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  1. Why would the founder make himself sign a non-compete?
  2. I'm not sure what's going on but they recently (last few hours I think) now only show 6-7 unattached names and about 20 tbds.
  3. Rechsteiner at Michigan, Steiner while a Pro.
  4. Again no or zero means exactly that. I believe previously they had to "prove" they were clean to be able to do this. It sounds like they didn't have a good means to do it. If some don't compete that would have otherwise then WADA does have at least some authority. Proving might now mean testing in a neutral location. We don't know everything they have in mind this time around. I'm sure we all have suspicions but we don't know what we don't know.
  5. I disagree to a degree here. It wouldn't mean zero authority unless ALL Russians were allowed to enter.
  6. I'm sorry, I must have misread my own post and need to go back to school to learn that the definition of mostly actually means only.
  7. Mostly wrestling people that already knew about Dave. And more people probably remember DuPont with this.
  8. Only within the sport- not to the population in general.
  9. Just because the people here might not remember doesn't mean he didn't become the most famous. He ended up wrestling in the pros- (WWF?)
  10. I believe Willie told me he was using the platform not employed by.
  11. I believe I said words to that effect in an earlier post.
  12. It doesn't say who has to hold him. He held himself (I'm not saying he was clearly pinned here as I stated earlier). You can pin yourself, just think of a guillotine or tilt situation where you lean back to turn the other guy over. I'm sure most of us have seen situations where the offensive guy didn't realize the ref called him pinned thinking he pinned the other guy.
  13. Absolutely not assuming your definition of control means being in position to garner riding time.
  14. Camera work was pretty bad so hard to focus. When the ref started finally to count it appears that the shoulders might both be within 4 inches. I would say before that probably not as neither shoulder was on the mat for any length of time especially with the other shoulder less than 45 nor were the shoulders both within 4 inches and the top guy's body was often below the shoulders.
  15. Actually, they also had one in 1939 (At F&M). They were quite good in that time frame. I didn't check many other years.
  16. Section 3. Determining the Winner Art. 1. Fall. A fall occurs when any part of both shoulders or part of both scapulae of either wrestler is held in contact with the mat for one second´┐Ż The one second count (one-thousand-one) shall be a silent count by the referee and shall start only after the referee is in position to observe that a fall is imminent´┐Ż Nothing specifically about reaction time nor about mattering if wrestler is in control or not. That having been said, in general the refs are likely to be more sure in a neutral position and perhaps even a little more so in a defensive fall situation.
  17. I'm of the opinion that it wouldn't likely be called often. I was doing the broadcast and thought it was close and could have been called. I feel the same after viewing here. However, moving around isn't something that prevents a fall being called. How often are wrestlers dead still? Unless what you mean is that you think he moved off his shoulders. I agree with others here that the first time he was down was probably not a fall but the second time is where it might be called.
  18. In case you didn't read his post, it means he knows a guy that oversaw those private hearings. And that part is why I said you didn't know because I knew they were likely private.
  19. So in other words, you have no idea.
  20. So what makes you think they didn't tell him what was going to happen and ask his side of the story?
  21. Kutler took down Hall. Meyer took down Joseph.
  22. It was a major- took a while to find it since it as a non-countable with Beard non-rostered. It was at the LH Mat Town II
  23. Trenge was 2-0 against him which I think was portas point.
  24. Opened right up in chrome for me
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