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  1. Your projections are plausible, but I think too pessimistic. Nato had a close loss he could easily avenge. Pletcher looked terrible against Micic, but has looked solid otherwise and could easily finish in top 4. McKenna does what he needs to to win, but I agree 141 is too tough too predict as is loaded. I think he will find a way to AA. Hayes has wrestled well and will AA. Jordan out-wrestled Pantaleo after the first period and if Nolf can't compete will challenge for the title. Bo will take third, Martin will be a finalist, Moore still is favorite to take title, and Synder will adjust against Coon as still is favorite to win it all.
  2. Thought it might be fun to start a discussion about the Big Ten Championship. I know it's early and I am picking a lot of the front runners, but here goes: Tomasello Micic McKenna Retherford Nolf Martinez Hall Nickal Cassar Synder It should be quite a show between Penn State and OSU.
  3. He could take 3rd if he is in the right state of mind. Physically he is all there.
  4. This is the best wrestling website by far. Thanks guys!!!!
  5. I think the Brands are top notch coaches and represent the great Iowa wrestling tradition in a way very few could. I just can't see them being replaced unless they lose their enthusiasm which is very unlikely. I do think they and the Iowa program need to evolve. Top high school recruits now have more options for great programs where they can realize their dreams of becoming AA or national champs and may find the physical, in your face, wear down the opponent Iowa style unappealing. Past interviews of Metcalf, Ramos, Gliman et al, seem to show very successful wrestlers who appear (at least to me) to be unhappy and never satisfied with their performances and I have great respect for all three of those great wrestlers. I think Iowa will be more attractive to a larger number of top recruits if they lose the old persona of Gable and appeal to more well rounded wrestlers who want to win, have fun, and may even be committed to academic excellence. Gable was perfect for the time and what he achieved is legendary, but times have changed. Iowa should too.
  6. What is the team score now?
  7. Can someone please post the scores? Thank you.
  8. How does next year's team stack up against the 2005 team that took second at the NCAAs?
  9. I think a large part of having a successful team is based on recruiting. Not only being able to attract the blue chip guys, but being able to recognize talent that will develop in college. Too, being a strong technical coach is critical to developing the wrestler year over year. I am hard pressed to think of a better program than Iowa for developing wrestlers and getting the most out of their team. I don't see how a coaching change would be positive. Maybe they think Perry will "soften" the perception of what some recruits may consider an outdated mindset and help with recruiting. Penn State and Ohio State are out-recruiting Iowa. As the potential new head coach, I think that would be step backwards.
  10. Maybe he is having trouble balancing the academics at Stanford with his wrestling.
  11. How do you think the program would be improved if Perry was completely in charge? I would imagine Perry is very involved in recruitment and probably runs a lot of the practices. I am only assuming the aforementioned. IL does seem to let a lot of their high talent high school wrestlers go out of state.
  12. Werwa

    Off Season

    Work on technique.
  13. Wow, what a great and ambitious piece of work. I love your predictions and comments. A lot of thought went in to this. Thanks for being such a great wrestling fan.
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