of it, at least with the 177, he wouldn't have been an AA. I seem to recall a very minor team score adjustment (maybe 1 point)
  20. I don't believe a champ ever did. There were maybe two kids that tested positive in the 20 years I was the computer scorer. I believe a 177 pounder about 15-20 years ago. I remember being told to take him out of the bracket and adjust the team score. He might have been an AA. I'll try to look on Boomer's site at some point when I can remember better who it was and when it was.
  21. Long tarnished the 1953 NCAA wrestling championship that Penn State won? Maybe he was thinking about Linn Long who's name is similar to someone else who was in trouble in Michigan much more recently. (Yeah, it's a stretch)
  22. Next up are the comparisons to Troy Letters and the way his career ended…. Although he wasn't what he had been, Troy finished his career on the mats at NCAAs. Ruppel wrestled a three bouts early his last year and that was it.
  23. ---- I don't believe for a minute that Taylor is running from Dake. An injury makes more sense. I'd not read anything about a stress fracture previously. Is that referring to spondylolysis? I would hope not, as that would be a lousy thing for a wrestler to have, and a cause for recurring pain. Matt Ruppel had it and was done the year after winning his title.
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