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  1. Too many boilermakers at this party?
  2. Relevant compliance rule refers to whether being at the same meet as a HS kid might force the coaches to count it as a contact (among other issues). They can't enter invites or actual team events but open events, yes.
  3. Not sure if the edit note refers to this but ... I remember when they disallowed HS kids around 10 years ago that it was actually going counter to the compliance manual as regards Open Events. I believe those rules were meant more for track but it didn't matter. I guess they eventually realized what they had done and reverted.
  4. HS kids started entering college tournies in numbers maybe late 90s early 00s. (Kolat entered the Midlands and placed while in HS but this was rare then). It was discontinued around 2010 for several years. I believe it was the year after Marsteller was in middle school and won a match. Then it relaxed again a few years ago.
  5. I think a lot has to do with the onset of high level training at clubs and even many of the high schools. Kids are ready for prime time much earlier.
  6. Isn't that kind of what Trump did in 2016?
  7. No, that's simply incorrect philosophy given what you are thinking. The scoring action IS what DM initiated since it was during his action that Nolf went to his back. DM shot, secured the leg and twisted causing Nolf to fall off to the side. That's regardless of the fact that Nolf often does it on his own. Nolf can use this in folkstyle effectively since simply going towards your back won't result in a score from neutral unless the ref gets the 3 count going.
  8. No. But many are. And the crotch lift is often the situation I was describing. If the shooter continues his motion while the crotch lift is in progress then it scores for the shooter. If the defender stops the motion and then throws then he scores.
  9. Dm initiated the sequence by shooting. Nolf countered. The initially offensive wrestler will get the benefit of the doubt in freestyle. My opinion is that nolf was exposed and then worked the counter. Grabbing the foot wasn't at first something that caused motion. It turned into that eventually. One of the classic situations is if you shoot a single or double and the other guy counters rolling over his own back. The initial shooter will get credit unless the other guy completely stops the motion and goes opposite. The second guy might get a reversal or even exposure but after the points are awarded to the first guy.
  10. It's his signature move in folkstyle. This is freestyle. The rules are different.
  11. Disagree- as soon as DM tucks the leg under it's his move. He made the shot and then rotated to his right making Nolf fall to his back. Nolf's motion came after he started to go to his back.
  12. And I'm good enough to be far more than socially distanced while throwing.
  13. The convention centers are split into Halls as named in Va Beach. Even without the movable wall separators they can be considered as separate entities for the purposes of crowd size (from what I hear) but even that is usually only 3-4 areas as compared to what you said. I wonder if Spooky Nook is considered as several separate areas?
  14. If this is USAW sanctioned, Downey still is on the interim suspension list so couldn't compete.
  15. Maybe Rokfin uses SnapChat!
  16. Since this can has been opened, I wonder whether a prolonged practice would be considered more problematic than a single match in a dual or a tournament. I don't just mean some bureaucrat's idea but in reality. If you are in a tournament you are faced with more chances but less time. In a practice you (depending on how it is run) probably have fewer chances but more time. One of the things we've been telling people is to limit partners at practice. Obviously, zero partners produces the best chance of not being infected but given that people are going to workout and given the likelihood that the kids will look out for each other it might help.
  17. Very limited though. So far a couple of pickup games is all. I used to be able to play as often as 4-5 times a week here in the Lehigh Valley if my knees held up. But the local leagues have shut down for the year other than to encourage playing disc golf for a while. Going to try again this afternoon.
  18. This is more where I was going with the soccer analogy to wrestling. That is interesting though about some places not counting a wrestling match as criteria to be a contact.
  19. Again, there's no comparison between the sports in this regard. Covid is mainly passed by breathing out and generally seems to require prolonged close contact. I haven't heard anyone say you get it the instant you break the 6 foot barrier. I have played Ultimate (frisbee) for decades and it is likely more covid dangerous than soccer. It's played mostly man-to-man so when running you run alongside your opponent. If you have the disc and are throwing your defender marks you by standing right in front of you face to face for up to around 10 seconds. The few times we've played these last few months we wear masks (not easy but...) and generally play more relaxed defense. And I wouldn't put Ultimate in the same category here as wrestling where you might be face to face for minutes without a mask.
  20. The point is not for any length of time. I don't understand your analogy. The point of wrestling is to be in touch most of the time with one or both sets of breathing apparatus facing the other guy.
  21. Seriously? Soccer is mostly zone defense. They do approach each other but very little face-to-face. More of that in basketball.
  22. Not taking sides here on this but this is an interesting article by Christine Brennan. https://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/columnist/brennan/2020/09/16/big-ten-football-decision-marks-darkest-day/5793238002/?fbclid=IwAR3J08AmoCGEgUwHM3AMxGSAoDXqy77170cDstMmNEAXG0eSrV14bzXaOZc
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