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  1. The wrestler fleeing wrestler has 2 choices: Let your opponent push you out or stand your ground and give you opponent potential scoring opportunities.
  2. Rats. I like wstching them wrestle.
  3. Saw Big wrestle at Northeast Regions at Brockport in 08. He hit a nice arm throw.
  4. Very suspect tech. Not dominant at all. Gives up the first td and a lift. Gets a fortunate 2,, Shame on Nozadze he didn't make that mistake often. The 3 countering stand up was another gift from Nozadze. Multiple restarts on top in par terre and not sure if Nozadze broke on the the last throw. If he did it was barely.
  5. Always liked his forward, smothering style of wrestling. However, I am mostly impressed how he decided to jump up several weight classes and still win medals while being not slim. You don't see too many wrestlers with his body composition being able to push the pace like him.
  6. Take a listen to what Michael Osterholm had to say on Joe Rogan's podcast https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E3URhJx0NSw
  7. Definition of shocking. No other way to describe how I felt. Good call.
  8. Is the NYAC dress code is enforced for spectators at the event?
  9. Zach Rey started 15 year old. 2nd year 4th jersey states, placed fargo both styles. 3rd year 1st of 2 state titles and another fargo medal. Then ncaa champ, runner up and freestyle world team. Never too late to start.
  10. Pure buffoonery. Was Hazewinkel making the freestyle team after switching from Greco a bad look for free?
  11. harry lester won freestyle at university's after several years of greco only training.
  12. all quality for sure and i've considered the the numbers for all of them. saitiev won consistently throughout the greatest amount of rules changes with the greatest difference in rule sets. not saying the others couldn't do the same, but only saitiev did. that impresses me more than his numbers.
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