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  1. What NCAA violations do you see? They might push the Ivy League rules but Grey-shirting is legal.
  2. Not quite correct unless something just changed again. If the conference is one of the earlier ones (end of February) they can supplement bouts the following week.
  3. Not sure what you mean by no difference. Last year it was just a part of getting the conference an AQ prior to qualifiers and to help get selected post qualifiers. Now, you can't go without at all unless you win the conference.
  4. Is there any other kind as regards Lee?
  5. Hopefully, that won't be the reason to scrap those rules going into next year.
  6. Correct. The concern was that if we lost a lot of potential qualifiers due to the conference shrink and possibly if get than 4 bouts then we might want to.
  7. I only today heard this and briefly. The way I heard it (to answer SHP) I would agree about likely lack of a tourney but that they were expecting teams to do a dual. It's really only likely to need 1 match. You would need to have 0 coming in to most conferences and only get 3 at them. Maybe Big 12 would only get 2. Just reread Idaho. That's interesting. I guess you could do that. Dresser would find a way! Problem might be with some conferences doing too many in a day and otherwise having to stay over longer and keeping facilities open. The 1 day EIWAs is pushing the envelope with possible 6th matches if they do "true" place matches so to do more than that would be illegal.
  8. I'll add this that I learned today. Someone that doesn't win the conference with <4 bouts whose conference wrestles that week early like PAC-10 normally did and EIWA is doing this year can wrestle bouts AFTER the conference as long as it's prior to the traditional season ending weekend.
  9. I'm assuming they didn't actually seed them all. Technically, byes (or pigtails depending on your point of view as half full vs half empty) are to be randomly assigned. If they were all seeded it would have been as you suggested. Another possibility is that they were seeded but someone didn't show. Is this bracket on Flo or Track (someday to be the same)?
  10. I don't know but that's why I said default earlier guessing that it wouldn't count. Plus you can't wrestle again after a med fft
  11. Wrestler with less than 4 matches would not be eligible for a pre-allocated spot for their conference, nor would they be considered for at-large selections. A wrestler who wins the conference championship with less than 4 matches may retain that AQ spot. If the second place finisher in a weight class does not have 4 matches, but the third place finisher does have 4 matches, the third place finisher can be awarded the pre-allocated spot, as the second place finisher is not eligible. The pre-allocated spots belong to the respective conferences to award.
  12. Must be too young- you got this all wrong. It was Gomer!
  13. I don't want to run back and forth but in the other thread it shows that conference bouts count.
  14. This isn't any other year. Check the other thread for the text and discussion.
  15. Assuming he gets 4 bouts at B1G, what do you need to check?
  16. I just heard a few things. I wouldn't expect to see a lot of changes outside of video integration certainly this season and maybe even not much with video. Flo video used to integrate with Track but at some point Track put up roadblocks in that regard. The founder left about a year ago but they still haven't figured out what he did to essentially firewall it. The same thing happened with the newer Track clocks.
  17. Central time zone issue?
  18. I'll pull a Cael/Belichick here- We're just focusing on NCAAs!
  19. If you have a kid that's say, undefeated and likely to be selected but can't attend the conference because of covid- don't replace him in that event unless you figure that guy can also qualify.
  20. This presumes that their team did not have anyone else at the weight at the qualifier and that their reason for missing conference was covid-related
  21. Do you ever check things out? Odor particles float in the air pretty much by themselves. You don't have virus particles floating in the air in your body. They attach to mucous and other moisturous particles coming up that get trapped by the mask. Not 100% to be sure but much better than without. https://www.ksat.com/news/local/2020/06/29/its-all-about-size-why-experts-say-its-false-to-say-masks-dont-filter-out-coronavirus-because-odors-can-get-in/
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