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  1. This has been coming for some time but since I’ve been around for a long time I thought I drop one last line. I have no connection to wrestling anymore beyond this message board and what my DVR records. I have not been to an event at any level in 3 years and quite honestly don’t see anything changing soon. Last year #1 and #2 were wrestling within an hour of me and I never even considered going. Other than a limp which is progressively getting worse, boxes of old medals and trophies I no longer look at, and a lot of memories good and bad there is nothing for me. My life has changed too much and while wrestling was a huge part of my life (40+ years) it’s the past, not the future. I guess for almost all of us this time comes. I have other priorities and new goals. To those of you I’ve loved and hated for the past 15 years, I wish you all well.
  2. In this case I was just being a smart aleck. I am serious though I firmly believe all matches should be adjudicated completely unbiased and as written. Always and every time.
  3. I suspect you tried to come up with something so absurd it couldn't possibly be a rule but there is a rule to cover your 1 in a million situation and I would apply it as written. Others might just give the win to the aggressor.
  4. I'll take these one at a time. There is nothing specific about "position" beyond being in one to see what is going on. You cannot make an call, any call, without seeing what happened. If you are on the wrong side or a bad angle you can't make a call by what you assume to be happening. In this case of this thread, the ref was out of the frame so he may not have been at an angle to see both scapula were flat. No official should brag about anything. In fact most people should stop bragging in general. A ref should be observant and notice everything when on the mat or not. If they see something they need to take into account they should. If you notice a wrestler who constantly does something illegal you need to look for it.
  5. Can you tell me what page the "Spirit of the rules" clause is on? Did they add it since 2012? If we follow your NFL example an aggressive team should get a buffer for out of bounds, just because you feel like it is within the "spirit of the rules". Will that be 3 yards today or maybe only 2 yards based upon how you feel that day. How about only on their side of the field. I mean way constrain something written in black and white? And yes, good officials do follow the rules without bias, which you have just admitted you do not in some cases. Oh and if there is one case there are others based upon the same mindset. As I said we clearly come from different worlds. Mine, rigid but fair. Yours, a bit more loosey-goosey. And none of this applies to little kids who have no idea what the rules are. Once you are in JR High it's strictly by the book.
  6. It would be a complete waste of time. But I do have one match I still think about to this day. I made a mistake in my routine which led to "bad time" and possibly cost a kid a tournament win.
  7. I was an official, high school and below. I stopped in at the end of 2012. I've seen lots of stuff, good and bad.
  8. Then you are OK with an official completely disregarding their second most important responsibility, being a neutral arbiter of the rules? What other rules do you ignore in favor of the aggressor? If you are just going to make things up then why have a rule book in the first place? I'm sorry but doing that is just wrong, and if you can't understand that we just live in completely different worlds. No ref is perfect, I certainly wasn't, but I was 100% fair in my application of the rules.
  9. If you officiate and intentionally do not follow the rules you should rethink that.
  10. The rules on fall criteria do not change, defensive or not. It's the ref's responsibility to call a match according to the rules with complete neutrality. Had he been at an angle to see this I hope it would have been called. It certainly should have.
  11. You could be right but I don't see Desanto moving up unless he's grown a lot over the summer.
  12. Still growing. It's not uncommon for guys to move up in weight their 3rd or 4th year.
  13. Yep, under the NCAA rules that was a pin. I've seen these situations on replay before. If you're at the wrong angle it might be impossible to tell. HS would have been borderline since the rule is 2 seconds not 1.
  14. Simple step by step explanation then. 1. It does not matter if he takes a RS (the topic of the thread) because he will never wrestler 141 again instead move to 149 for the rest of his college career. I made this prediction in another thread (Way too Early NCAA Predictions) and while I have no proof it is a prediction and really needs none. 2. Per the other thread I mentioned, I predicted Gross will win 141. 3. They will not wrestler each other so neither will have anybody's number. This is limited to these two wrestlers only. 4. Typos happen when you type quickly on a phone and you hit submit before proof reading. Everybody has done it.
  15. Not to be a complete jerk here but did you actually read what I wrote?
  16. Even if he does it's not going to make a difference at 141. Gross is goingv to win t haty weight and YD will wrestle 149 the rest of his college career.
  17. I always wanted to make sure anybody I percieved as a threat to my spot in the lineup knew I was not only going to beat them but beat them bad enough they'd be telling their grandkids about their ass whooping.
  18. What I stated is an opinion, nothing more. I don't care what you do when you're 18 nor do I care what other people do to their children (within the topic under discussion) but public schools have a legal and moral responsibility to ensure that whenever reasonable and proper children should be protected while in their care, including sporting events. Parents should be wise enough to do the same. If you like giant toadstools on the sides of your head when you turn 18 you can go get them. Maybe you can start another fringe fad being perpetrated to the human body in less than cleanly shops by barely licensed practitioners.
  19. I've quoted or paraphrased Archer several times.
  20. You two are just lost in a strange alternative universe where opposites are deemed to be realty. Otherwise known as "The Internet".
  21. Nope, one has a single very funny movie if you grew up in the USA and in the right decade, the other has produced exactly nothing funny ever.
  22. I have no problem with that, just make it a good one.
  23. Just because he's listed as an "Executive Producer" does not mean he had anything to do with the movie beyond putting in a little cash. It was the brainchild of Allen Covert, the star, writer, and actual producer.
  24. Happy Gilmore was one of the dumbest movies ever made. Man some of the movies with an IMDB ranking of less than 2 are better than that waste of film. I'd rather watch Attack of the Killer Tomatoes. At least that had 1 slightly funny line.
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