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  1. Correct- if it results in a lack of scoring. That's what I'm trying to emphasize. It's been a long time since I was on the mats but I don't believe this part of the officiating philosophy has changed much. The nuance I was going for was that if you score enough there's no need to call it as opposed to folkstyle where it's more like what have you done for me lately. And understand, these tactics are different than fleeing the hold type situations which could get called anyway.
  2. Passivity IS the lack of scoring. Stalling is the lack of trying to score. There's a difference.
  3. Bottoms of the blades (probably behind the stripe) could well be within 4 inches.
  4. Could be criteria if you consider money to the winner and loser as separate. :)
  5. I didn't hear it per se either. I was asking Kapwrestling what was going on technologically the first time. He wasn't positive although we both figure they underestimated the watching crowd. During the second break I asked him "Again?". He mentioned mat cleaning. I don't know if he heard during or before or if he guessed but it made sense.
  6. I think part of the problem with the time between was to clean the mats- a covid response. I think a solution here would have been to simply put up two mats and alternate- clean one wrestle on the other.
  7. And it was uphill both ways 6 feet of snow, yeah, yeah, yeah!
  8. greyshirt is a made up term. I always heard it used between HS and college. Ivies seem to use gap year but that might include either situation if I understand how they use it. That having been said you can pause the NCAA clock but not like this. Olympic RS and military and missionary service will pause. Ivies can pause by taking a year off school which is what was being discussed apparently. It appears Brucki will fix his hips and deal with whatever happens in the pandemic and might still be thinking about whether to take the year off and come back to Princeton for lat undergrad year or stay in school and come back elsewhere for grad. He's putting his options out there.
  9. He's entering FOR 21-22. He posted on instagram that he's taking this year off for some hip issues and then coming back for the possibility of wrestling the next year as a grad student which he can't do at an Ivy.
  10. That's a fact not known by anybody at all since Thad Turner was the coach at Lehigh at the time. Neil Turner.
  11. I heard all those same reasons. Can't say for sure which actually was the main trigger but I was working the D1s and the rep a few years later mainly told me about the only one bite at the apple part.
  12. Not that wikipedia is always right but it shows 0-0 for 99. 97 shows 2-0.
  13. Bill Simpson. Bill Nelson would have been 46.
  14. Could it have been a match with Sergei Mureiko- Bulgaria (Previously, Moldova)? I see a 0-0 in the world's in 1999.
  15. BTW-I'm not sure if this was right after he graduated or maybe his senior year but he was at the WIlkes Open just watching. It was while I was running NCAAs but before I ran the Wilkes. I was just spectating. I don't know if he knew who I was but we were both standing near the brackets. He motioned me over and asked how the consolations worked. (Sheesh!). I looked at him and said something like - What the F#$% do you care? First, you have to lose. He didn't hurt me!
  16. Here's something that just popped up on my NCAA feed. It's W BBall but expect similar thoughts for other sports https://www.ncaa.org/about/resources/media-center/news/di-women-s-basketball-committee-readying-season?division=d1
  17. https://www.nj.com/hswrestling/2007/02/why_john_trumbetti.html
  18. I was thinking about commenting on portajohn's comment as being pretty apropos.
  19. Technically he wrestled a tournament for Iowa fall of '06. Kaufman Brand. Looks like he wrestled a couple of bouts. I believe he transferred to a JC fairly soon.
  20. That's your opinion. Are you trying to speak for him? Maybe they're not friends any more. I was just putting a possibility out there.
  21. Hasn't he trained with him for years?
  22. Turns out this was also hidden in a more general notice of changes. I didn't realize it was in there by the headline. This might also lead to scholarship number changes per sport. Council members also adopted legislation that would exempt from counting against team limits need-based financial aid given by the school that meets other specific criteria and other school-given, merit-based awards with no relationship to athletics ability. The rule is effective Aug. 1, 2020. In conjunction with passing the legislation, the Council asked the Student-Athlete Experience Committee, which recommended the change, to conduct a comprehensive review of financial aid rules, including counter numbers per sport, average equivalencies per sport and roster numbers per sport. The study will ensure the legislation is helping students as intended.
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