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  1. Are we supposed to see something from that still? Looks like a footsweep to me.
  2. Not a prayer everyone gets this!
  3. Maximius has a good strong headgear but not good covid mask. I guess reinforces the old saying- Those who are about to die salute you
  4. If Gilman challenged and lost the challenge, he would lose another point. Does that answer? Not sure what happened.
  5. But Nick won the NCAA All-GPA Award maybe twice
  6. I don't understand. The text is the reaction, the images are the brackets.
  7. They're right there where JH posted immediately before you.
  8. Actually, the IAAF does recognize the Women's Decathlon. Not done at those events you mention.
  9. To be fair to John, John couldn't do all that. He was hired as part time. He still taught at Middlesex CC.
  10. Didn't that used to be called JV?
  11. Earl McCready- Okla State 1928-1930
  12. Thanks, I couldn't remember which match caused the dismissals but I knew there was a connection. And I think some reporters (Flo maybe?) put together something showing how UZE benefited from a series of common bad calls from a given official or set of.
  13. Judgment call, actually. There were several issues of the officiating crews (one particular official in this case on the review panel). I believe they sent a few home after this. The call wasn't out of the question wrong. It involved fleeing the hold the last few seconds and MGL was doing that but seemed over the top to call it when he had just scored to go ahead seconds earlier and there was hardly a guarantee that if he did engage that the other guy could have scored.
  14. The most important part was on the first page or two.
  15. Did you read it? It wasn't just recruiting.
  16. https://web3.ncaa.org/lsdbi/search/miCaseView/report?id=101807
  17. He would likely have redshirted '90 and would have lost '93 since he stayed at OSU.
  18. Every now and then the reason for the nature of the protest should be explained. It's a Mongolian custom to do that when they feel they were robbed. Note how he handed the clothes to the table. They're saying you robbed me already so take everything else.
  19. https://www.ncaa.org/about/resources/media-center/news/ncaa-announces-health-and-safety-plans-all-other-winter-championships?division=d1 Main part The first portion of the plan calls for all rounds of the winter championships to be held at predetermined sites, rather than at traditional sites that are not predetermined. Bids for predetermined preliminary rounds will be accepted now through Jan. 25, with the host sites to be announced the week of Feb. 8. For championships that typically have predetermined sites that have previously been announced, those sites will continue to host as long as local public health authorities determine it is safe to do so.
  20. I have no idea what you're saying. In D2/D3 you can leave school for a year or two for no good reason and the clock resumes where it was when you left. In D1 you have to have one of the specific reasons otherwise you've got 5 years to do 4.
  21. Agree- in HS (I know which forum this is) though it's fairly common.
  22. That's the D1 rule which says they have 5 consecutive years (with some exceptions- severe injury or Olympic RS). D2/3 (not sure about NAIA but likely) don't need to have the semesters consecutive.
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