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  1. gutfirst

    Chidaoba, Georgian Folkstyle

    they better stop doing it or their results in freestyle and greco are gonna suffer.
  2. gutfirst

    Hands to the Face Penalty - New Emphasis

    no reason to put your hand on someone's face other than keeping them at distance. excellent rule. hope it's called every time, the stricter the better.
  3. gutfirst

    Lehigh at Iowa

    possibly the greatest find ever. do other sites have similar databases for other college teams? this is why the internet was created.
  4. gutfirst


    granby series
  5. gutfirst


    character flaw. success on bottom in folkstyle is less talent dependent than any other position in any style of wrestling.
  6. gutfirst


    eliminate all folkstyle and see how the list changes.
  7. gutfirst


    in most cases, a person who complains about their training situation likely went in with doubts about it. someone who goes in to training with doubts is not likely to train diligently. someone who doesn't train diligently puts themselves as a disadvantage. someone who has a disadvantage is less likely to perform well.
  8. it's tough to replicate the training pace, consistency and volume that occurs in college wrestling anywhere else in the us. i think with the right teaching and training we'd do better on the world level by pulling more former ncaa wrestler into greco after college.
  9. gutfirst

    Sadulaev by pin little over a minute

    the action after stuffing the initial shot was not defended well at all. snyder had sad's head stuck under and arms extended but he never broke sad's grip or tried to get sad off his knee. both are pretty bad deficiencies at the world level, let alone a kid who's winning multiple world level golds. but giving up his arm and getting dumped is shocking. that's tough to see in a high school kid. i still can't believe that happened.
  10. part of their skill set is a result of training in poverty. romero perfected high level leg attacks because he wasn't able to train on wrestling mats in the beginning of his career.
  11. gutfirst

    Chavez out, Perkins in

    well used sarcasm.
  12. gutfirst

    Iran Wrestling News

    Hope he makes the team at 82. 16 kg high than his first weight where he won a world title.
  13. gutfirst

    Is Oklahoma still D1?

  14. gutfirst

    2008 Olympic Team

    Was he one of the guys who put his time in but couldn't hang with the top guys. Kinda like a NCAA round of 12 guy in the US.
  15. gutfirst

    Comparing dynasties

    3 from district 11.