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  1. second crotch throw was likely 1 as smith may have gone hand to hand.
  2. gutfirst

    Downey Making Weight...

    Not if there's no one to wrestle off.
  3. gutfirst

    Aleksandr Karelin at NCAAs

    to think that karelin wouldn't have the skill set to dominate in folkstyle if that's what he did from a young age is pure sillyness.
  4. gutfirst

    Aleksandr Karelin at NCAAs

  5. gutfirst

    International clock style

    it was my understanding there would be no math.
  6. gutfirst

    Sultan khasimikov?

    cool info simm. thanks for posting.
  7. gutfirst

    FS Rankings

    good thing for slay he didn't stop chasing before 2000.
  8. gutfirst

    Historical All-Transfer Team

    did we miss kevin jackson?
  9. gutfirst

    Historical All-Transfer Team

    wyland got injured in the ncaa finals. some argued he would have won if he didn't get hurt. the rematch in the fall drew a lot of interest. fantastic match with cuvo scoring a takedown toward the end of the match to come from behind and win.
  10. gutfirst

    Historical All-Transfer Team

    following year at the esu open may have been better.
  11. gutfirst

    Historical All-Transfer Team

    doug wyland at 118
  12. it might have more to do with the host of the event requesting it's a qualifier for wtt?
  13. gutfirst

    Dave Schultz/Royce Alger Story

    always found it interesting how mark became the bad guy. even back then.
  14. gutfirst

    Meanest guys on the mat

    Dave Schultz. Don't think theres a close second. Perfected the the ability to put his opponent in a position where he couldn't be turned just to crank on him.
  15. gutfirst

    Chidaoba, Georgian Folkstyle

    they better stop doing it or their results in freestyle and greco are gonna suffer.