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  1. I don't feel like looking this up but I believe that while Coubertin did restart the Olympics and put the Modern Pentathlon into the Olympics I don't think MP was put in until 1912 or so.
  2. Interesting, thanks. I follow the news line (at least one that largely concerns compliance) and this article doesn't show there in the chronological list.
  3. Gambling. Not sure if the town is ruled out but can't be at any casino as they ruled out having the Cliff Keen at a casino a few years back and do they have any arenas large enough seating-wise? For those that were asking about the Meadowlands or other NJ venues- the relatively new state law that allows sports betting in the state does rule the state of NJ out. They were going to have some regional qualifying events there this year and the NCAA ruled them out.
  4. I'm not sure what the issue is. The 21 yr old's rule is intended to keep athletes from actively training and participating in the sport they intend to participate in when entering college. The simplest example would be a basketballer playing with an AAU team until he enters a college. If he enters a D1 as he turns 24 he will have lost three of his five year and have two remaining in basketball, but five in any other sport. The rule is a subset of the enrollment rule. I also have no idea if the various OTC's and their athletes are exempt from this rule. Most OTC wrestlers going D1 are in school usually by around their 21st anyway. Coincidence or necessity? The point is that there is no 21 year old enrollment rule for wrestling anymore. 21 applies to Men's Ice Hockey and Skiing and 20 to tennis. The 1 year deferred enrollment rule applies to the other sports.
  5. The whole thing is murky to me but I believe if he competed in the second year it essentially counts as having used his redshirt year.
  6. They have 2 other arenas for their bigger matches. I think the one is 4-5k.
  7. You need to take a breath, sit back and count to ten billion when you post like that.
  8. If Camp did cut out right after NCAAs he might have trouble transferring many credits and have an issue with satisfactory progress. This could affect his financial aid.
  9. I don't have my book with me but keep looking. You're in the right area (assuming you have a recent manual- last 2-3 years, I think) but not quite. The 21 year rule preceded the deferred enrollment year rule.
  10. This is correct. McCauley is entering as if he were any other freshman. But (until they rewrite the book this summer) you have one year after graduating from HS TO enroll in D1. The usual exceptions for Military, Missionary or Foreign Service don't seem to apply. However, there is an exception for National/International Competition.
  11. I would almost be willing to bet (oops NCAA violation) that it's really as much of an ISU compliance issue. Too many of them not to have originated in some common place. Either by misinformation or no information to the coaches about this.
  12. Rosters are only limited by what each individual school's administration sets as a max. If any. The only two NCAA imposed limits I can think of here are 9.9 scholarships and 10 to the NCAAs.
  13. I thought they were pretty tough this year. They redshirted a pretty tough 125 as well. Top 10 every year is pretty ambitious as well, though I will agree they have a lot of things going for them between their location and administrative support. I've heard of far more than 10 teams that should be top 10 every year on this board.
  14. Now, who can argue that this is new AND interesting?
  15. Not sure how much playing time but took his fifth year.
  16. Uh, no. At least not to the way you worded the first sentence. There are such things as no contests and double dqs.
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