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  1. And arguably, the best school for Ultimate (frisbee) in the country.
  2. Might be a lot of medical forfeits!
  3. Back the the 1918 Spanish Flu pandemic claimed a mortality rate of about 10%. In hindsight I would suggest it's over 99.95%!
  4. How did they represent that it worked? (States) I just IMed with a coach I know from down that way (who was in the film) who says what they do is have a bunch of sectionals that each send 4 to states.
  5. Amazon https://www.amazon.com/Veritas-Jon-Trenge/dp/B002FM0B0U
  6. RichB and I are from Lehigh- Oh, Wait!
  7. "[W]hen you have 15 people, and the 15 within a couple of days is going to be down to close to zero, that's a pretty good job we've done."
  8. Some didn't go or turned around but I suspect that a lot hadn't declared their stati yet. And schools have a little less control over their clubs.
  9. If you look up the natl fed, it shows Erik Leon (Cuba) as natl coach.
  10. I didn't know viruses made noise!
  11. I've seen the Kids do it with the far arm as you say. I've even seen them do with own arm from underhook, if the ref didn't see it.
  12. To add, D. Rohn was doing a more simplistic version on his own in HS. It involved the undehook front head and arm. What I remember of it was that it was mainly a muscle move where he punched through the underhook side in a form of a pancake and as he punched through on one side he would lock up his hands under the far arm and finish the other guy off. I think he called it either a double trouble or a double double. Then he went to Clarion and as CBTL says above showed him all the current versions.
  13. Gotcha, wasn't thinking by subtracting rather than adding he would have been undefeated and he wasn't.
  14. That was after his senior year. Are you saying it would have been 124-6?
  15. He later that year won the NCAAs but Ironside lost in the other semi to St John. And then again the next year up at 142 with Ironside winning at 134.
  16. You missed it. You said indifferent countries rather than what you meant - in different countries.
  17. I said might not shall. I remember at some point referee discussion about intentionally causing stalemates or potentially dangerous.
  18. You mean like Switzerland?
  19. 20-some years later it might be. He was part of the reason for later interpretations.
  20. CAREER WINNING PERCENTAGE TOP-15 (MINIMUM 40 MATCHES) NAME ...................SEASONS .. W-L-T ....PCT. 1. Logan Stieber..........2012-15.......119-3...... .975
  21. https://ohiostatebuckeyes.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/11/2018-19_WRE_Team_Guide-3.pdf Page 33.
  22. They were planning for social distancing already!
  23. I saw something saying that the D3 council allowed it. I don't see anything on the NCAA Divisional News pages though.
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