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  1. What do you mean lost Union Station? Admittedly, it's not as good as a few years ago since some of the restaurants closed but it's still there as far as I know.
  2. Do you mean the EIWA where they were for decades? The EWL has folded into the MAC.
  3. More and more popular still ranks it way behind other sports. Yes, it is a popular youth sport. American sports tend to emphasize scoring over skill. I hadn't heard- think it's great but they are pretty much of an outlier Their average is twice any other team besides Seattle. And they have the top 9 single game crowds in the regular season and top 4 in playoffs.
  4. But current Rutgers fans take up most of NJ (both Pork Roll NJ and Taylor Ham NJ).
  5. Supposedly Mineo reported a little while ago that he didn't get accepted.
  6. gimpeltf

    Elbow pain

    See a doctor/trainer?
  7. My first tournament program was on punch cards around 1977.
  8. Well since I forgot that was my first year, maybe I'm the one that said screw that!
  9. But here is what Boomer shows for actual brackets from 1928.
  10. Trump won more states, Clinton won the overall total vote. (Not looking for a political discussion- probably the same thing happened in 2000) This is kind of what we're seeing here.
  11. And Billy Sheridan reffed all the bouts. I don't see the bye distribution looking like that then.
  12. Again, this only shows views. Of course, the Americans will watch Burroughs/Chamizo. And these numbers only reaffirm that FS is more popular here. That's kind of a Captain Obvious statement. It might be that FS is also more popular in Russia. By your definition your stats are good but by other stats apparently not so much. I wouldn't be surprised that you could easily prove that US folkstyle is the most popular style in the world by using these same kind of stats. Given Flo, Track, YouTube, etc I wouldn't be surprised that there are far more views in total of events in this country than all others across the world. I'm not trying to say Greco is or isn't more popular across the world. I have no idea. Just that there's no way to determine it unless you set a narrow definition like you did.
  13. They have moved up NJSIAA to end Saturday (did it also 2019) so people can see B1G Sunday.
  14. I said there was no good way to determine. And it would be a matter of definition. How would you decide this? Your apparent approach was to see how many views there would be for greco vs fs. But someone with Flo Pro might then count as hundreds vs someone in a more "developing" country that could only attend in person and might only have one time in a year to do even that. But is viewership how to determine this popularity contest at all? Greco might have more competitors in a number of countries as suggested above. But the total number of competitors world-wide might still favor FS because of things like Hasek's suggestion about India having more FS. It's a matter of definition.
  15. JB, when do you see that the NCAA ever put the byes on one side? Yes, the repechage was similar at times (other than finalizing as you say). And, yes, the UWW system would then only ever have at most one bout in each round where one guy had previously wrestled one more than the other.
  16. That's not at all what I said and you know it..
  17. My point is more that in America we go to matches and watch them on flo or track our YouTube besides. In many other countries they only go to them. Our eyes would count for more. And that there's probably no good way to determine.
  18. Neither is internet popularity. Not everyone watches streams like we do here. The United States is likely to have enough numbers on its own to skew things enough to make a big difference
  19. Americans think Soccer is boring. The World doesn't.
  20. If Y is a 2-1 favorite he would expect to win either 2/3 of the time. But to win both the odds would be 4/9 assuming odds stayed the same (independent events).
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