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  1. What was it (the explanation and situation)? I didn't see but are you going by the ESPN clock? Could the clock have run too much earlier and they held to even it out?
  2. That could have been 4.1 seconds!
  3. Waiting for the rest time for the pigtail?
  4. The separation rule was that conferences couldn't meet in pigtails or the round of 32 but could meet in round of 16. So basically not in the first round. They didn't want to go past that or the B1G would be protected even more than by seeding (12 at the time) given that most of the unseeded B1Gs were pretty good also. It might have affected the team score for a while as Minnesota didn't have to face other B1Gs while ISU did.
  5. Med forfeited. Haven't heard if weighin or positive test. Thought everyone weighed in this morning.
  6. The point is that the officials don't think so.
  7. Wouldn't that be a Cardinal sin?
  8. I'm sure the officials deemed it ok.
  9. That means that mat is between boutsd
  10. They stopped doing it before seeding everyone though. I'm having trouble seeing when exactly give the league make-up flux in those years. I know the group that took over after I left could separate by conference but they over-did it (for those that remember Bracket-Gate in 2007). Some years after that they eliminated it entirely.
  11. Might be a positive test. The uppers were tested before the first round while the lowers were wrestling. We heard everyone made weight and they all weighed in this morning. Guess we'll find out for sure.
  12. They stopped doing it just a few years back (since I stopped doing the brackets in 2006). They were separated since at least the mid 80s.
  13. I don't think it is either. The couple seconds I saw a clock in the background there was a slight difference in clicking down.
  14. Gary did tell me the plan last year was to remotely review all but I just noticed the refs did review on with the monitor behind the curtain.
  15. The all 8 mats screen appears to happen on each mat in between bouts then they focus back on that mat.
  16. I don't have stats on it from the last few years but I kept track at EIWAs for a few years (maybe 3-4 years back) and they reversed more than you think. I still have the stats from whatever year this was and they overturned 15 of 37. I believe that year all were by the official but I can't remember. Of the 15 6 were ref requested. 4 of the other 22 were ref requested. Also, unless the ref was calling himself on the phone and running to the back room- I'm guessing it's someone else. And when I spoke with Kessel they had decided ALL reviews were done by separate reviewers regardless of who asked.
  17. Also, since we were watching the review process- my understanding from speaking to Kessel is that even last year before the shutdown, reviews were being done from some smoke-filled back room (I added the smoke-filled part). The ref was on the phone as they reviewed.
  18. I see that with this mat (6) but with 5 the ref was basically yelling at a tv screen behind the curtain. I think he was looking up though- perhaps on one side of the arena they are elevated.
  19. Are the scorers tables really behind the curtains?
  20. That appears to be the only weight without a pigtail and I think replacements had to be determined earlier.
  21. I was referring to the specific placement list shown above.
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