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  1. Not an expert on that but although he was partially locked (Left hand wrapped to Arg left leg) I think he would have needed to get Arg legs straighter. They were quite bent allowing Arg to sit up.
  2. Don't understand- 2 danger (after a 3 count If I'm following at all) is a takedown so that's all it would be anyway.
  3. The Great Pumpkin as we called him was 370-380.
  4. Bio says the second- Will. And he's younger than the other.
  5. No, but I see what you mean. It was saying you can't win gold after losing but it did say even if you get another match- which could mean whether or not. He didn't get another match after losing but wouldn't have gotten another after winning either. But I get you.
  6. For all that it mattered, it was under current rules. Yes, they did do pools- that's where Slay beat Saitiev. Under much older rules that could have ended up similar to Smith with Saitiev still winning. But here the Slay-Leopold match was the gold medal match. Admittedly, it wasn't quite the scenario you were hinting at. Essentially, here the match was removed from existence.
  7. Get your own story straight. That wasn't the statement made. It was that you couldn't win gold after losing a match.
  8. Brandon Slay did exactly that!
  9. Did they wrestle 15 years ago and they're just showing a replay?
  10. I know what I showed. You are correct that other countries would need to be factored in but what I left out here was that Serbia shows (or showed) to be a Don't Go There country from the state dept/dept of Health and in large part based on the charts which had Serbia much higher at that time than France shows now. The govt would base this on the country not others showing up. That factoring of others would have come from USAW. I was just trying to get some people to think of each decision on its own merit based on the data not as an If you can't (can) go to one place you can't (can) go to any basis.
  11. France isn't Serbia and then isn't now. The numbers are soaring in the US but not as much in those two countries now. Serbia France
  12. Sorry- I was just doing a version of this answer to an exam question
  13. I wasn't blaming him per se. Initially I was simply suggesting that sometimes styles and execution can affect you. He said it himself. Maybe he should stop doing knee pulls. And just because two different finishes come from the same tie up doesn't make them the same. And it isn't really the finish that's different, the attack from the tie up is different so the finishes are moot.
  14. Knee pulls and snag singles are different moves. Check Isaiah Martinez for the one and Lee Kemp for the other. You keep your head on opponent's chest for the snag. Knee doesn't come anywhere near the head. Knee Pulls you dive in towards the knee- hopefully just barely missing it. The style and apparently the execution was obviously to blame. He admits it. Was it wild or not- maybe not wild per se but ...
  15. In this case, it means Turkmenistan, Belarus, Dagestan!
  16. Shouldn't App State have its own app for this?
  17. Lehigh and Hofstra more interested in getting kids matches for the end of the season. Essentially this is a small early season tournament.
  18. It means just what it says. Ineligible. Could be any of several reasons but most all of them revolve around not being certified. Could be injury, academics, etc.
  19. Chlebove showing 174 in OPC? Raimo 149. I realize the initial weights showing here are often 1-2 weights above but 174? Did he grow that much?
  20. Well, if they do, remember basketball doesn't really spend time with faces on the floor.
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