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  1. DiJulius makes his living underneath a front headlock. H Stieber used to be the same way. if i remember correctly, didn't he hold McD and Megaludis to only regular decisions a few years ago by doing the same...
  2. first off, millions do not even watch the NCAA individual finals (800,000 were tuned at at some point during the two hour broadcast this year, which was the highest rated because of the Dake hoopla, normally it is 400-500, 000)...these ratings are about 1/5th the womens basketball championship...and less than a normal women's game... here in a wrestling dense area you have to practically beg some of of the larger sports bars to put on the NCAA finals when there are basketball games on... BRGuy...I am having trouble translating your Utah Valley-PSU-Oklahoma State line...I am suggesting that these duals between big schools and little schools SHOULD take place...maybe all on the same weekend...make an event out of that around the country...PSU drew over 5,000 people to a match when the national duals were drawing way less...what helped a program more? now was there a guarantee that ESPN would air this on a weekend night during the basketball season on its flagship station...most NCAA championships are shown on ESPN3 or ESPNU (lacrosse, etc)...would they really take up two weekends in a month on ESPN itself...something that gets lower ratings than the normal events shown...during the height of b-ball season? lets say they do show both events on ESPN's main channel and between the two you get a million viewers (double counting many people)...I still do not see how this helps the programs that need the most help...do you think the people making the decisions care more about Iowa vs Minn dual on tv or 3,000 to 5,000 people showing up and spending money on their campus? you need novelty to do this...Iowa at Duquesne (before their program got dropped) would be novelty...PSU in Utah was novelty...put yourself in the decision makers shoes and see what has the biggest impact...I think it is them walking into their gymnasium and seeing it packed to the roofs with people who want to see wrestling live...
  3. Seems to me that there are two arguments 1) better way to determine national title is duals this is not something that either side would end up agreeing on, it seems some want a dual format to let more teams have a chance at winning...i mean we could also just flip coins if that is the main reason to going to the new format 2) what will help grow wrestling more? whether or not there is anything on ESPN for 2 hours more is not going to grow wrestling...what is going to grow it is getting more local fans from new and smaller programs interested...so i again, do not see how getting a few thousand people at a school that is in no trouble of dropping wrestling to wrestle 7 other schools that are not going to drop wrestling is going to help anyone? I mean PSU outdrew National Duals both years at Utah Valley and Rutgers...the novelty of seeing those schools at minimum draws alumni and high school wrestling fans, who may not be college fans out of the woodwork... Why not have some of the bigger programs each year make one trip to a smaller school on a rotating basis...the novelty of it will draw in crowds...Iowa at George Mason...Oklahoma State at Clarion...etc...ESPN is only going to be watched by those actually looking to watch it...with how ever many 100's of channels there are do you really think somebody is going stop and watch that is already not a fan of college wrestling?
  4. some coaches allow their ego to get in the way. yeah, like force feeding everyone a "national duals" setup which gets outdrawn by PSU traveling to Utah Valley or Rutgers large numbers of people are not going to pay to travel to see their team wrestle two or three matches then turn around a couple weeks later and travel to the conference and national tournaments where they can watch much more wrestling...doesn't matter what trophy is handed out there...its economics...
  5. just look at his older posts...
  6. I know this is harsh to say about a poster on a forum. My point in doing so is that anything in response to dialog is good for forum business. Jersey Joey is a bully. After a wrestler who is 100-3, with 3 losses to national champs (one a 4 timer) he jumps on a forum in an attempt to over match a true competitor in our sport. Jersey Joey was kind of a jerk, pouring it on when not necessary. When Taylor wins he is absent, but jumps on time and time again after a Taylor loss. Jersey Joey is not a great poster, certainly not one of the best ever. His argument is mentally weak. Thats why some threads are great and this one isn't. (Congrats to KD...it'll be argued who is the GOAT, but this accomplishment is one that will never be matched)
  7. LkwdSteve - How many did the Cleveland area have this year? In our informal comparison I think I see about ten WPIAL schools on the PA side. Don't know if that is average (20%ish) or not. I think there are 13 wrestlers from looking at the list (depending on if Even Henderson counts or not as Kiski prep is in the area, but a prep school) it lists towns, so not all the schools are named, but I think they are from 10 different schools as you mentioned: Pennsylvania, Belle Vernon--Donnie Tasser (Pittsburgh) Sr Pennsylvania, Bethel Park--Nick Bonaccorsi (Pittsburgh) Fr Pennsylvania, Donora--Fred Garcia (Lock Haven) Jr Pennsylvania, Latrobe--Nathan Pennesi (West Virginia) Jr Pennsylvania, Murrysville--Nico Megaludis (Penn State) So Pennsylvania, New Florence--Evan Henderson (North Carolina) So Pennsylvania, North Huntingdon--Mike Salopek (Virginia) Sr Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh--Geoff Alexander (Maryland) So Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh--Anthony Elias (Davidson) So Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh--Matt Wilps (Pittsburgh) Sr Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh--Tyler Wilps (Pittsburgh) So Pennsylvania, Upper St. Clair--Mackenzie McGuire (Kent State) Fr Pennsylvania, West Mifflin--James Fleming (Clarion) Sr
  8. there is a challenge round to determine true second if it is important for NCAA qualification
  9. Does anyone know what programs he funds? The article made it seem like he is pumping money into wrestling? I know a lot of donations are not public, but lets face it White is all about attention, so if he really was doing so much funding of wrestling I'm sure the UFC would have made it public when he did so,right? I like watching MMA, and Dana White obviously has some promotional and business skills (the reality show idea saved the UFC) but he always seems to epitomize the saying that money doesn't buy class.
  10. yes, he certainly does hide from big tournaments in little things like Cadet Fargo, Super 32, Powerade, PIAA AAA tournament, Junior Worlds...maybe one day he will enter something of note... the kid was entering college opens in 8th grade...obviously he hates challenging himself...
  11. hard to see without the replay, but I thought for a cradle to be a takedown when the other wrestler has a leg, that the wrestler with the leg has to be broken down to a hip? If the wrestler in the cradle does not have a leg than this isn't the case? I am sure the refs who frequent the board can verify this or not
  12. Pitt fan, right... saying Nico stalls more often than not is hilarious coming from one of the most boring teams out there...I get to a few Pitt matches a year and usually walk away disappointed...there is a reason nobody attends matches there.
  13. i have to wonder how their guys will hold up in the wrestlebacks if they have to wrestle more than once in a session at nationals against other studs who are well conditioned. fair question about A Alton, but Dylan proved he could handle it after his loss to St John in quarters he ran off wins against Kreimier from AFA, then 3 studs in a row in Green, Sanjaa (OT), and Welch
  14. Maybe or maybe Iowa wins these "swing" matches because they are realistically favored to win them all. These meets never go as planned. You are probably right Iowa will probably have to win all the close ones to pull this off. It wouldn't hurt to see A Alton have another meltdown or Q Wright have one of his patented mid-season head-scratcher loses. I was always confused by this thought about Q having bad mid season losses...all AA except Dallago over the last two years his only losses were: 2011: Hamlin AA an injury in PSU open finals Gambrall AA Dallago RD12 in 2012 Steinhaus AA Rutt AA (all of those right after returning from injury) 2012: Steainhaus AA Hamlin AA Ihnen AA so only 1 loss to non-AA
  15. for some reason I thought it looked familiar http://www.flowrestling.org/coverage/23 ... Bloomsburg 4 minute mark
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