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  1. Definitely wrestlers over programs. It's usually guys from my state because I'm more familiar with them at a younger age and then follow their progress all the way through regardless of the colleges they choose...but sometimes a national level kid will catch your eye and you'll keep tabs on him, Morgan McIntosh or Jordan Oliver come to mind for me. Joey Lazor's team came up to the Brecksville Holiday Tourney his senior year from Georgia. He was amazing that weekend. I followed his career after that. Sometimes a wrestler will impress at the college level and make you pay attention like Cody Brewer or Kyle Dake
  2. Certainly possible...but there's no reason to assume that's the case. Jordan is a talent for sure, but when you look at his red-shirt season, he hasn't had any signature wins that would point to him being able to make noise at the NCAA tourney. As pointed out in the other thread, Ohio State struggles with depth. This should be a wake up call if they want to be a consistent contender.
  3. Right at this moment I'd say Sorenson and Snyder have the best shot due to the way their weight classes are. Both have a defending champion, but they all take turns beating each other. Both Sorenson (with wins over Kindig, Steiber and Tsirtsis) and Snyder (with his win over McIntosh & McIntosh's win over Shiller) have shown that they are right there with the best their bracket has to offer. I wouldn't pick either one to win it, but I wouldn't be shocked if one of them took home the title on a hot weekend. Martinez and Jordan are similar in that they've looked lights-out, but they have a dominant force in their weight class that has shown no signs of coming back to the pack. Ness and Dieringer have both actually gotten better than last season and it would be a major upset if they were knocked off (particularly when it matters) by a rookie. Could it happen? Sure. Will it? Unlikely. I love Tomasello, and I think he'll win a title before he's through, but there's just too much talent in front of him. I honestly believe he can beat anyone (other than a healthy Delgado) in the weight, but I just don't think he could beat Peters in the quarters, Waters in the semis and then Delgado in the finals...and even if there are upsets, guys like Gilman and Conway and Garrett and Dance are all there to provide roadblocks to the championship. It's just too much.
  4. I don't know why everyone is jumping to Jordan as the answer? Languis is a senior who won the wrestle-off with Jordan. It seems logical that he'd be the guy. Ohio State fans might not like the solution, but it seems pretty cear cut to me.
  5. I'm not going to cut up your posts and respond to each thing you've said...by the way, that's what trolls do. It wouldn't matter if I did, because all you want is the debate, the argument...because that's what trolls do. It shouldn't be this important to anyone to make the point that a true sophomore choked on the wrestling mat, but it matters that much to you...because you're a troll. As every battle with every troll ends up, the troll wins because the battle was even fought. Shame on me for engaging you in the first place. Enjoy your opinion that 2X All American Hunter Stieber has a questionable heart and has choked in his two trips to the NCAA tourney. I don't know the kid, but I like the way he wrestles and think that, while he may have fallen short of his goals so far, I think he's an exceptional talent. I wish him luck this season.
  6. Not that facts actually matter, but didn't Tomasello beat Mines last year?
  7. I thought the year Stieber was the #1 seed at NCAAs, Maple was the best wrestler. I thought Port and Stieber were pretty evenly matched and that bout couldv't gone either way. When Stieber was a rookie, I thought Russell was clearly better, and both Novachkov and Mangrum were right there with Stieber...evidenced by them being the seeds above and below him and the fact that he split with Mangrum in the tourney. So, I guess what I'm saying is yes, on that day, I think the better wrestler won. I still don't think the words collapse or choke apply to Hunter Stieber during his first two years of college wrestling. Seeded 5th, placed 6th...Seeded 1st, finished 3rd. It's just not a collapse, it's NCAA wrestling. unless you're Cael, you're gonna lose matches. Sometimes it's a bad match-up, sometimes it's just a bad day (or a good day for the other guy), sometimes is a choke...I don't think Stieber fits the latter, and none of your explanations have have swayed me at all.
  8. You make the assumption that Stieber lost to Russell and Port because he choked and his heart should be questioned. The reason it can be called a choke in your mind is because it's on the big stage with a lot on the line in the NCAA semi-finals. All the matches I mentioned were NCAA finals bouts (except Kellen Russell's freshman and sophomore). Those are presumably high stakes bouts. And I agree that in many of them the better wrestler won the match, but that could be said about Hunter Stieber's losses as well. You just refuse to see it that way.
  9. Again, by that definition Oliver choked against Logan Stieber, Jason Welch choked against St. John, Dustin Kilgore choked against Wright, Kellen Russell choked his first two years and suddenly grew a heart and won two titles, Metcalf choked against against Caldwell, Varner choked against Pucillo...the list is enormous. If you think they all choked and should have their hearts question, then you really don't know the sport you're talking about.
  10. "Look at how he performed in his last three matches"...OK, Steiber's last three matches were a 7-6 loss to 4th seeded Mitchell Port (who was on a run, majoring his last two opponents and giving Maple all he could handle in the final). Then, he dropped down and dominated All American Michael Nevinger (Cornell), 9-0. Finally, he beat Ugi Khishignnyam (Citadel), 12-4 for third place. That's supposed to be clear proof of collapse?
  11. Superold...First off, your information is wrong. He NEVER went from #1 seed to 6th place. You're getting your years mixed up. Your explanation of your definition of "collapse" did nothing to convince me of your argument. I'm not an Ohio State fan, but finishing one spot below your seed simply doesn't constitute a collapse in my mind, and it would seem people on this site lean more my direction then yours. If you've made better points than others, how come no one agrees with you? If you apply your standard, every one-seed that doesn't win a title "collapsed" at NCAAs. There are too many examples to name of guys who just lost a bout or two to guys that were either better than them, or close enough to them and wrestled a great match or maybe just had a hot weekend or were a bad match-up for them. If your stance is so well thought out and reasonable, why does no one agree with you? Didn't you say something earlier that "many people" questioned his heart? Where are they? Why don't they come to your defense? Why can't you even say who they are? FWIW, the year Stieber finished third (a dominating third, btw), nobody outside of Ohio (and the seeding committee) thought he should have been the top seed. That was Maple's year.
  12. How can you ask someone to explain why you're a troll and then post this? You are the very definition of an Internet troll. If you get your jollies from annoying people online, you're a troll...and I'm partially to blame for engaging you in any discussion.
  13. I know I shouldn't feed the troll, but I can't help myself. I too would like to know who are the "many" that have questioned Stieber's heart? I would also like to know Superold's definition of collapse?
  14. Superold...When you wonder why people call you a troll, this is why. As for the actual topic, I think its Coach Brands who has the most pressure. This is a wide open year, and his team is right there with all the top contenders. If there's no title this year (and I don't think there will be), the Zalesky comparisons will start. Coach Ryan has a ton of pressure, but it's totally different. His issues are that that this is tOSU's best shot (on paper) that they've ever had. If he doesn't get there, people will be disappointed, but nobody's going to be calling for his job. And even losing Logan Stieber, with the freshman class he has now and the recent recruiting victories, he can make the argument that this is the beginning of something special at Ohio State. Edinboro just doesn't have the horses. Coach Flynn isn't expected to win a National Title, therefore he's not under the pressure to do so like Brands, Ryan, Sanderson, Koll or Robinson. I do, however, think he's an excellent coach.
  15. Before the knee surgeries it's Ott. It's a testament to his skills that he was a 2X NCAA runner-up on a that leg. By far the fastest human being I've ever seen lace 'em up. If you've never gotten a chance to watch him as a sophomore or junior in high school, you should. He was special.
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