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  1. Yeah that was a bit of a shocker to me.🙄😱 And the next round Heff shocked Koll with a pin. Then Koll and I met in the blood round that year.
  2. Me losing to Koll and St John! 😂😂 ok maybe not Koll 😂😂
  3. Have 2 full session tickets available for sale! If interested post and leave an email address. Joe Pantaleo
  4. I’d bring back Dan Gable! He didn’t wrestle for Iowa!
  5. Yea I know...I tease my brother Dan that he got pinned and not me! LOL!!
  6. Ok this post stings for me....Ouch! Here is a video of some of the falls...Please Disregard the Koll match! LOL http://search.tb.ask.com/search/video.jhtml?n=781c03cd&p2=%5EUX%5Exdm965%5ES14448%5Eus&pg=video&pn=1&ptb=DD5414B8-3BD7-4545-BE57-6881FD64639E&qs=&searchfor=video+of+wrestlers+pinned+in+the+NCAA+finals&si=CD15543_1337-yuMDQ1umMQwl8oT3SNu8&ss=sub&st=sb&tpr=sbt&vidOrd=1&vidId=j-aLaVDSP6E
  7. Rob Did a great job in 1990 making the World Team. He won the US nationals beating Greg E. I was 3rd, Dave was 4th and Kenny "missed weight the final day of US open" Dave and Kenny Wrestled in the Mini Tournament, where Kenny won. Kenny then beat me in 2 straight matches, beat Greg Elinsky in 3 matches (I think) and lost to Rob in 3 matches. Back then it was a 4 day event, where you had to make weight every day.
  8. My top 3 are Wade Schalles, Mike Sheets and John Fisher. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_States_results_in_men%27s_freestyle_wrestling
  9. Tony's Di Napoli in Time Square....Great food! Not sure if this link will work! https://www.tonysnyc.com/
  10. MSU158 while all the things you stated regarding the Athletic Department are true...I disagree with the assumption you can not be successful at MSU. Please look at the years from 1993-1997. 1 NCAA champ, 3finalist, 17AA's, NCAA team finishes of 12th, 18th, 3rd, 7th & 21st. Big Ten team Runner-up's 1995. 3 Top 4 finishes in the National Duals. A overall dual record of 54-33. Not to mention a #2 team pre-season ranking in 1997. This is all coming after a 60th team place finish in 1992.
  11. Cooch1, I disagree, I think on an individual guys will be somewhat fresher. The college season is long. In fact there has been talk about switching the season to Jan-Apr. You would still have all the early season tournament and maybe a couple more in mid-Jan. More than enough time to prepare. I am not saying we have to 2 season or even a split season. I'm saying the dual portion of the season take place the month of Feb and March. The winner of the Dual season is NOT the NCAA Champion. They are the NWCA Dual Meet Champions. LIKE I SAID, IF WE ARE GOING TO MAKE DUAL IMPORTANT, WE MUST THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX!
  12. Our NCAA Fan-base will still attend the Individual Tournament. We will still be on ESPN 2 or ESPN College for the earlier rounds. And ESPN for the finals. Another thought is move the NCAA tournament the week between the last playoff game and Superbowl
  13. In order to get this done we (the wrestling community) have to think out of the box. The major issue with a lot of coaches is it is too taxing on the wrestler so Close to Qualifier and NCAA tournament. I believe most coaches don't want to hurt the individuals chance to win an NCAA Title. I propose the following: From Nov thru mid Jan: The individual Championships. This will not effect the tournaments that are currently in place and have the NCAA Individual Championship Tournament the 3rd weekend of Jan. (we won't compete with NCAA Basketball) maybe some NFL football From Jan thru mid March: We have the dual meet season and a championship dual tournament over 2 weekends. You can invite 64 teams and have it single elimination. Or have a Mixture with Individual Championship taking place the weekend after the Superbowl and then 6 weeks of duals to a final tournament. Does not add time or expense. In fact, in some ways it might save schools money! Your Thoughts!!!!
  14. Ching, the fleeing call in college no longer exists and it hasn't for 2 years. If the Ref believes a wrestle is intentionally leaving the wrestling area it is a stall call. In high school, there still is a fleeing call and is worth 1pt.
  15. They should do it like the UFC does....Most Exciting bout, Most Dominate, ect.
  16. Corrections have been made BadgerMon...LOL! Metz & Metcalf would be a fun match to watch!
  17. For my Michigan Friends I should have added Mike Murdoch to the High School list. BadgerMon I say Metcalf over Andre in college and great point about Jimmy Jackson 3x champion Could add Andre to the international list.... For my friends in OR....The Best High School Wrestler is Joe Russell. in fact IMO he was the Best HS ever....Even beating Andre while he was in HS. Just my Opinion!!
  18. In Michigan: High School: 1. Brett Metcalf 2. Nick Simmions 3. Tim Balzieski, Pat Boyd & Adam Coon NCAA: 1. Mark Churella 2. Brett Metcalf 3. Andre Metzger Internaional 1. Kevin Jackson 2. Zeke Jones 3. Steve Fraser
  19. Hahaha LMAO.....sad to say the only person to beat me more at golf than Lewboo did was, Dan Wirnsberger. But, I did also beat both, Marty and Gordy Morgan. Marty in Freestyle and Gordy in Greco & Freestyle. I will say, I only beat 3 guys after they had made a world or Olympic team. The others came before they made a team. I say for quality of wins....the winner is Sheets!!
  20. Yep that's me always the Bridesmaid never the Bride. :-( Did make and won the Espoir World Championship Team in 1987. Beat Narsir G. from Russia in the finals 5-4. He went on to place 2nd in the SR. Worlds in 1990.
  21. I have beaten 8 USA World/Olympic team members. 5 on freestyle and 3 on Greco teams. Freestyle: Carr Saunders Giura St. John Burton * can't remember is I ever wrestled Marianetti or not. * Also have a default win over Schultz On Greco Team Lindland (beat in Freestyle) Henderson (beat in Freestyle) Clark John Fisher has wins over at least 5 from my count.
  22. The question I have, is how do you count the amount of revue? is it the money brought back to the athletic department or the money to the university. Because, each program would be in the Black if you took into consideration the amount of money that is generated by each program that is given to the university. For Example: If University X is fully funded with 9.9 scholarships at at Value of $10,000 (yes this number is low) you have a debt of $99,000 dollars. However, if you add the 20 other wrestlers not on scholarship paying the same $10,000 then you have $200,000 dollars in Revue.
  23. Don't forget Kelvin Jackson!! 1995 NCAA Champ 118lbs
  24. John, Great job by WIBN of Cleveland. This would have not have happened, if Arron Grossman never started this Group. Great job all!
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