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  1. Yup, Little Rock is closer to the Gulf than the pacific.
  2. Did you read what he said? Also, if you are referencing my post stating that two did take, that meant I am aware of statements saying that two did take it not anything about the third. He might have he might not have.
  3. The way this year is going it might be time for the Rapture!
  4. I think 2 had been taking creatine. However, not necessarily in the days immediately leading to their deaths. My thoughts were that they might have been taking ephedrine (or some related substance). For those that might have noticed creatinin being mentioned, that's not necessarily due to taking creatine. Creatinin is manufactured by the body during times where the body is undergoing situations of excessive heat (I think this is how it was described- don't quote me). This is why I had been saying it wasn't just the weighin rules (although those days they were pretty stupid) nor creatine. Add all this together with other supplements and you have a perfect storm.
  5. Potential location is set. Deciding on if it will work out.
  6. Again, nothing for a hundred years before, nothing in twenty years since. They lost massive amounts for a long time before and some after. A little less after maybe. Millions of weigh-ins. No deaths. It's not all about weight cutting by itself. And I didn't say it was just the creatine.
  7. I have nothing definitive but I think creatine was designed more for football use to gain weight. I also think there might have been some other additives in the earlier versions or possibly the kids might have been taking dietary supplements that could have caused further problems. One is trying to increase and the other decrease. This added to the stupid weighin rules of the time wasn't a good mix. No deaths for a hundred or so years before and none for 20-some after. 3 within a few months? Something weird going on that year.
  8. Except football is probably the main reason Title IX was needed.
  9. They have 4 coaches. There is such a thing as an undergraduate student assistant but they have to have eligibility remaining.
  10. I didn't notice any freshmen. Maybe they're just working on things although why they would put in last year's data is weird.
  11. Larry Holmes wrestled. Not sure if as long as HS but Easton has a rec program known as The Saints that he participated in. Other Holmes wrestled in HS. Ryan Holmes is a nephew and he wrestled for Wilson.
  12. Bo knows wrestling. Or were you just saying if he started earlier?
  13. According to Iranwire, Afkari was a successful Greco-Roman wrestler at the local level, close to a place on the Iranian national team.
  14. Many schools can't practice at all yet. Some are able to go off campus. A very few can practice on campus.
  15. Somebody actually trained with Mark Schwab and John Oostendorp not named Dan Gable or Robin Reed?
  16. Not sure what you mean. Official in-season practices wouldn't normally start until Oct 10.
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