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  1. Do you ever check things out? Odor particles float in the air pretty much by themselves. You don't have virus particles floating in the air in your body. They attach to mucous and other moisturous particles coming up that get trapped by the mask. Not 100% to be sure but much better than without. https://www.ksat.com/news/local/2020/06/29/its-all-about-size-why-experts-say-its-false-to-say-masks-dont-filter-out-coronavirus-because-odors-can-get-in/
  2. I thought you might have been combining the two sentences. Plus, I was emphasizing radio as in you couldn't see me anyway. (As in I have a face for radio)
  3. I'm that good! (Or maybe I drove there in my Delorean)
  4. Plans will be implemented only if necessary February 4, 2021 3:04pm Greg Johnson The Division I Council Coordination Committee approved contingency plans for the 2020-21 NCAA Division I winter and spring championships (other than basketball), as well as National Collegiate Championships conducted during the 2021 spring semester. The plans will be implemented only if conditions are such that winter and spring championships could not be conducted or completed at full capacity. In team sports, the bracket sizes will remain unchanged, if more than 50% of all automatic-qualifying conferences are participating in the sport. If participation for automatic-qualifying conferences falls to 50% or lower, the bracket sizes for those sports will be adjusted to 75% capacity. All automatic qualifiers will be accommodated, and the balance of the field will be designated for at-large selections. The national participation percentage will be determined 30 days before selections for each winter and spring championship. In a similar fashion, the field sizes for individual sports will remain unchanged if more than 50% of schools are participating in the sport. If school participation levels drop to 50% or lower, field sizes for those sports will be adjusted to 75% of capacity. Division I Competition Oversight Committee members, who moved this concept forward, believe this contingency plan is the best way to accommodate all automatic-qualifying spots in a championship bracket. The remaining spots in the brackets will be filled by at-large selections.
  5. But you can't read his lips otherwise! I did a broadcast last weekend wearing a mask the whole time and nobody seemed to complain. Now I wonder how many people were listening...
  6. I am just now hearing from an EIWA source that the EIWA might still be getting a larger number than we thought given that we are down to 10 of 17 teams. I'm having trouble justifying the two statement here. if the third place finisher does have 4 matches, the third place finisher can be awarded the pre-allocated spot, as the second place finisher is not eligible. The pre-allocated spots belong to the respective conferences to award. Basically the one saying it's up to the tourney to award but I guess that means you have to have 4. That all having been said- since the 4 counts conference bouts it seems pretty unlikely someone is in this situation. A smaller conference could figure out how to force someone to end up with 4 if needed. (Round robin maybe?)
  7. That's how I read what @ISUChip quoted. What do you guys think?
  8. I misread that first sentence taking it to mean he couldn't earn the spot in the name of the conference as pre-qualified. However, it appears it's still up to the conference whether to give a non-champ and <4 bout wrestler the AQ spot. I'd find it hard to believe a conference wouldn't give the kid the spot. The next lower kid with >=4 stands a better chance at an at-large and this kid would stand no chance. Although hypothetically could they not fill the bracket if no kids >=4 are in the remaining pool after conferences?
  9. I'm confused but isn't the minimum for guaranteeing that the conference is pre-allocated a spot? And subsequently (I believe this scenario was questioned earlier) it would impact someone being 'wild-carded' in after the conferences should they not place high enough.
  10. When I tell people all the places I've been for tournaments and they ask how I liked them I always follow up with something along the lines of - I've been to the best gyms in the country!
  11. And what part of Jersey aren't you from?
  12. Maybe he forgot his shoes!
  13. I know. Tough all the way around and why the rule was created in the first place. No great solution.
  14. NCAA files U.S. Supreme Court brief February 1, 2021 5:10pm "Today, we asked the U.S. Supreme Court to reaffirm that the NCAA has ample latitude to govern college sports. As outlined in our brief, the lower court ruling distorts federal antitrust law and, in the process, wrongly redefines amateurism and undermines the NCAA's supervision of college athletics. The ruling also encourages judicial micromanagement and invites never-ending litigation as the NCAA seeks to improve the college athletic experience. In short, the lower court ruling greatly blurs the line between college and professional sports. The NCAA and its member schools are committed to defending the rules that govern college sports – the same rules that create an environment where hundreds of thousands of student-athletes can receive the life-long benefits of a college education and compete at the highest levels of their sport. We look forward to continuing to make our case before the Court." – Donald Remy, Chief Legal Officer, NCAA
  15. I know people say they think it should be an escape. But this is the way it has been ruled and called and how the refs were specifically trained for decades. I remember this ruling back into the 70s. Vak had it exactly right. With review and computers procedure could probably be revisited as in call the escape and then if it becomes control for same wrestler can change to reversal or takedown. Not sure about riding time as arguments could be made on when to recompute the clock from. The reason for this current interpretation is that it shouldn't be 1 and 2 in many instances and should be nothing at all in others. That's what can be argued here given how red ended up having the leg again.
  16. I'll pull it up again later but what I remember was no separation at the end and red wrapped around the leg. He wasn't wrapped earlier. One nuance of this scenario was that before regaining some control of the leg if they had gone out of bounds or the period ended it could be an escape there.
  17. Interesting. I knew about the rule but not this part of it. I was aware of the top picture but not the bottom
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