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  1. gutfirst

    Chavez out, Perkins in

    well used sarcasm.
  2. gutfirst

    Iran Wrestling News

    Hope he makes the team at 82. 16 kg high than his first weight where he won a world title.
  3. gutfirst

    Is Oklahoma still D1?

  4. gutfirst

    2008 Olympic Team

    Was he one of the guys who put his time in but couldn't hang with the top guys. Kinda like a NCAA round of 12 guy in the US.
  5. gutfirst

    Comparing dynasties

    3 from district 11.
  6. gutfirst

    Frank the Tank

    Most of the time.very close to always, they won. Opponent's passivity didnt stop them from scoring.
  7. gutfirst

    Frank the Tank

    i don't remember seeing jordan burroughs, buvaisar saitiev, alexander keraline, mijian lopez or john smith complaining that the other guy was passive. i do, however, remember several of their opponents doing everything possible to be passive and stop them from scoring.
  8. gutfirst

    Iran Wrestling News

    Saeid A at 87? He looked small at 75.
  9. gutfirst

    UWW Cadets

    Anyone know what this is about? It's from the usa wrestling event schedule page? Please note that this year there will be a "stay to play" model for hotel reservations. More details will be announced prior to registration opening Where are the details?
  10. gutfirst

    Iran Wrestling News

    how many abdevali's are there?
  11. Back in the day you were only allowed 1 gut unless you scored 2 or more after. You could gut or lift. We trained to gut first, lift second.
  12. gutfirst

    Could Angle have made 2000 team?

    Yes he could.
  13. gutfirst

    best college hwt?

    all this snyder vs. whoever talk consolidated into 1 thread. who was/is the best college hwt ever? only based on the ability they had while in college with collegiate rules. i'll go carlton haselrig.