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  1. Disagree. There was only a split second of separation such that they can't call the 1 with a 2 coming up. But by the time the scenario ended red was back with some degree of control. It might have been 2 for reversal- maybe maybe not.
  2. Nice double Phoenix reference!
  3. What else would be interesting is if they change the challenge override rule as they're talking about. Basically, if a call is overturned but the fact that there was a score might not have any effect on subsequent wrestling they could keep it going. I think it's at least arguable they would still have ended up in the peterson position meaning red would have gotten 2&2 there instead of 2 earlier and just 2 here.
  4. We (Lehigh) sat next to them a couple years ago. Not a huge base but not a small one either. And at least two fans really stood out. One seemed to be the team cheerleader. I forget who it was but one of their kids had transferred to Iowa State the year before to be with his father. They cheered him on as if he never left. The other was Mauller's older and much bigger brother. He could really get fired up. He was cool about it though. He'd realize how he was and when we smiled at him, he'd get a kick out of it.
  5. That was the year after my last year. In fact, that year was Bracket-Gate!
  6. I've heard others say they were disappointed you were in the area, too!
  7. I lost my thesaurus. I can't find the words to tell you how upset I am! (Gary Delaney)
  8. I believe 115 was used during the season mainly out west with 191 mostly in the east.
  9. He never wrestled with Team NJ- USAW. He did practice with some at a team workout. Mainly Peter Lipari as I recall. He actually didn't compete much off season although he constantly worked out. A couple Super-32s. One in MS I think. Can't remember if he did any NHSCA.
  10. I saw a clip for part 2- Instagram I think.
  11. The election is over- turn the page! ;)
  12. That has to be the biggest 160 ever!
  13. I actually, didn't take it that way at all. I guess I did the same thing making you think that by quoting you.
  14. Of course but his putting words in my mouth had nothing to do with how many people died of or from Covid. I wasn't suggesting that you actually count them in the Johns Hopkins numbers just that we need to figure out why all these extra people died. And then he rambled further to say something about using those numbers to decide to shut down again. The restrictions normally come from case counts and hospitalizations anyway and that isn't affected by this. Obviously, the people smarter than him would understand this and take that stat into account.
  15. Huh? Wow! Where did you come up with that interpretation? Having a bad day?
  16. I'm pleased to see you highlighted our (Lehigh's) match with LIU! ;)
  17. He didn't say all of the excess excess deaths were covid. But to even account for all of those (well over 100k above known covid back in November) the number of suicides from last year would have had to have increased by around 150% as the 2019 numbers were around 70k. And, in a sense, they are covid related.
  18. Hard to tell sometimes, but I thought he was kidding.
  19. He had scored 3 points up until then. 2 Majors in the consolations. Would have moved them up a notch.
  20. So does that mean they had to review it again since it was called on review?
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