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  1. So it was a scoring mistake as I suggested. A lot of people think it's a point but you get it only if a minute or more (and only after 7 minutes for those that want to give riding to a tf less than 7 minutes). I was just wondering if something else came into play there but sounds like it didn't.
  2. Has nothing to do with my question and realize that simply being fit isn't the primary requirement to be a good ref. It takes years to get good enough to be able to anticipate action, take a good position and to have a good working knowledge of the rule book. Ryan Hagan is probably one of the few that made it to the top possibly before turning thirty. Generally the top NCAA refs are required to stay fit but a large percentage are bald. I kid about it every year.
  3. Appears to be a mistake but I didn't watch it. The transcript gives no reason for the point. I see Latona chose neutral going into the last period. Was that from an injury? You would only get 1 for riding time (1 minute not a second) which is possible if you were on top both tb periods. Likely from Injury time. I would think the livescorer would still show riding time rather than an unsub point (watching Criminal Minds now)
  4. Not sure what the color or length (shortness actually) of his hair has to do with his ability to move around.
  5. They don't add the point in bouts. Are you talking about dual meet criteria?
  6. Is that in 1973 dollars? What would the $6 Million Man cost today?
  7. That would explain why it was in so many state supplements.
  8. Best part was when Mr Suriano threw something (water bottle?) from up in the stands somewhere in the middle of the OT and came within a few feet of Buxton in the corner! And back to the subject- this wasn't the only time an OT was out of control while experimenting with this kind of rule. About 30 years ago when they were changing OTs then, the NCAA tested out a timeless sudden death at some random open event. Two hwts ended up in the hospital. They stopped experimenting with that option.
  9. I don't believe that's from the NFHS rulebook but from a State supplement. A Google search brought up very similar wording with NY, WV and Oregon and possibly others. So I believe it's a common interpretation. They all include some variation of the following. If the referee did not see the alleged bite, he/she should look for the presence of marks from both the upper and lower teeth. Incidental contact with an opponent's open mouth can result in what appears to be a bite; however, the presence of both upper and lower teeth marks is more likely to be the result of an intentional bite than from incidental contact with the teeth.
  10. Nick Suriano vs. Daton Fix - The Longest Match In High School Wrestling (2014 Who's #1)
  11. I can't speak to your not seeing bite marks after the fact. They may or may not have been there briefly upon the call. The refs are supposed to look for both uppers and lowers. Intent is irrelevant to the call. You bit or you didn't.
  12. He's twice the man he used to be!
  13. I guess I should have said the Herrings are teeming in Tennessee
  14. Apparently Herring is like Smith in Tennessee
  15. I asked Brock that last year. I don't think he said at all- definitely not close like a cousin.
  16. A number of things bounce at a strip club. Care to elucidate?
  17. It is btw. I only ever heard of him as Trey Cornish here at Lehigh. So I googled this name when I saw it in the brackets and got his grandfather's obituary from up in NJ. Saw that his son of same name lived in Raleigh. So unless they changed middle names (the initials are the same)... Not sure why they suddenly started using that name since it's Trey on the Lehigh site and in the OPC. And I was trying to figure out how they got Trey from Thelbert. Just now I realized they didn't Trey is from III!
  18. Both cities have BTS organizations.
  19. Plenty. Where are you from?
  20. Reminds me of PSU tossing at PPL after Scottie pinned while way up in the 2nd period anyway and knowing there were likely 3 close bouts towards the end.
  21. Good point but I was going to say it only shows a legal one. And to your point, clearly can't kick but define kick. The picture also says/shows that using the arm is legal. He didn't use the arm to block, he used the leg. You're implying that only kicking is illegal. The picture implies that only use of the arm is legal and that kicking is illegal. It doesn't show everything in between which is pretty much what happened and what I was saying in my first post on this subject. What he did was clearly not what is shown as legal but unclearly different than what is said to be illegal. I wouldn't be surprised that the powers that be will need to define this better at some point.
  22. Book says nothing of the sort. 7.5.n leg block (cut-back) That's it
  23. Not sure how to take a request to buy some seas from someone with a boat in his name!
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