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  1. Nick Garone was on 4. The voice on 3 sounded familiar though.
  2. Adeline also under former x-cel now spartan https://www.x-athletic.com/products/adeline-gray-gray-to-gold-t-shirt
  3. I think Dake was thanking his wife- and in part for this change in him.
  4. Depends on who had to cut more. Maybe Dake goes back up in the off years!
  5. Seems like NBCSN (TV) about a minute ahead of the stream.
  6. Probably in case it went all three?
  7. You're on the wrong mat. Go to the streams.
  8. Was that J'Den singing the anthem?
  9. A friend suggested he might not have adjusted his watch from Mountain Time? Is that a possibility?
  10. He's Fixed (somebody had to say it!)
  11. Do you mean NBC/USAW scheduled having J'Den miss weight?
  12. Nearly 50 years ago, Chris Taylor wrestled Mike Danjczek of Lehigh in a dual at ISU. They held a press conference later. Both mike and Taylor were there when a reporter asked Mike about it (Taylor pinned him). Mike thought for a second and said- He caught me! Taylor didn't say anything (He was very much the gentleman). Then Mike added- Yeah, I started running for the highway, he caught me and pinned my a$$!
  13. 43 seconds? And they cautioned Nolf? How did he have time?
  14. Still there. But if the coaches agree they can set their own opening weight- usually 125. What they added recently was the coin toss to be right after the weighins if they don't agree. Toss winner chooses either opening weight or even odd.
  15. Plus two weeks for it to kick in. So late Feb. I'm on Moderna and was thinking 6 wks total. J&J was barely released by then.
  16. Is this a joke? They didn't know who the competitors were mid-February when they would have needed to start vaccinating.
  17. Uhh, both scenarios are specifically covered within the rules. As is the appeal process.
  18. No, The NBA runs the NBA not the Lakers. Yes, in theory the Lakers could ban LBJ as mentioned but the Lakers aren't the governing body.
  19. It's nothing at all like that. It's more like the NBA banning him for missing a drug/covid test.
  20. It's not unheard of to put someone on the scale in a situation like this. I don't think I can cite a specific major case but I've had it done in events I've done. But you let them know it's dependent on the ruling body to decide if it counts. It's best to do it like this so that there won't be law suits from everyone else knowing he would have had even more time to lose weight. It sounds like he was good weight-wise and it's unlikely the minute or two had any impact on that. They might have determined some USAW official gave them bad info or that it was beyond the control of J'Den and his coaches as to what happened. I'm not saying that was the case at all just that those possibilities must be considered until a final determination is made.
  21. I don't see his name in the wrestler list.
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