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  1. Don't forget that Snyder at 213 lost to Coon in the earlier match (dual?) but beat him at NCAAs after putting some weight on.
  2. There's a similarly worded D1 compliance rule about alums attending practice (at the institution not the RTC). In the last few years they allowed 'recent' alums the ability to attend regularly for two Olympic cycles the same as applies to NGB approved individuals. After the two Olympic cycles the now not so recent alums can attend 'occasionally'.
  3. It wasn't the coaches, it was the NCAA bean counters. No other sport allowed teams or competitors two bites at the apple.
  4. A USAW card is mainly needed by the athlete for insurance purposes.
  5. Considering he was 72-73 during the 72 Olympics, you answer the first two. Why would they since they didn't enter the 1924 Olympics in wrestling?
  6. A bit off topic but an interesting piece of wrestling trivia concerning the Amine's (Malik at least). On 11-19-17 at Grace Hall Malik Amine- Son of NCAA 2nd Mike Amine (also U Mich) wrestled Cortlandt Schuyler- Son of NCAA 3rd Pete Schuyler (also Lehigh). I wonder how often something like that has ever happened. A few years back (early 0s) in local HS wrestling one of NCAA 1 at 134 Mike Frick's kids (I think Eric) wrestled NCAA 1st at 134 Don Rohn's son Tommy.
  7. They were born and raised in Japan, it's a little different. I'm fairly sure the Amines were born in the US (since their father wrestled here). Not sure about Micic but he went to HS here.
  8. No more than 5 times a day and change the number up each day! No problem!
  9. I think most saying that it wasn't an option meant given the calls from the ref and judge not given the situation on the mat.
  10. That answers part of my question and thanks for that info. But the other part was if 2 got byes to semis and one to finals- where does that leave everyone else?
  11. That doesn't answer my question- and to your point I thought I heard on the broadcast that he would get a bye.
  12. What if 4 people get the bye to the semis? Or two to the semis and one to the finals? I hear Green will move up.
  13. One contention I've had with this is that I think people are misreading the rule. It doesn't say that the hair has to BE in it's natural state but that if it was in its natural state it not be too long. In articles I've read it seems to be that Maloney previously called a black wrestler for this when the hair wasn't necessarily too long but not in its natural state. It also said somewhere that the other kid in this match had hair over his eyebrows (I think that's how I read it- it was long). So to me this means anyone who combs, uses gel or spray is putting the hair into something other than its natural state. He wasn't completely wrong here just possibly inconsistent in his ruling (especially since he was late). The kid and coaches should have had the legal covering. As a friend of mine from down that way and sees this ref a lot said- He got nailed for the one he didn't do.
  14. I agree, however are there many/any states that are doing girls freestyle? I read several articles about the emerging sports status announcement and I couldn't find one mention of style. What I did see was a mention that rules will be per division.
  15. https://www.orlandosentinel.com/sports/highschool/wrestling/os-sp-wrestling-girls-20190403-story.html In doing a google search there's a girl from Pensacola on the Life University team. She might be able to help also.
  16. Ken Mallory Montclair a few years earlier.
  17. Not exactly. He was at 145. When he went in too high to return to 145 in time his brother was at 152. I think it was kid's choice not to wrestle him off and try 160.
  18. Look at several of the hwt champs from that era and note the schools that dropped. Can include Oregon State as they dropped for that summer and reinstated
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