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  1. I have no idea if this will be considered....but it is done in many other sports - swimming, track and field, tennis. The tournament should have just one bronze medal....and qualifying should be, in part, based on individual success - rankings and tournament placing. If there were just three medals at each weight - teams could have up to three wrestlers from the same nation. That way, you would have the top three wrestlers in the world on the podium. Now, it is possible that the second and/or third best wrestler in the world isn't there because he (or she) happens to be from the same country as the gold medal winner.
  2. So many crazy comments in one relatively short thread. The National Prep Tournament is a State Equivalent Championship for those private schools that do not participate in the NFHS State Association's Wrestling Championship or compete in that state association's Private School only division if one exists. There are over 200 schools with wrestling that fit into that category (mostly on the East Coast). They are divided into 10 different qualifying regions (mostly by state) to make a 32 bracket championship. The championships is much more competitive than nearly all of the 250 or so "state" tournaments that exist within the 50 states, with the possible exception of about 3 or 4 "State" championships from the most consistently competitive states. Since there seems to be confusion as to what is a Prep School and what is a Parochial School - for the purposes of this championship, it does not matter...Any private school which does not compete in a NFHS State Association Championship, or their State Association's Championship is a private school only division for Wrestling, is eligible for the National Prep Championship.
  3. This years Beast of the East saw 39 National Prep wrestlers earn medals....including 9 champions of the 14 weights. Plus another 8 were in the round of 12, one match away. You can count on at least the top four Prep wrestlers at each weight class to out pace most state placers in PA or NJ. 8th vs. 8th is where it gets closer or you may see a slight shift. However, there are several state champs from other neighboring states, e.g. Maryland, West Virginia, Virginia, Delaware etc. who will have state champs this season that would not be anywhere near close to 8th at National Preps and they'll be crowned state champs.
  4. Similar to PA, NJ, CA....much better than most states. Some states have so many classifications (Va, Ga, etc) that the state tournament is very watered down.
  5. I have done a lot of work with Rocket Mortgage professionally. They are a very good company and have done quite a bit to improve the city of Detroit. If their ad is annoying, it is probably working....if you see the name elsewhere, you'll make the connection. Plus, you may even remember it years from now. At least they are investing some money into wrestling.
  6. This map shows the best concentration of wrestling in the world as of this week. The Russian state of Dagestan (6 out of 10 Russians on the team), next to the country of Georgia who finished 3rd (formerly part of the USSR), capital city Tbilisi. Azerbaijan is right there too,
  7. There are teams from Arizona, Washington, and other states that have expressed an interest. Two options - create a "Western Regional Tournament to qualify or have those teams enter an existing Prep Region (which is done in Pa with two out of state teams and Texas with one out of state team). There are also other states, Georgia, Louisiana, etc. that would like to attend, but they currently go to their public school state tournament. The one public school in D.C. that competes in the D.C. Region would be the only public school in the tournament, and at this point has not been allowed to attend. An exception may be made allowing those individuals to compete, only from that Region as it is not a state and the governing athletic association there does not sanction wrestling.
  8. New England - 50 teams, 6 qualify New York / New Jersey - 20 teams, 4 qualify Pennsylvania - 20 teams, 6 qualify Maryland - 30 teams, top 6 qualify DC - 8 teams, 1 qualifies Virginia - 30 teams, 4 qualify Tennessee - 25 teams, 2 qualify North Carolina - 15 teams, 1 qualifies Texas - 20 teams, 3 qualify 230 Teams - 33 qualifiers per weight Last year's teams included the #1 Team in the Country Blair, two top 5 Teams Wy Sem, three top 20 teams Malvern, plus the #1 Teams (all classifications) from Md, Virginia, and Tennessee. The Prep board is always re considering how to assign the number of qualifiers per Region. There is also the possibility of expanding the tournament to include more regions. New England and Tennessee are the only Regions that have a qualifier to get into the Regional Tournament - New England has three conferences that the placers there go to the New England Tournament, Tennessee has two a regional tournaments within the state with the top four from each going to an eight bracket private school state championship from which the top two will qualify. The Tennessee Region is run by the TSAA, the same organization that runs the two public school state tournaments...but the TSAA Div. 2 is the Private School only state tournament. The DC Region includes one public school in their tournament, but that school has not yet been allowed to send their individual champions to the National Prep Tournament. The Pennsylvania Region includes one team from Ohio and one from West Virginia. The Texas Region includes one team from Oklahoma.
