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  1. There was bad weather last year and some teams didn't show up. Illinois was one.
  2. Kokesh got 3rd at big tens. According to Ban he shouldn't have qualified.
  3. All conferences are not created equal. That's why the current system is fine as it is. Why would you want to punish the strongest conference in our sport? Backwards thinking.
  4. They are not given, they are earned. Then get rid of the conference tournament if they are already "earned." No. I like the tournaments.
  5. They earned their spot throughout the season. It's no longer a one day qualifier, in reality. Side B of the broken record: then eliminate the conference tournament if they "earned it" even before the tournament. save the money and resources and just send them to the big dance. I'm sure the big ten conference tourney makes money. I doubt the others do. Perhaps because its a superior product?
  6. They earned their spot throughout the season. It's no longer a one day qualifier, in reality.
  7. Are you freek'n serious? Look at the % of AAs per qualifier. What a stupid comment. Sure. When you get 24,009 qualifying spots, you're going to get on top of the podium. Great observation, Shrerlock! :P Wrestle better, get more qualifiers. Pretty simple.
  8. Ban still doesn't understand the qualifying process
  9. Possibly, but Ramos could beat him and his move to 133 could open the door for Ballweg to make it onto the podium at 141.
  10. Where does Pucillo fit into this analogy?
  11. My 2nd pick should be Mark Ballweg, not Matt who already graduated. Might not matter since he may not make the lineup anyway, but we'll see...
  12. Ness won the Hodge in 2010. Metcalf won in 2008, in a weight class with Burroughs.
  13. I am sure you are in the loop on who OSU & Penn State make offers to, oh wait no I imagine that is a load of crap like most posts on this site are these days. It was mentioned in the article that those 2 teams were after him.
  14. Going off memory... Falck AA'ed his junior year, made the semis. Didn't AA his Sr. year. Tsirtsis didn't AA but was at one point ranked 1st his senior year, I believe. Fields AA'ed his senior year. I like both coaches.
  15. Everytime you post something like this, you are adding to Brands' limelight, just so you know. No one else brought up Brands' name, just you.
  16. Varner did not have a redshirt to burn and if given the opportunity, would of seriously considered following Cael. Nevertheless, according to you, he would not of went, so "it doesn't really matter" Well Jenkins was not considering Iowa State so you contradict your own argument because "it really doesn't matter." Debating with you Iowa Trolls is very amusing. Basically all I have to do is let you guys talk enough and you destroy your own argument. :lol: I wasn't really arguing. I never even mentioned Bubba. I only said it doesn't matter about David Taylor. I'm sure he would have redshirted wherever he went. I really couldn't care less about Bubba or if Cael released him or not, so to me it doesn't matter at all.
  17. You are right about it. Graham was a senior, Kjeldgaard was a freshman. It was at the Winterset dual tournament. Kjeldgaard lost a total of 4 times in high school.
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