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  1. Henson is back running "Bull Trained" club at Hallsville, Blair Oaks and St. Charles locations.
  2. I've heard rumblings from time to time that Lindenwood wanted to transition into D1 and FCS in football. They are joining the GLVC this year though so I don't see any that happening any time soon.
  3. Yes, high school coaches are not allowed to coach their own kids in any style of wrestling outside of the season in Missouri, other than 20 contact days during the summer. As you allude to, there is a lot of cheating.
  4. I agree with a lot of what you are saying, but state rules have not loosened up for coaches being able to work with kids in FS/GR. It has been and is still illegal for coaches to have contact with their athletes out of the school season during the school year
  5. Well you referred to the Missouri Wrestling Club which I believe is the Missouri Wrestling Foundation. Metcalf did an interview on how the move went down. All it took was someone to reach out and pitch the idea, and he made the decision pretty much in the blink of an eye. According to the interview, very few people had approached him about coaching.
  6. I think you are overstating the prowess of the Missouri Wrestling Foundation quite a bit. Outside of J'Den, who isn't even training there any longer, they don't have a single wrestler ranked in the top 10 at the senior level. I'm also pretty sure Waters is the only post grad that trains there currently.
  7. How do other MAC coaches keep their jobs?
  8. Pretty sure Missouri still has a RTC, at least in title. I think Waters is the only post-grad that trains there though.
  9. The size of Tolton isn't all that relevant. Tolton historically has just been an extension of Eierman wrestlers that live in the Columbia area. It isn't as if the school is organically producing any talent. Also, Jacques won state titles at Kirksville and Owensville before ever coming to Tolton.
  10. Turk Lords is my personal favorite.
  11. MU couldn't fill Jesse Audiorium for the Cornell dual a few years ago. It is hard to argue an event has national appeal when you can't even sell it in your own back yard.
  12. Just watched the Fresno vs. Stanford dual on the USS Midway on CBS Sports. While they skipped a few matches, the production was good and lots of action on the mat. I thought Adam Tirapelle was very professional on the broadcast.
  13. That is Wyatt Henson. Jackson had committed to wrestle at WVU this year.
  14. Where is Jackson Henson going this year?
  15. I don't get all the comments about drama at ISU. No matter what the sport, any time a new coaching staff takes over, there is roster turnover. This doesn't mean the environment is "toxic".
  16. Loved watching track and field, and cornhole, without any plan to do so, live on TV today. Too bad USA wrestling convinced fans Flo is the best wrestling can do.
  17. When Netflix starts broadcasting live sports then that might be relevant. I am atleast able to find out how many subscribers there are to Netflix. How many paid subscribers are there to Flowrestling? Instead Flo sports has positioned itself against companies like ESPN, yet when asked to provide viewership numbers like other sports broadcast companies provide, won't do it. One would think both Flo and USA wrestling would be publishing these numbers to show how the partnership is paying off. Why the lack of transparency?
  18. I'm specifically addressing the relationship between USA Wrestling and Flo. Listing out every coach, organization, or entity who helps to grow wrestling isn't really relevant to that point.
  19. In this case USA wrestling has the responsibility for promoting and growing the sport. People like myself, question the decision to hide USA wrestling's premier product behind a subscription-based streaming service. This seems counter to the idea of growing the sport beyond the current boundaries.
  20. https://intermatwrestle.com/articles/20303
  21. The burden of proof is on those making the affirmative claim, which in this case is your camp. Show some data to support your claims that wrestling fans are leaving the sport at a slower rate, continuing to follow the sport, etc.
  22. I agree that more content is available. However, you don't have any data to support any of your claims such as that more fans are continuing to follow the sport and wrestling fans are leaving the sport at a slower rate. The NBA doesn't promote basketball? The NBA is constantly promoting their product both domestically and internationally.
  23. Almost everything I hear and read indicates boxing is healthier than it has been in a while and it is MMA that has hit a wall and is declining.
  24. Now you are changing your argument to that the Flo extends the interest of fans when before you did specifically say, "New Fans, New Wrestlers, New Viewers every year. They're in the youth. .... The growth you speak of happens at the youth level. Wrestling is a long term sport." Flo, along with all of the outlets you mention, essentially promote the sport to itself. In terms of being ignorant on how the world of sports work, I am at least not ignorant enough to believe that streaming feeds that no one that is not already a participant or fan sees, is generating new interest in the sport. Participation numbers certainly haven't been going up. Has attendance and financial support for college programs increased? Has attendance at international events increased? I would sincerely question whether there have been meaningful increases in those areas and as result question the idea that the shelf life of fans is being extended.
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