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  1. Cael, John Smith and the Brands brothers don't run a program with a $1 million+ budget deficit every year, a meager fan base at a school who belongs to a conference that does not have wrestling. Mizzou's wrestling program could be gone tomorrow and not too many people would say a word.
  2. Is Mizzou safe? They run over a million dollar budget deficit every year, with a marginal fan base. Being in the SEC, they won't cut baseball, and with no wrestling in the conference I worry that will be the logical choice if budget cuts have to be made.
  3. No, he went right into an MMA career. He has been fighting in Missouri.
  4. I have been coaching now for 14 years at the high school level. This past weekend at an out-of-state tournament, one of my kids was verbally accosted by some officials for running before the tournament and weigh-ins began stating he would be kicked out of any tournament in the nation at any level for engaging in activities (exercise) that promote weight loss while in the school. They claimed this is prohibited in the NFHS rules. I've never seen anything like this enforced at any tournament in Missouri, Iowa or Illinois that I have attended. I am not aware of any rule that prohibits this and at almost every event I have ever been to, there are athletes working out before weigh-ins to make weight. Am I missing something?
  5. Henson is back running "Bull Trained" club at Hallsville, Blair Oaks and St. Charles locations.
  6. I've heard rumblings from time to time that Lindenwood wanted to transition into D1 and FCS in football. They are joining the GLVC this year though so I don't see any that happening any time soon.
  7. Yes, high school coaches are not allowed to coach their own kids in any style of wrestling outside of the season in Missouri, other than 20 contact days during the summer. As you allude to, there is a lot of cheating.
  8. I agree with a lot of what you are saying, but state rules have not loosened up for coaches being able to work with kids in FS/GR. It has been and is still illegal for coaches to have contact with their athletes out of the school season during the school year
  9. Well you referred to the Missouri Wrestling Club which I believe is the Missouri Wrestling Foundation. Metcalf did an interview on how the move went down. All it took was someone to reach out and pitch the idea, and he made the decision pretty much in the blink of an eye. According to the interview, very few people had approached him about coaching.
  10. I think you are overstating the prowess of the Missouri Wrestling Foundation quite a bit. Outside of J'Den, who isn't even training there any longer, they don't have a single wrestler ranked in the top 10 at the senior level. I'm also pretty sure Waters is the only post grad that trains there currently.
  11. Pretty sure Missouri still has a RTC, at least in title. I think Waters is the only post-grad that trains there though.
  12. The size of Tolton isn't all that relevant. Tolton historically has just been an extension of Eierman wrestlers that live in the Columbia area. It isn't as if the school is organically producing any talent. Also, Jacques won state titles at Kirksville and Owensville before ever coming to Tolton.
  13. Turk Lords is my personal favorite.
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