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  1. BTW-I'm not sure if this was right after he graduated or maybe his senior year but he was at the WIlkes Open just watching. It was while I was running NCAAs but before I ran the Wilkes. I was just spectating. I don't know if he knew who I was but we were both standing near the brackets. He motioned me over and asked how the consolations worked. (Sheesh!). I looked at him and said something like - What the F#$% do you care? First, you have to lose. He didn't hurt me!
  2. Here's something that just popped up on my NCAA feed. It's W BBall but expect similar thoughts for other sports https://www.ncaa.org/about/resources/media-center/news/di-women-s-basketball-committee-readying-season?division=d1
  3. https://www.nj.com/hswrestling/2007/02/why_john_trumbetti.html
  4. I was thinking about commenting on portajohn's comment as being pretty apropos.
  5. Technically he wrestled a tournament for Iowa fall of '06. Kaufman Brand. Looks like he wrestled a couple of bouts. I believe he transferred to a JC fairly soon.
  6. That's your opinion. Are you trying to speak for him? Maybe they're not friends any more. I was just putting a possibility out there.
  7. Hasn't he trained with him for years?
  8. Turns out this was also hidden in a more general notice of changes. I didn't realize it was in there by the headline. This might also lead to scholarship number changes per sport. Council members also adopted legislation that would exempt from counting against team limits need-based financial aid given by the school that meets other specific criteria and other school-given, merit-based awards with no relationship to athletics ability. The rule is effective Aug. 1, 2020. In conjunction with passing the legislation, the Council asked the Student-Athlete Experience Committee, which recommended the change, to conduct a comprehensive review of financial aid rules, including counter numbers per sport, average equivalencies per sport and roster numbers per sport. The study will ensure the legislation is helping students as intended.
  9. Another meaning of having been on the floor.
  10. Yes, they were pretty much the last event.
  11. No, but need is only what percentage their financial formula dictates. And can't be mixed with merit based or it all counted as merit based. That's what this new potential legislation appears to change. Need and academic aid would not count under the 9.9.
  12. Academic scholarships haven't counted against 9.9 for a few years. This is about need based.
  13. Nobody else at the level of NCAA high placer or world teamer.
  14. It's also not yet final. It passed the D1 Council but has to go before the Board of Directors in about a week and a half.
  15. And both were in the famous winning dance contest team. Will was the one in black short and red shirt (I think striped). Hard to see but iirc Reece was the one that came out in the second group wearing white.
  16. And both were in the famous winning dance contest team. Will was the one in black short and red shirt (I think striped). Hard to see but iirc Reece was the one that came out in the second group wearing white.
  17. Yes, but none of them were ones to mention as per NCAA or national teams caliber. And Flair is a stage name. His son was 189 Fliehr.
  18. Without having given this much thought- the advantage could come in set up costs. Fewer times to clean the place and get it ready and test people coming in. It's the home team that bears the costs for that.
  19. His father wrestled and has coached at Calvert Hall in Md for years. Father wrestled at Lehigh late 70s.
  20. Wouldn't that be tri-als and and quadri-als?
  21. Concussion stats full article https://completeconcussions.com/2018/12/05/concussion-rates-what-sport-most-concussions/ Game Play Men’s rugby match play (3.00/1,000 AE) Men’s American football (2.5/1,000 AE) Women’s ice hockey (2.27/1,000 AE) Men’s Ice hockey (1.63/1,000 AE) Women’s soccer (1.48/1,000 AE) Men’s football (or soccer) (1.07/1,000 AE) During practice Men’s rugby (0.37/1,000 AE) Women’s ice hockey (0.31/1,000 AE) Men’s American football (0.30/1,000 AE) Women’s football (or soccer) (0.13/1,000 AE) Men’s ice hockey (0.12/1,000 AE) Men’s football (or soccer) (0.08/1,000 AE)
  22. Iowa 1986,1997 - 5 Even going all the way back to 1928 4 was the max.
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