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  1. It's also not Dr Spock but it was close as I could come without resorting to photoshop.
  2. Actually, I'm not sure the Lehigh coaches were in favor of this system. It was the coaches in general that asked for this. Don't know what the vote was. It's a combination of the same stuff as NCAA with various head to head brought in and other factors. I'm just about to read the whole thing tonight.
  3. 4 in a row. Square eliminates the side bleachers, 4 in a row eliminates the end section. A HS event could do 4 in a row with 150 using the 7 strip mats. Each are 6 feet wide. With them you can eliminate one of the two blank strips between mats since you still have 6 feet between. To do college with 153 you would need specially cut mats since the college 32s on the same mats have a small arc cutting into the otherwise blank strip.
  4. Do you mean WE wouldn't mind if Rob gives it up?
  5. The real question might be why didn't the others get more press?
  6. First, I didn't say he had an EIWA RPI I said NCAA, however, I had googled the RPI and saw his name where I said. It turns out they had both the coaches ranking and RPI in the same article and what I saw was coaches ranking.
  7. NCAA doesn't agree with you. He's 26th but 3rd EIWA RPI at weight.
  8. Not that match. This was a dual meet. There was one in the 90s. Nebraska and some other reddish (NC State?) team? I was given a list as to how to preassign colors and no leeway (until after this match). Whichever team that was assigned green was actually a brighter red than the other. What happened was that no one could remember who was actually given either a warning or a caution which affected a later call of same. As it turned out, they then had to wrestle again, likely in the cons semis or place bouts. The only time the same two guys wrestled three times.
  9. That's about right. scholarships were somewhere between 91 and 93. It looks like there were 33 in 92.
  10. I just talked to Sammy Julian. He agreed. Yes it's illegal but don't call it unless it's really a stomp. And even then just wag your finger and give an attention. Then if continued caution.
  11. To add, if "he" wrestles and wins and "steals" an allocation, there's a good chance that if the guy who qualified for AQ placed at the next available slot, he would be likely to get a wild card after the fact.
  12. We were taught to slap some things off. As to disincentives, it might depend on how often. Sometimes repeated use resulting in slapping will bring about a penalty.
  13. Eric "Psycho" Bates. Sylvester "Tweety-Bird" Carter. Gerry "Germ" Leeman "Thad" Turner (It's actually, Braden Thayer)
  14. A couple years before VTech.
  15. To add to Pinnum, it used to be 360. Not sure how they arrived at that number but it included 20 D2 and 10 D3. They dropped those late 80s early 90s (they phased them out by attrition). It looks like in 1971, first year of any qualification (done regionally) to my knowledge, they had mostly just under 32 per weight. 1972 was slightly over 32 on average as the first year using conference qualification. By 1980 they seemed to have about 36 on average. I don't think they had an injury replacement policy yet so it seems slightly under 36 actual.
  16. No, but the way you put it "The guy from ASU" made it sound like you had no idea who he was or why he wasn't listed. Although now reading Bronco after that, I guess you might have been using another way to say He who shall not be named. But in any case, it's still obvious why he wasn't listed.
  17. There was a very good female from Maine a few years back that won a few bouts at Fargo (boys division). I don't know if she won states. Great headlock as I recall.
  18. Again, that's only looking at it from his perspective. It's the other guys that might get screwed with improper seeding.
  19. Michaela Hutchison won a couple times in Alaska mid-0s
  20. But he's not the one that gets penalized. It's the seeded guy that has to face sooner than he otherwise would.
  21. It's not exactly like there's a constitutional right to participate in the event.
  22. Can/May doesn't mean should. And it was 3.3 seconds from the drop down to the call.
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