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  1. No. There was an NCAA finals match with a Northwestern Heavyweight which had at least 4,000,000 whistle stoppages and no points scored.
  2. Zebra

    Battle of the Italians

    You started positive then completely ruined it by highlighting that gravely voiced hack. GOD I HATE SPRINGSTEEN.
  3. Matches are where you build confidence and find out where you need to improve. You do not improve in a match. If you watch this match you had a kid sub-500 who was hanging with the #1 kid in the country. He was pumped with a lot of in match confidence and swagger. Ashnault was clearly not completely in it the bout but the second the Indiana went down it was over.
  4. Zebra

    Battle of the Italians

    That was a bit harsh, even for a joke. Still I won't take it personally.
  5. Zebra

    Battle of the Italians

    MPB doesn't need a hair product. He needs the hair club for men.
  6. Zebra

    Battle of the Italians

    Isn't DeSanto a Spanish surname?
  7. Zebra


    Not necessarily because the losing wrestler could come back and score nearly as many points by bonusing his way through he consolations. Remember Schopp a few years ago? I believe he scored more points finishing 3rd than the 2nd place finisher. So it would still take until Saturday night to finish the team race. Just went back and double checked. 1st - Brewer 25 points 2nd - Clark 17 points 3rd - Schopp 21 points
  8. You improve in the room not in a match. At least that's my philosophy.
  9. I am a long-time proponent of placing a wrestler in their best position as opposed to some theoretical mat strategy, especially when it is working in a particular match. BTW I finally got to see that match and for two periods it was exciting.
  10. Well first I need to address a couple things. I thought Zahid Valencia would never lose in college again and I was clearly wrong. I thought he had separated himself from the 174 field enough that it would not happen. I expected Yanni to move up to 149 and that clearly did not happen. Now for my current predictions 125 – Lee, I still think he’ll turn it on when it matters. 133 – Micic is my pick here. I thought he was the clear #2 behind Gross but I now think he’s the clear #1. 141 – Yanni and I am still not even going to attempt to spell it. 149 – I have to go with Ashnult here. I do not think anybody can beat him at this weight. 157 – Nolf – No explanation needed 165 - It gets interesting here as I think this is the most competitive weight between three guys, Joseph, Marinelli, and Wick. I’ll go with Marinelli on purely gut feel. 174 – I am still going with Zahid in the end. 184 – Martin, I have not seen anybody who looked like they could beat him. 197 – Nickal is still the number 1 choice but I still think 197 could be a bit different since some guys are just really big and he could more easily get caught in something at this weight than 184. Again, I have no evidence for this just a gut feel kind of thing. 285 – This is the last weight where I need to perform a mea Culpa. I did not think a true freshman would be as successful at this weight. Now he still has to navigate the BIG 10 and NCAA tournament but he could win it all.
  11. Zebra

    Straps controversy

    I understand all sides in these situations. I make no public judgment even thought I have private feelings about some of these situations.
  12. Zebra

    Straps controversy

    If I read all this correctly the match was not technically over as the official scorecard had not been signed even thought the wrestling portion of the match was complete.
  13. Zebra

    EWL MAC Merger

    With the change in transfer rules some kids will move immediately and others will soon follow. I actually think 3-4 years is realistic but assume it is 7-8 years, what difference does it make? Equilibrium, or some close approximation, will occur.
  14. Zebra

    EWL MAC Merger

    Your position is the opposite of mine is it not? Therefore I can extrapolate the logical conclusion of your position. The 3rd and 4th sentences are the current state of affairs with the current rules for allocation. My supposition is this will not remain static, therefore the natural state will change and the supposition that somehow the BIG 10 will remain what it is, is not logical. The fact that the 10th place guy in the BIG 10 may better than the 5th place guy in the PAC 12 in the current format is irrelevant. In a short number of years the 10th place guy in any given conference will be similar to the 10th place guy in any other conference. Regardless neither will be better than the top 5 from any conference so the need tor some kind of dynamic allocation becomes unnecessary.
  15. Zebra

    EWL MAC Merger

    So if I take your position to it's logical conclusion we need tiny little conferences each with 2 or 3 teams so they can be financially attractive to top recruits? Somehow this model will make all the teams fully-funded? The very top recruits are not who make up the bulk of college wrestlers nor should be designing a system tailored towards them. The talent will be spread naturally because some #3-4 guys at any given weight class will absolutely look at NCAA qualification as a factor. Not all, but over time enough that the top 8 in any given conference will be on average competitive. We will only have a few conferences after this merger and 4 large conferences will only be 20 teams so it's not like there is a big stretch needed to get there.