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  1. Please confirm that I actually said that. I criticized their criticism of his knowledge of history based on their saying there were plenty of better wrestlers in OU history than the ones shown in the top "5" when it seemed that was based on confusion of OU vs state of Oklahoma residence plus a lack of knowledge as to how he determines the lists. Your first post about numbers was later and I didn't comment on it. That was MSU158. I replied to your second one on numbers and all I basically said was that his knowledge of history was better than his typing in the post. He did make at least two mistakes in the original post. He fixed one to this point. But if you followed the link you would see he was right in his research on both cases.
  2. In the post but if you go to his actual list it shows 273.
  3. Read the second post. He was saying NJ Wrestling doesn't know history. I'm constantly telling people how these lists work. Anyone can decide who they think is "best" but they need to understand how the lists work before they discuss who they think is best and then criticizing someone that went to the trouble of creating the lists. Knowledge of history is irrelevant other than correctly assessing placements. Plus the title was Oklahoma not OU. It obviously referred to OU but wasn't taken that way.
  4. I don't know this kid's style other than hearing that he throws. And yes, of course, big moves could lead to concussions. For either wrestler. I've seen wrestlers knock themselves out if they miss the throw and end up going head first to the mat themselves. That isn't as likely to happen hitting snag singles. As to Sayers- he didn't have knee injuries going into his pro career. You don't like the term wild? Doesn't matter to the point. It was pretty well known at the time that his style led to an increased likelihood of injury. http://www.bearshistory.com/lore/galesayers.aspx Specifically- But on November 10th, the Comet's patented running style came back to haunt him. After taking a pitch from quarterback Virgil Carter, Sayers was making one of his patented stop-on-a-dime cuts, when 49er cornerback Kermit Alexander drove devastatingly into the running backs' right knee. The Bears star tore all the ligaments in that knee, and was done for the rest of the season.
  5. I don't know if you are suggesting JS directly taught JO to wrestle from space. As I recall, he was doing that in Middle School. I don't remember low singles but I only saw him a couple times before HS. I said directly for a reason- who knows whether his early coaches/clinics/camps were JS inspired?
  6. On the other hand, the concussions might be related to his style. Gayle Sayers was among the most exciting runners ever but his wild style of running led to his knee injuries.
  7. I'll have to repost this with an update for Suriano Sauriano Soriano Suriano
  8. Please read all of your post. You said "might" be sooners as if the first part was assuming it wasn't as where you said Plenty of Oklahoma wrestlers better. There couldn't have been plenty of better Sooners therefore you have moved your own goalposts here. And my once again part made no assumptions about what group you meant because I have to explain to people quite often how these lists work. Strictly by the numbers of NCAA/state placements and totaling team scores for them. I wasn't really referring to you too directly with it other than using some of your words. I was simply saying once again someone doesn't get the point.
  9. I responded the way I did because you clearly either DIDN'T see it as Sooners and thought it was the HS state of or didn't understand how the NJ Wrestling Best of posts work. Plus it was kind of silly to suggest I didn't know anything about wrestling history since knowledge of history was totally irrelevant to the original post in the thread other than knowing who placed what.
  10. I won't claim to be a top ten historian but I've had friendships and working relationships with several who are. Dellinger, sayenga, Hammond probably top the list. Bryant and diehl are pretty close. A little rubbed off on me. I do see a mistake in saying cowboys that I didn't notice at first. To me it was pretty obvious we were talking sooners the whole time given the names involved.
  11. And once again, someone doesn't understand how this works. It's strictly objective. All by the numbers. Team points for placement. No adjustments, no opinions. If you don't like it, make your own list.
  12. If you have seen One More Shot and still think it's the worst it must be pretty bad.
  13. You guys usually complain about the announcing
  14. I just remembered that he wrestled 190 his freshman year at PSU.
  15. Probably at around 190 though if that matters.
  16. Was he back in the center? Stupid to look away if he was. If you want clarity go off somewhere. Sounds a bit like a kid complaining I wasn't ready.
  17. Huh? No idea what point you are either trying to make or ask now. So I guess I'll type slower- The Ivy League- is a L-E-A-G-U-E. They set their own rules. They said no winter sports. Lehigh is NOT in the Ivy League. They are in the Patriot League but not for wrestling. The EIWA minus Ivies and F&M so far are wrestling. Apparently Lehigh has decided to wrestle albeit without fans.
  18. Jake does. Jimmy isn't sure. Brandon looks pissed.
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