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  1. I agree that more content is available. However, you don't have any data to support any of your claims such as that more fans are continuing to follow the sport and wrestling fans are leaving the sport at a slower rate. The NBA doesn't promote basketball? The NBA is constantly promoting their product both domestically and internationally.
  2. Almost everything I hear and read indicates boxing is healthier than it has been in a while and it is MMA that has hit a wall and is declining.
  3. Now you are changing your argument to that the Flo extends the interest of fans when before you did specifically say, "New Fans, New Wrestlers, New Viewers every year. They're in the youth. .... The growth you speak of happens at the youth level. Wrestling is a long term sport." Flo, along with all of the outlets you mention, essentially promote the sport to itself. In terms of being ignorant on how the world of sports work, I am at least not ignorant enough to believe that streaming feeds that no one that is not already a participant or fan sees, is generating new interest in the sport. Participation numbers certainly haven't been going up. Has attendance and financial support for college programs increased? Has attendance at international events increased? I would sincerely question whether there have been meaningful increases in those areas and as result question the idea that the shelf life of fans is being extended.
  4. Wrestling is growing because 5-14 year olds are subscribing to Flowrestling, then deciding to wrestle? Flowrestling doesn't do anything to grow wrestling. To borrow a political term, it may solidify some of the base, but that is about it.
  5. He is also widely regarded as an obnoxious on-air personality when commentating on live events. He is pretty much a glorified fan boy who has not improved over years worth of chances,
  6. Who cares if they love what they do? That doesn't really mean much. One can love doing something, yet be bad at it and unqualified. I don't get the mindset that it is Flo or nothing and the sub-mindset that within Flo, the current hacks on the mic are the only ones in the world capable of doing the job. Wrestling's relationship with Flo is the equivalent of a domestic abuse situation. The wrestling community keeps getting beat on with poor production, failed feeds, poor billing practices, etc. We keep coming back hoping things change, hoping that people will change and they never do. Bader has been with Flo for how long, and some of you still think he is going to "tighten up" or present himself in a professional manner? Flo has had feed issues for how many years? What's sad is now many of you are convinced you don't deserve better and wrestling doesn't deserve any better and will stick with Flo no matter how much you get abused.
  7. I agree the chances at live TV may be limited. However, ESPN3 is better than Flo any day of the week and provides access to a much wider audience base. Couple that with potential live/tape delay on TV and the option is infinitely better than Flo.
  8. I get that wrestling is a niche sport, but every other sport under the sun gets on TV. It is really setting the bar pretty low and is a pretty big cop out when Flo apologists just say it is the best wrestling can do. I've watched some pretty obscure sports events on ESPN3 with almost zero commercial appeal. Even having wrestling on ESPN3 is infinitely better than Flowrestling because you get their production and also the opportunity to grab a casual viewer.
  9. Cornhole on ESPN today was great.Too bad wrestling can't sell their product like cornhole, drone racing, etc. Flo is essentially the equivalent of a state run media. It is crap, but there aren't any other options.
  10. Nothing like patting a company on the back for providing a standard level of service. It is pretty pathetic. I follow other sport message boards and there aren't any threads congratulating their production companies for offering a working product. It is kind of expected.
  11. Cornhole was aired live on ESPN2 and entirely produced by ESPN. It was not an already produced piece that was merely aired. Maybe Johnsonville paid for the entire thing to sell brats, I don't know.
  12. Does NBC have exclusive rights to wrestling? Is it the only network? Once again to use cornhole as an example, I doubt ESPN sought out the cornhole league to televise their product. More than likely they were sold on the idea. Cornhole league executives can sell their product to a major network, but wrestling can't?
  13. Pardon my ignorance then.So to be clear a casual tv viewer will watch cornhole on ESPN, but no one will watch wrestling? If that is the case and the sport has no potential to attract casual fans, then wrestling has a pretty poor product. You are ignoring the fact that many niche sports make there way on to television, but suggesting that wrestling could do the same makes me ignorant. No one is arguing that wrestling is ever going to be a popular, mainstream sport. However, suggesting there is no growth potential is setting the bar pretty low.
  14. Really? There are some obvious big names who would do great commentating on premier events including Jake Herbert and Ben Askren. Jake Herbert is infinitely better than Bader.
  15. That's a pretty ridiculous statement. One would think wrestling fans would want their product available to the masses and casual viewers. Subscription based streaming service ensures the exact opposite. It is certainly no way to grow the sport to "unprecedented heights". On a personal level, I will never give Flo another cent. I paid for a subscription long enough only to be ripped off numerous times by a failure to deliver the product I paid for.
  16. I would think that Flo and USA Wrestling would be transparent and share the viewership numbers to tout their partnership and how they are growing the sport to "unprecedented heights." Funny I was able to tune into professional cornhole on television this week, but the best USA wrestling can do is put their premier product behind a subscription based streaming service.
  17. Maybe I'm missing something, but when did Flo start releasing viewership numbers? If so, what were numbers for BTS?
  18. I can only speak for numbers in Missouri, numbers at both the HS level and USA youth level continued to decline this year.
  19. If we are relying on anecdotal evidence, there is a question. I bought 2 piece uniforms this year, and they made no difference in attracting new participants.
  20. I don't see many at the gym or casually walking down the street wearing an MMA style uniform either. In five years at my current school, I've never seen a kid wearing fight shorts.
  21. Flo, not the singlet, assures viewership is minimal.
  22. I just listened to the Short Time podcast. Kudos to the AD Jerry Wollmering for be willing to go on wrestling podcast to answer some tough questions. A lot of ADs would choose to run and hide. I think the lesson to be taken away, is that wrestling has to be proactive in order to stay secure. Don't wait until it is too late then play the victim. Points include that the program has had years to raise money, but to date hasn't raised that much. If you have a strong alumni/donor base, set up endowments to fund the program. In addition, it is difficult to carry a small roster with few local/in-state kids, in this case only one freshman on the team, then turn around and argue that it is taking away an opportunity for wrestling in the state of Missouri.
  23. I have to take the idea that they were told there were "too many of them were on academic scholarship" with a grain of salt. That is the case for students in all programs across campus. Let's not pretend that the wrestling team is unique in that regard. It should also be mentioned that various academic programs such on campus are also being eliminated or combined with other programs.
  24. That's pretty much the story for any college wrestling program,even the premier programs in our sport.
  25. There is also Lindenwood. There are really quite a few D2 options in Missouri. I would say the lack of juco options is more concerning. It has been a long time since Truman has beat a fellow in-state school, other than Hannibal LaGrange or Missouri Baptist. They might have beaten UCM once in the past 20 years. That probably doesn't help keep the program around.
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