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  1. I didn't want to quote DakotaJudo's entire post but here is the header of the rule. Section 23. Tournaments — Bracketing and Seeding Art. 1. Drawings and Optional Bracketing. The rules below it don't really discuss it but bracketing has always been left to the TD and coaches. There's nothing in the book about round robins but they are used. I'm not defending the Last Chance tournament but just explaining that we shouldn't criticize the bracketing as much as the results that seem to have been predetermined.
  2. It will be interesting if in a few years the NCAA goes back on this transfer flexibility. First, remember that the NCAA rules are generated by school officials not by the NCAA bureaucrats. They enforce them. I believe the past inflexibility was a reaction to schools "enticing" kids to their schools. It's possible it will start again. I'm not sure of the rules, perhaps they have put something in place to prevent it.
  3. It might be that it's more called based on severity. Stomping would be an issue. I haven't talked to any of the current officials about it. I'll see Sammy Julian this weekend so hopefully I'll remember to ask.
  4. Fraud might not be an appropriate term but calling a stalemate as he kicked out? (around 10:20)
  5. In general, probably not. Grip strength, maybe.
  6. It certainly wasn't always called and it is legal in folkstyle.
  7. He's from New Hampshire, so I pushed for the New Hampster! Don't understand why but he didn't approve.
  8. Greco guys get away with it too.
  9. I don't hear it as only weighing in at one and wrestling up as much as normally wrestling at one and going up at the next. Could weighin up.
  10. Tell me you can see the scapula. His right shoulder appears to be resting on Churella. And he's leaning towards his left. You can see a small gap under the right butt cheek that Kessel is looking through. So how can anyone at this angle say they can see? You don't think Kessel can see it . I know most people want to keep this Kesseling thing going but let's keep it where it belongs at least- the out of bounds takedown calls.
  11. Stepping on the foot always has been illegal in international styles.
  12. But this wasn't a pin. Note how high up his right arm was. The tds were another story.
  13. gimpeltf


    Does Kolodzik have enough matches?
  14. I don't think so. I've known the family a while and likely would have asked that question.
  15. It wouldn't end in a dead tie. If after two rounds of ot there is more than a 1 second difference in riding time, that person wins.
  16. No, I wasn't clear. If 2 are weighed in at 125 but they forfeit there. Forget about 133. They wrestle there. I was changing your scenario. Pre-declaring at a weight eliminates any jockeying possibilities. And what if they don't have anyone at all? In HS if your scenario arises (sort of, 2 at 126, 1 at 132, none at 138). If the 132 wrestles 132 the 126s aren't eligible for 138. No one allowed to take the loss. I don't have a problem with team penalties but there's no simple solution. And even if something like your changes were adopted, teams could just weighin scrubs to take the losses.
  17. He's a good photoshopper. I always wondered if he was MedicineMan.
  18. And if you forfeit at 125 instead? Or weigh in 3 in your scenario?
  19. Compliance not rulebook Non-NCAA Athletics Organization’s Positive Drug Test. The Board of Governors shall authorize methods for drug testing any student-athlete who has disclosed in the student-athlete statement (see Bylaw that he or she has had a positive drug test administered by a non-NCAA athletics organization that has adopted the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) code. A student-athlete under a drug-testing suspension from a national or international sports governing body that has adopted the WADA code shall not participate in NCAA intercollegiate competition for the duration of the suspension. (Adopted: 1/14/97 effective 8/1/97, Revised: 4/28/05 effective 8/1/05, 10/30/14, 6/19/17)
  20. I saw one at the qualifier. He's been injured for a while. Think the other was injured earlier but came back at one point.
  21. There were a couple of desired wrestle-offs requested but they were legitimately wrestled AFAIK and even they weren't pigtails. They had to win a match or two to get there. I can't find it in my notes but I thought there was a third one so it was likely Womack Pellumbi (software wouldn't have done that randomly). There was thought of setting up a match between teammates after the fact since one wrestler needed a certain number and legitimately received an mff based on a dq and resulting injury in lead-in bout. But it was dismissed. Personally, I think the problem is magnified by having drop dead limits for some of these stats. When they lowered the threshold this year they inadvertently did two things. 1. Brought the level to a different group of wrestlers needing that number instead of the other. 2. Allowed some wrestlers to wrestle two fewer bouts putting them back at or near the limit. I think the solution is along the lines of a sliding scale approach. Take 17 as a limit (for example). If 16, take 98%. If 15, 95%. (Numbers are without any thought or research) This should allow many of these a chance to get what they need and the marginal improvement would hopefully prevent too much gaming. Possibly never count teammate matches although the two or three mentioned above also wouldn't count which is a shame.
  22. So how would you decide who is the guy in a dual that gets the loss? In college, anyone that weighed in at the same or lower weight and didn't wrestle is eligible (other than 285 where you have to weigh 183 or more). The tournament situation is different. I believe I came up with the general idea behind medical forfeits back in the 90s. My only thought behind it was to differentiate between forfeits. Forfeits can eliminate all points scored, mffs (as originally thought of) were excusable forfeits and just allowed people to bow out cleanly if needed. At some point they added the win but no loss factor. If done with good reason it made sense but has been gamed. Legally, a default is when the coach simply says the match is over. He doesn't have to explain anything. Obviously, this was gamed this weekend.
  23. Dale Stahl early 70s Navy. We didn't have to change his spelling much!
  24. I think grandparent actually. I believe SportsEngine (or however they spell it this week) bought Track and NBCSports owns SE.
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