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  1. Outdoors/Zoom. I'm sure some are wrestling but quiet about it. Mostly conditioning and independent drilling at this point. I threw together a page for the clubs to have their kids sign into and record the kids temps. So far only a couple clubs are using it. They'll have a special clothes changing process and several other conditions. The site will help with attendance in general but specifically for contact tracing. One of the interesting ideas that came up is to limit partners throughout. This will have the partners keep track of each others health. In the smaller/medium sized clubs the coaches are very much on top of the kids health (hopefully) which means there's a better chance to know what's going on. The biggest concern I have is the larger scale events (camps, tournaments) where you lose track of who's there and likely have to travel via airplane or other mass transportation means. The club kids are generally driving alone or having their parents drive them to whom they're already exposed. I'd like to have them all tested but we know how that's going.
  2. But that's got nothing to do with clubs going now. They will need to deal with the future- this might be the only way to do that. There will or will not be a season. That's independent of the clubs. Especially in NJ. You're not better because of those awards, you're better because you work to get better. NJ is a major club state.
  3. Huh? Going to clubs may be the ONLY way to help you much this year. In season awards aren't the only reason to wrestle (or compete in any sport)
  4. The latest estimates are that Scotland has about 60,000 problem drug users, or 1.6% of the adult population. Scotland has "proportionately way more drug users than the rest of the UK" says Dr Andrew McAuley, a senior research fellow at Glasgow Caledonian University.Feb 26, 2020
  5. 3. Who's coming in second? When Bird arrived at Chicago Stadium to defend his back-to-back three-point titles in 1988, he looked around the locker room and asked, “So, who's coming in second?” Naturally, Bird backed up his trash talk and won the contest for the third year in a row.
  6. The camp in Georgia doesn't help either even not being a wrestling camp.
  7. Hadn't, just did. Sounds exactly like he's forgiven him. Hasn't forgotten though and those are two different things.
  8. Irrelevant to the post I quoted. (The first one) Goalies come in all sizes. 106/285 pounders don't
  9. That's wasn't the point. You can teach someone to be a goalie if he weighs 150, you can't teach a kid to be 106 or 285 if he weighs 150.
  10. Then make your own version. He's spending the time and energy to do it the way he wants. I appreciate it and understand it.
  11. Probably shouldn't assume this but I believe he's pretty religious so he may already have forgiven him.
  12. Pretty well covered actually. I don't know if we knew this all in '92. Might have been coming out over a few years.
  13. I believe he hurt his knee at some point late in HS. Part of his strength was the ability to shoot/reshoot from very low positions. He never seemed to regain the flexibility he once had.
  14. Where did you see he was born in '87? Not that I see a different date just curious. In the article where it says he's 30 it mentions a few dates. The date of the article, the date of the non-test and the date of the competition (also a competition from last year). It could be he was 30 at one of those times.
  15. You can teach someone to be a goalie.
  16. I was being somewhat facetious but the general athletic fund is mostly about football, especially at Notre Dame.
  17. An alum gave money to endow wrestling. I think early to mid 90s. The guy dies and the ad talked the widow into putting the money in the general fund. Then they dropped. You didn't hear this?
  18. Actually, Notre Dame football killed Notre Dame wrestling.
  19. FILA yes. can't recall when. Many years ago. Offhand, it seems like it happened twice over the decades. Maybe late 90s? And before that? And maybe both times were only a year or so before they realized what happened.
  20. The point is, they tried it and didn't like it and changed. The first score was only for a short time as compared to last score.
  21. Been there, done that. It was that way some years back. People stalled out.
  22. Some would say the big guys never did wrestle.
  23. He said lower than the other TOP teams. Not all.
  24. This goes back to Harold Nichols days though. I remember from my college days.
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