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  1. No, The NBA runs the NBA not the Lakers. Yes, in theory the Lakers could ban LBJ as mentioned but the Lakers aren't the governing body.
  2. It's nothing at all like that. It's more like the NBA banning him for missing a drug/covid test.
  3. It's not unheard of to put someone on the scale in a situation like this. I don't think I can cite a specific major case but I've had it done in events I've done. But you let them know it's dependent on the ruling body to decide if it counts. It's best to do it like this so that there won't be law suits from everyone else knowing he would have had even more time to lose weight. It sounds like he was good weight-wise and it's unlikely the minute or two had any impact on that. They might have determined some USAW official gave them bad info or that it was beyond the control of J'Den and his coaches as to what happened. I'm not saying that was the case at all just that those possibilities must be considered until a final determination is made.
  4. I don't see his name in the wrestler list.
  5. They're on track right now (Beat me by a few seconds)
  6. So they have to hold their peak for weeks at a time because maybe the other guy will clear and decide to try? They aren't likely to continue to train after at the same level. And suppose they're hurt or test positive later? Don't hold your breath!
  7. But why would the 2nd and 3rd even consider this after they've been eliminated?
  8. Probably others I didn't notice but PD3 and McKenna each listed twice.
  9. From wikipedia The 2008 World Wrestling Championships were held at the Yoyogi National Gymnasium in Tokyo, Japan. The event took place from October 11 to October 13, 2008. The competition only featured wrestling in the Female Freestyle event. Traditionally, Wrestling World Championships are not held in Olympic years, but in 2008 a female championship was held because the 2008 Summer Olympics included only four of the seven FILA weight classes for females.[1]
  10. I was paraphrasing the Lieutenant.
  11. Oh, I just have one more question for you!
  12. Kristan Palusalu Estonia 1936. Gold both style Hwt.
  13. Literally, that is correct. Snyder had just come back from an international tournament as was down to weight. As in ~213.
  14. 21 of 90 overturned that went to the back room (coach challenges)
  15. Plus, I just noticed that the ref actually circled towards AOC- possibly to view the left hip.
  16. Well, these guys definitely have a lot of bottom, whether that bottom is wrestling or not is a matter of opinion.
  17. And someone please point to the specific rule that says anything about being off the mat or on the floor. There was such a written rule a few years back that seems to have been written out. I believe the refs still try to call it that way as an interpretation but ... (intentional ellipsis given other thread)
  18. A lot of people think the NCAA has too much control as it is.
  19. Sometimes you need to wait to control the swelling before getting the operation. That would be the same to be able to flex the leg more and hence wrestle better. Yes, going without the ACL endangers the meniscus but it isn't necessarily going to decay significantly in a couple months.
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