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  1. Did he think the match ended at 12:50? Actually, the watch could be what they're using to be zapped at the end of the period. I wonder if it malfunctioned.
  2. According to what I heard, at least first day they were all in the morning. Then the uppers got tested before wrestling and lowers after.
  3. Cannon was about to explode!
  4. One thing- sort of clock 101- If the time is actually 6.2 the crowd visible clock will show 7. 0.1 will show 1. To paraphrase Yogi- It ain't zero until it's 0.0
  5. If the other guy is on the mat he can take you down.
  6. Not sure how I got involved in this part but was this picture supposed to help me find you guys?
  7. Depends what video they had. The ESPN video would be a bad idea since it wasn't integrated into the scoring system. They had colors wrong, and the times although generally close were not dead on with the clocks. I'm guessing they had another video on the same side as the score table that could see the clocks in the center of the arena.
  8. That's what I said (that JB said)
  9. Jason Bryant thinks Wrestlestat might not count the default as bonus for this stat.
  10. Bryan says Wreslestat had it wrong and sent it to him.
  11. So what announcers do you think said that? It wasn't Hazard or Bryant. I just texted Hazard.
  12. Didn't see the year change. Are you sure that's exactly what they said?
  13. 285 Wisconsin No. 5 Trent Hillger W D (10-5) Dual
  14. So, so far @bnwtwg and @jp157 know. Who's the third?
  15. Now that I look closer- probably wouldn't make the separated at birth thread.
  16. I know Romero is not an uncommon name but are they related?
  17. Mat 8 D Romero wrestling against Ok St. Mat 2 K Romero wrestling for tOSU. (At first I thought same OSUs)
  18. For sure. Crookham (although he went back to Saucon), Chletsos, Ungar plus several others.
  19. No. And I misspoke as it was 2 weekends ago. States were last weekend (Brett is AA)
  20. I was checking earlier- nothing specific. If it was ruled as a review and realized it was wrong it would go back to that time.
  21. I helped run the PIAA East AAA Super Region last weekend. In a largely empty Quakertown HS gym (no fans). It was still too loud to take a call easily.
  22. Well, I was listening a couple minutes ago and they must have been doing a wave. The roar rotated around louder, softer, louder, softer. Pretty cool.
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