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  1. That answers part of my question and thanks for that info. But the other part was if 2 got byes to semis and one to finals- where does that leave everyone else?
  2. That doesn't answer my question- and to your point I thought I heard on the broadcast that he would get a bye.
  3. What if 4 people get the bye to the semis? Or two to the semis and one to the finals? I hear Green will move up.
  4. One contention I've had with this is that I think people are misreading the rule. It doesn't say that the hair has to BE in it's natural state but that if it was in its natural state it not be too long. In articles I've read it seems to be that Maloney previously called a black wrestler for this when the hair wasn't necessarily too long but not in its natural state. It also said somewhere that the other kid in this match had hair over his eyebrows (I think that's how I read it- it was long). So to me this means anyone who combs, uses gel or spray is putting the hair into something other than its natural state. He wasn't completely wrong here just possibly inconsistent in his ruling (especially since he was late). The kid and coaches should have had the legal covering. As a friend of mine from down that way and sees this ref a lot said- He got nailed for the one he didn't do.
  5. I agree, however are there many/any states that are doing girls freestyle? I read several articles about the emerging sports status announcement and I couldn't find one mention of style. What I did see was a mention that rules will be per division.
  6. https://www.orlandosentinel.com/sports/highschool/wrestling/os-sp-wrestling-girls-20190403-story.html In doing a google search there's a girl from Pensacola on the Life University team. She might be able to help also.
  7. Ken Mallory Montclair a few years earlier.
  8. Not exactly. He was at 145. When he went in too high to return to 145 in time his brother was at 152. I think it was kid's choice not to wrestle him off and try 160.
  9. Look at several of the hwt champs from that era and note the schools that dropped. Can include Oregon State as they dropped for that summer and reinstated
  10. Yup. Born here, father from Lebanon. Wrestled for Michigan AA
  11. I assume they teach crop rotation there!
  12. The way I read the Rutgers release is that he's red shirting to pursue Olympic hopes. Not necessarily an Olympic red shirt. And with the us open being before the start of the second semester it would allow a lot of the names mentioned a chance to get back on the mats by then if they see they're not in the range.
  13. I don't see this as meaning the schools would pay the kids. The issue is that the NCAA doesn't allow the kids to use their likenesses for profit even on their own. What would happen would be that the bigger schools would be able to indirectly sponsor (for lack of a better word here) the sales of these likenesses and it would create a recruiting inequity.
  14. Could be. And I now think that Smith accepted an interim position and the date given on OSU site is the actual position. But there's an article somewhere saying Smith thought coaching while competing was a big mistake. And here he was the main guy at his weight so the summer was completely about the Olympics for him and not so much for Koll as he would have toned down training possibly even late spring.
  15. Frickin' math majors! ;) Here's how it's quoted in the Flo article. Top three at the 2019 NCAA Wrestling Championship; or NCAA champion from a previous year AND top two from the 2019 U23 World Team Trials (must accomplish both). Note the semicolon which means the latter.
  16. Again, Joe Seay's HOF Bio says he coached until '92. The Oklahoma State Wrestling Page says Smith accepted the position in '92. Don't forget he was still competing at that point.
  17. I think he got the job in '92- possibly after the season but had to 'sit' the next season. Joe Seay's bio shows he coached until '92.
  18. Did you know his first son was Billy (William) Jr? He died fairly young. His next is Larry Sheridan. Larry's son is William (Bill) III. Yes it is.
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