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  1. I think Port is your one seed if he wins out. Retherford and Stieber will be on the other side. I guess I could see the Big Ten champ champ getting the top seed, particularly if it's Stieber (just one bad day). My gut is it will be #1 Port, #2 Stieber, #3 Retherford...but I'm wrong all the time.
  2. I would be fine with refs calling the entire match like the last 30 seconds, it's the inconsistancey that pisses me off. If it's stalling in the last 30 secondes then it should be stalling in the first 30. If you don't get called all match and you don't change the way you've wrestled, you should get hit twice in the last 45 seconds. It happens at every level of our sport...and it sucks.
  3. I don't disagree with anything in this statement, but what bothers me, and always has, is that we're all just ok with the FACT that the ref would've been looking to call stalling again. We just concede that refs call the match different in the last 30 seconds of a bout...that make up calls are the norm and that it has little to do with the actual criteria. "Up by one with 23 seconds left and I blew a call, I'm gonna hit you again". I loath oficials.
  4. I can't believe I'm actually responding to a "DF topic", but on a serious note (and I know this isn't serious), I think wrestling compares favorably with all the other high school sports. To have a combat sport along side football, basketball, baseball, golf, track and cross country makes wrestling stand out as a tougher sport both mentally and physically. The fact that you have to go all the way to the Iditarod and Solo Mountaineering points to how wrestling compares to other sports at the high school level.
  5. The problem with battling against Title IX (and I am all for reform of the way the law is implemented) is the fact that it's worked. Now clearly it's had unintended consequences for our great sport, but it's done what it was supposed to do. Look at what has has happened to women's sports since the passing of the law. There's got to be a way to raise women's sports without crushing men's programs. It can't just be about wrestling,it has to be about fairness and not oppressing one group to advance another. Representative Jordan would have to put in terms Democrats understand...something that's pretty hard to do in today's political climate. TheOhioState...I figured you were just in a bad mood. Your posts have always been pretty reasonable.
  6. Why do you say that? A person can certainly disagree with someone and still consider them an honorable man. Or is just being against his political stances enough to keep people out of Mensa?
  7. I disagree with almost every thing that Jim Jordan stands for politically. I would fight him tooth and nail on almost every policy he would try to advance. That being said, Jordan is the genuine article. He believes what he believes and always has. He's not conforming to the Tea Party. He has always been the type of conservative he is now. He's not some sort of power hungry politician. He honestly wants to do good and wants what he feels is right for the country. Anyone who says otherwise has never met the man.
  8. Really, we're going to do the age thing again? Do people ever get tired of this discussion?
  9. If there's a Jaggers out there, it's at 174 or heavyweight. Both the brackets that Jaggers won were wide open entering the tourney.
  10. Maybe it's an Ohio thing. Starting with Schlatter and then moving to Taylor and now Stieber Ohio wrestling fans seem to not only appreciate the amazing talents of Ohio wrestlers, but many feel the need to project future dominance. All three of the above mentioned wrestlers had (are having) fantastic careers. I enjoy watching them compete and improve over the years, but I don't see the value in predicting outcomes years down the road. In this era of the Internet, it builds a counter culture to combat the hype online. You saw that with Sponseller during his fist three seasons. You definitely saw that with Schlatter and you're seeing it with David Taylor. By all accounts Logan Stieber is a good kid and a great wrestler who has excelled at every level he has participated in. As Ohio wrestling fans, why not just sit back and enjoy watching his career unfold?
  11. When I was senior in high school Brian Dolph was a senior at Indiana. He was from my area and I always wanted an inside trip like his (or one not anywhere near as good as his) and to this day I can't hit a decent one.
  12. I think Coach Sanderson is going to do great things at Penn State, but he's on the wrong side of this one. It stinks of hypocrisy.
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