  9. I hope the NCAA (or worse, high school or youth wrestling ) never uses the push out rule. It would be the end of wrestling as we know it. Imagine coaches teaching kids push out techniques? I could see some pretty high scoring matches - 20 to 19 with all 39 points coming by push outs and no take down attempts.
  10. This isn't necessarily the case. You are assuming that PSU would have scored 0 at his weight had he not been there. They would have likely had someone else that could have scored some points, not as many perhaps...but maybe enough for them to still win.
  11. Why must a new rule be made every single year? The 4 point near fall rule is awful. It does not encourage wrestling for the fall, or even trying to score...quite the opposite. If you get a take down and backs....game over, stop wrestling....you're up by 6. The rule creates boring matches with less, not more, action. Here is something novel - go back to the 2/3 point back point system and leave well enough alone. NCAA wrestling is not going to gain basketball, football, golf, or chess fans by trying to mess up the sport in hopes of finding a way to appeal to people that don't like it and don't get it....rather, they'll alienate the existing fan base while not gaining anyone new. I will watch college wrestling, but I have to admit...the four point rule makes it difficult. BTW, a push out rule might be the death of college wrestling if it was ever put in place. Imagine guys training to be Sumo wrestlers and win matches by racking up push outs....no take downs, no back points, no moves - other than driving your opponent off the mat. Stop changing the rules every year...you are only making it worse.
  12. It's hard to imagine that any state is doing worse than Virginia. So many comments here about the VHSL having six classifications. However, there is also the VISAA (which includes 30 private school teams)....so there are really 7 different individual state champions at each weight class. The 4th place finisher in the "A" Division is not the 28th best wrestler in Virginia at his weight....because that Division is the weakest of the 7 classifications. It's likely the the 4th place finisher in the "A" Division is not in the top 100 in his weight class in Virginia. If you're 4th in the "State" Class A in the VHSL you are probably about a .500 varsity wrestler or your team only seeks out the weakest competition all season. The problem is that the people running the VHSL wish to do harm to the students, there can be no other explanation.
  13. I don't know why you don't think this tournament is as deep as some state tournaments in all the weight classes. At this years National Preps - A former State Champ from Ohio finished 3rd A former New England Champ finished 5th A former State Champ from Maryland did not place A former State Runner up from Maryland did not place Two years ago a former PA State Champ placed 5th at National Preps. I am sure there are plenty of examples that also go the other way...that isn't the point. The point is only that there is a ton of depth....and plenty of wrestlers capable of placing or winning a state championship (or have already done so) don't place.
  14. Big Ten - What you said is true...however, it doesn't mean that there isn't also a good deal of depth at National Preps. I agree that the PIAA Class 3A has the most depth....but compared to virtually every other state tournament, National Preps has more depth too. There are 10 Regions within National Preps - and a total of over 200 schools (not every school will have a qualifier each year). So you will still have some good wrestlers at National Preps who will be the only kid who qualified from their school. It's not just 10 super teams battling it out. However, the concentration of the top teams is very obvious (as they are recruiting juggernauts). As far as being a National Prep Qualifier (I guess I am falling into the vs. PIAA 3A trap here) - it's going to be easier to qualify for a couple of reasons - 1) it's a 32 wrestler bracket vs. only a 20 wrestler bracket at the PIAA 3A. If the PIAA 3A moved to a 32 wrestler bracket, it would also be easier to qualify in than it is now. 2) the qualifiers are more varied at National Preps - for example the New England Prep Region (consisting of about 50 Prep Schools) sends the top 6 to National Preps. The 5th and 6th place finisher at New England Preps will not place at National Preps and will likely go 0-2. This is true at almost every weight class every year. Alternatively, Tennessee gets only 1 automatic qualifier (that is changing soon) out of 30 teams. The Tennessee qualifier is going to be very tough to beat...regardless of where he is in the tournament. In the PIAA, at least to a degree, the 5 Regions are somewhat similar in the quality and depth of the qualifiers.
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