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  1. NJWC was talking a lot at the beginning of this thread. For some reason he is now MIA. Wonder why?
  2. And what makes you think he got it wrong? Your opinion proves nothing.
  3. Illegal is illegal. Illegal isn’t potentially dangerous. Clear distinction. Once the arm comes off the back, or breaks the 90 degree mark, it becomes illegal. To call it anything other than that is poor officiating. In this case the ref made the right call. Your beef should be with the kid not continuing, not with the official who made the call in accordance with the rules.
  4. Any insiders with NCST wrestling know what their plan is at heavyweight for post season? Are they going to go with Boykin or McDonald?
  5. You mad? Face it, your team choked it away. Moore didn’t show up and get beat, Bo Jordan got out worked in the final period, Myles got completely out wrestled (wasn’t close), and your Olympic champ gassed and couldn’t score enough takedowns. Everyone (myself included) thought the match was over after 141, but one team showed up in the 2nd half of the dual and the other didn’t. Best of luck the rest of the way.
  6. Stop it. I’m as big of a PSU fan as anyone, but if you think Van Brill did that intentionally then you’re being foolish.
  7. Pretty sure he’s going to be done. You could see his knee pop during the scramble. Think he tore something. His face says it as well.
  8. As a PSU fan, alumni, and huge wrestling supporter, I find this post pathetic. It's garbage like this that allows all non-PSU fans to lump all PSU fans into one category.
  9. LIMarty was by far the biggest homer I've ever seen post. And it's not all that close.
  10. No offense to bigmik, but there is only one BIG. Not sure how many remember him though (circa 2004 Troy Nickerson)
  11. Between 65 and 74, I'd give Cenzo a better shot of upsetting Hendricks than I do Hall beating Pendleton. I think Hall is a better wrestler than Cenzo, and could ultimately have a better career than Pendleton. However, Pendleton was untouchable his last two years in college. He controlled Askren who turned out to be an all-timer. Hendricks was a two time champ and a great wrestler, but got upset by Perry and should have lost to Churella (he was stuck). Cenzo has a shot, but because he's a freshman I favor Hendricks slightly.
  12. Unbiased Opinion.... 125: Suriano dec. Scott 3-0 PSU 133: Morgan tech Law 5-3 OSU 141: Frishkorn dec. Guilbon 8-3 OSU 149: Retherford dec. Esposito 8-6 OSU 157: Nolf Fall Ward 12-8 PSU 165: Hendricks dec. Joseph 12-11 PSU 174: Pendleton dec. Hall 14-12 OSU 184: Nickal Fall Kehrer 18-14 PSU 197: Rosholt maj. McCutcheon 18-18 285: Mocco dec. Nevills 21-18 OSU
  13. Not like this is their primary job. Every ref down there does this because they have a passion for the sport, just like the coaches and the wrestlers themselves. If you think they do it for the money you're out of your mind. Who he hell would sign up for that job if you didn't love the sport? These guys are the best of the best, rated by their peers, all of the coaches, etc. That's how they get to this point, they are literally the best of the best. Everyone (myself included, I'm just as guilty) thinks they have every call right from the stands, but when I think about it I'm sure the guys 2 feet away from the action have a better view then we do.
  14. It's really easy to crap on refs from the stands or from your couch. Let's see anybody else get out there and do a better job....
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