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  1. I think he got the job in '92- possibly after the season but had to 'sit' the next season. Joe Seay's bio shows he coached until '92.
  2. Did you know his first son was Billy (William) Jr? He died fairly young. His next is Larry Sheridan. Larry's son is William (Bill) III. Yes it is.
  3. Not sure what this means. Track OPC is geared to handle all those differences.
  4. At his current rate? You mean 1 title each year?
  5. Gable didn't give up a point either. Isn't the best defense a good offense?
  6. No. I don't know a lot about it but I work with the Flo/KAPWrestling people a lot. If you go on the arena you might have noticed a lot of dual meets available. Those are mostly from the NE area where they use the FlOPC.
  7. The majority do use Track and they are mostly unique in their specific rules although generally similar. There are a few that do their own thing and starting last year (I think) a few New England states started using a Flo version.
  8. Yes, although maybe he didn't realize by how much. He asked Mr. Perri (the ref) what the score was. He was visibly stunned when he got the answer. 14-10 iirc, but Gable had two minutes rt coming. I don't think he knew he gave up the predicament for 2 near the edge. I think he figured with RT it was tied and he'd take it into ot.
  9. BTW, should we expect 30-50 ferrall hogs there? (It's Farrell)
  10. But your diagnosis is based on your opinion of him. He gave the answer in his tweet and it does make sense. He wrestled with tremendous adrenaline.
  11. Not to compare myself athletically at all but I've had games where I couldn't remember running or scoring and did a lot of both. It's called being in the zone. Adrenaline will do that.
  12. Often but the Olympics generally are excepted through everything.
  13. 1. Could have something to do with the advertising of a student athlete but more likely... 2. Having a bout in September/October which is a prohibited period for competition.
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