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  1. He runs a club just outside of Columbia, MO. He just opened a new building in June. https://bulltrained.com/
  2. Former NC State wrestler, Max Rohskopf, quit mid-fight and then was released by the UFC. https://www.espn.com/mma/story/_/id/29646582/ufc-releases-mma-prospect-max-rohskopf
  3. I don't think comparing the aspirations of football players to play in the NFL to youth and high school wrestlers wanting to compete in the Olympics is close to accurate. The majority of youth and high school wrestlers never wrestle a minute of freestyle or Greco in their careers. In Missouri we have roughly 260 schools that have high school wrestling. I would guess 50 or less schools had kids compete during the international style tournaments this year
  4. Sterk is out as the AD at Mizzou. Hopefully the new AD backs wrestling or it might be an opportune time to drop the axe on a program without a conference.
  5. I agree that he helped resurrect the program and brought them a high level of success and deserves credit for that. However, I do not see Smith a widely accessible or visible figure in the Missouri wrestling community outside of his own fiefdom. Mizzou had a team camp before Smith came on board that was pretty popular. Maybe it has grown some under Smith, I don't know. Nebraska was the creme de la creme team camp for many years. The Missouri Wrestling Association organizes the pre-season coaching clinic, not Brian Smith, though they often do include Mizzou clinicians. I think the idea that there was some trickle down of technique from Smith to the far corners of Missouri is a bit of stretch. The advent of high level coaches at the club level has elevated Missouri wrestling more so than anything. In the Columbia area alone Purler, Sammie Henson and Eierman provide instruction. I'm not sure what off-season rule changes and match limits you are referencing. In Missouri it is currently illegal under MSHSAA rule to provide instruction outside of the defined school season and 20 contact days during the summer. You are saying that Smith advocated for a restrictive off-season contact policy? In addition, the match limit was relatively recently reduced from 50 to 45 matches.
  6. He deserves credit for building a highly successful program, but what exactly has he done to grow the sport in the state? I would question the argument that he is the reason for more elite talent in the state. I think lots of access to high level private instruction throughout the state is the primary cause and I believe the Purlers got that ball rolling.
  7. I agree, one of the better announcers I have heard in some time. http://www.knucklejunkies.com/articles/Introducing_On_the_Mat_with_David_Mirikitani_.php
  8. He also wrestled 120 as a freshman in high school and I believe had a losing record. He worked himself into a great story
  9. Cael, John Smith and the Brands brothers don't run a program with a $1 million+ budget deficit every year, a meager fan base at a school who belongs to a conference that does not have wrestling. Mizzou's wrestling program could be gone tomorrow and not too many people would say a word.
  10. Is Mizzou safe? They run over a million dollar budget deficit every year, with a marginal fan base. Being in the SEC, they won't cut baseball, and with no wrestling in the conference I worry that will be the logical choice if budget cuts have to be made.
  11. No, he went right into an MMA career. He has been fighting in Missouri.
  12. I have been coaching now for 14 years at the high school level. This past weekend at an out-of-state tournament, one of my kids was verbally accosted by some officials for running before the tournament and weigh-ins began stating he would be kicked out of any tournament in the nation at any level for engaging in activities (exercise) that promote weight loss while in the school. They claimed this is prohibited in the NFHS rules. I've never seen anything like this enforced at any tournament in Missouri, Iowa or Illinois that I have attended. I am not aware of any rule that prohibits this and at almost every event I have ever been to, there are athletes working out before weigh-ins to make weight. Am I missing something?
  13. Henson is back running "Bull Trained" club at Hallsville, Blair Oaks and St. Charles locations.
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