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  1. Didn't read all posts well today- was out most of the day- so hopefully not repeating. I may be missing something but are people thinking that schools fund scholarships and not endow a certain amount of money to be used for scholarships? The schools set aside a certain fund of money based on success of fund raising. Some schools divide that by the in-state to see how many scholarships are available. They can use that money for out of state but it delivers fewer scholarships.
  2. Golf actually does, as does tennis (which is a sport you didn't mention). I stand corrected on golf. They go for 6 days. 3 days for individual and then 3 more for team match play. Wish we could do it that way somehow. I didn't mention tennis because I had a suspicion they might do something like that.
  3. You do realize that the NCAA has in its manual a definition of Team vs Individual sports. In the 2012-2013 Div I manual rule 17.02.12 .1 and .2- (guys this is mostly for SHP even though he probably has the references memorized) pages 210-211. Wrestling is listed as an individual sport along with Track and Field, Golf and Swimming and Diving among several others. Are you saying that those sports should determine their championships by duals?
  4. Does that mean Koll was for it? Didn't speak to him since they made some adjustments.
  5. I wonder how the committee will react to the vote. 39-36 isn't exactly a ringing endorsement from the coaches. This is a far cry from the announced 'unanimous' straw poll earlier. Maybe somebody heard them say anonymous like the Coach on Cheers.
  6. You didn't spell there correctly. (sorry five)
  7. The main thing that shot this down earlier to my knowledge was that this would only have a chance in D I. The D 2/3 kids/coaches more often do other sports in the spring. It would affect the officials also, if they do other sports.
  8. The current weight control rules and the ranking rules tend to keep people at the same weight all year so they're less likely to change weights just to find a particular opponent.
  9. Actually that's part of the problem. It will sell out when more people don't show up. Almost Yogi-ish. If the people don't want to come, you can't stop them.
  10. If he gets fully healthy he might. I don't think there's any set situation here. He has improved quite a bit in the last several months so it looks promising for him. But whether the time frame meets this next season is not known. For most of us, we'd be thrilled to see him looking/walking normal(ly?), never mind the wrestling but he's been training the whole time as if he will be wrestling. If anything, he might be stronger (sheesh).
  11. Absolutely Frick is one of the ALL TIMERS especially after he moved up to 134 from 126 he had to be cutting a lot of weight. Frick won Midlands at 150 beating Churella in the finals after Churella beats Yagla in the semi's. I believe he beat Churella in the semis and lost to Galea in the finals. Maybe Boomer or Denny can tell the story but I heard he ate a hot dog before weighins so he could weighin up the weight. Might have missed the lower weight (142) by about a pound.
  12. One thing to keep in mind is that the schools with well funded clubs (Nittany Lion, Finger Lakes, etc) have money flowing off the radar. Often with a different perspective. Not all directly with the program but the people training/coaching there do have an impact.
  13. Worse still is how heavily scripted the probably winner is going into the annual tournament. With a dual, the better team generally wins. But sometimes the better team isn't quite so clear going into that dual meet. Personally, I think that although the possible number of teams ENTERING the event may be larger than the number that could theoretically win the individual event, I think that the number that can win the team event (or make it to the final four or elite eight) is much smaller than how many can sneak into the top 10/15 at the individuals over a few years. American wouldn't have stood a chance at the team events but could shine at the individuals.
  14. Marty! What? Read Marty's thread over on the HS forum.
  15. Not sure how many actual matchups but 1984 had several possibilities. Noel Loban (GBR-Clemson), Joe Atiyeh (SYR-LSU), Orlando Caceres (PUR- Trenton State) come to mind quickly.
  16. Now that's a valid question. I would absolutely prefer that team scores are not only allowed to be kept, but updated round by round in the brackets like they are currently. If the NCAA is going to prohibit any posting of team scores because they are not technically "official", I think that really does hurt the event. It may not be official, but fans do want to know how their team is doing score-wise. Having worked the event for 20 years, I did learn one thing. The NCAA can be picky, picky, picky.
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