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  1. I'm not sure some of this information is accurate. In 2011, Truman cut men's golf and also cut scholarships for wrestling, baseball, men's tennis and men's swimming. As such, their NQ and any wrestler does not receive scholarships. Their NQ was 1st team all-conference in football as a freshman and sophomore and don't think he is just a walk-on for football. While it is certainly disappointing that Truman is dropping wrestling, I think there is a degree of naivete to be shocked by the move. If you are an administrator that is told you have to save money, it is is a logical choice to cut programs that have a minimal impact. In this case you have wrestling with a total roster of 14 kids, 3 of which were seniors and only 1 freshman. Tennis is similar situation.
  2. Drury in Springfield, MO added D2 wrestling last year. They have an average ACT score of 26 and are on par with Truman academically, but are smaller and private.
  3. Having a women's equivalent doesn't mean much. Eastern Michigan's men's swimming and diving is also being cut despite having an equivalent men's program, winning 3 out of the last 4 MAC titles and 34 total.
  4. Michael Lightner makes $97,500 as an assistant. $25,000 isn't Rosseli's salary.
  5. Was going to note that Wash U had wrestling previously and also has a club team, so it really isn't as crazy as IronChef suggests that wrestling might find a way back.
  6. Smith is a good coach no doubt, but there are few butts in the seats at Mizzou duals unfortunately.
  7. Kent could be a gem that no one knows about. Only started wrestling as a freshman, already with national level success and beat some NCAA qualifiers last spring. He seems like a great kid too.
  8. Most NCWA are simply club teams that fall under the jurisdiction of student life or recreational sports. They are not financially supported or administered by the school itself and certainly not the athletic department, they are merely registered as a student organization. Based on the student organization director at the UM-Dearborn, there are a number of gender specific organizations including the Association of Women Veterans, Empowered Arab American Women Association, She's the First, Women in Learning and Leadership, etc.
  9. It doesn't seem that many here are familiar with the NCWA. The teams are created for the most part by the athletes themselves. It is not like the school is "providing" the opportunity. Student initiative to start a team is what drives opportunity. For instance, a graduate school I attended had dropped their wrestling program a couple of decades earlier so I started a a NCWA team that existed for about a decade solely on student initiative. She has every opportunity to do the same thing. Start hitting the pavement putting up fliers, sending emails, etc and create the opportunity.
  10. Despite your condescending tone, none of the videos you "spoon fed" me actually show her performing any kind of wrestling instruction.
  11. Yes, and he also employed a defined system of wrestling. So far I have got two replies with no real answers to a straightforward question. I saw that she did a clinic at Greater Heights so I simply wanted to know what the draw was and was unable to find any videos of her providing instruction.
  12. Yes, first link while googling her name, yet provides no real background in wrestling. I've not been able to actually find a video of her of showing technique and applying "the math of wrestling."
  13. I see Carolyn Wester/Wrestling Prep hyped as some sort of guru, but have been unable to find anything about her background and credentials. What is the buzz around her about?
  14. It is also sad that Flo continued to charge customers for a product that they failed to deliver. I can only speak for myself, but it doesn't matter what Flo adds, I will never pay for their service again. While that may cause me to miss some coverage, it isn't any different when I was paying for a subscription and the stream would not work.
  15. So a Naval Academy linebacker should be in the dorms on a Thursday, but a 17 year old high school junior should be out dancing?
  16. I will agree with you on this. I have experienced youth wrestlers and families that hate the long youth tournaments along with very early mornings. I just haven't run into at the HS level. It would be hard to discourage large youth tournaments however to ensure shorter tournaments, as these tournaments are in a lot of cases big moneymakers for the wrestling programs.
  17. Page 93 in the MSHSAA handbook. b. WINTER 1. Basketball Option 1: 20 games & 1 tournament Option 2: 18 games & 2 tournaments Option 3: 16 games & 3 tournaments 2. Swimming/Diving - Girls 16 meets 3. Wrestling 15 (no more than 6 of which may be tournaments)
  18. So the solution for people sitting in a gym all day is to stretch a tournament out over two days? That doesn't make much sense, because then kids/families are giving up a Friday night/Saturday morning with twice the travel costs and potentially overnight expenses. I can only speak for myself, but in 11 years of coaching high school wrestling I've never had a kid tell me they won't wrestle because "tournaments are too long". This message board is the only place I've heard that. In Missouri we are limited to six tournaments, excluding Districts and State, so we're only talking about six Saturdays. High school basketball, baseball/softball and volleyball all drag tournaments out over multiple nights, which results in late nights on school nights. I much prefer a Saturday tournament as opposed to the aforementioned model.
  19. Contemplating getting vision correction surgery and am wondering if anyone has wrestled after LASIK or know someone who has? I am a little apprehensive about getting hit in the eye and having the cornea flap dislodged.
  20. Even making those selling points, is pretty difficult. Personally, the more success my kids have had, I've actually found it is harder to get kids out of the hallway to come out. They see the kids going to state and medaling and seem more afraid of it than inspired by it.
  21. I agree to an extent, however more articles than not that I have seen regarding dropping a men's sport with a female equivalent, budgetary constraints and not Title IX are cited as the primary motivating factor. I'm sure Title IX plays a part in keeping the female compliment. My thought is that status of college wrestling would better off if the focus is on being more financially viable, growing the fan base, being competitive, etc, rather than relying on the idea that adding a women's team will make their own team secure. In regards to adding wrestling at the high school level, I believe the approach being taken is completely backwards. For instance, some in Missouri are clamoring that we need a girls' division, however only 34 girls from youth through high school competed. When adding a girls division requires member schools to vote to approve it, it is going to be a hard sell to convince member schools that there is enough interest to warrant such a move. Why not build and promote from the youth level up?
  22. I'm not sure what I've said that is inane, other than disagreeing that women's wrestling is going to put men's wrestling on more solid ground. The idea that sport does better when one side supports another is one I don't buy. Ask the slew of men's programs with female equivalents that have been cut. Supporting women's wrestling also does nothing to address participation numbers at the high school level that have declined over the same time that support and opportunities for girls have increased. With 34 current college wrestling programs for women at an average roster size for a college team per Intermat at 30.5, that is 1,037 roster spots for girls. The most recent numbers for high school participants at around 13,500 (1/3 of those are in one state). So basically there are roster spots for 7-8% of girls that wrestle. Compare that to men's wrestling where there are roster spots for 2-3% of high school wrestlers at the NCAA level (this obviously would increase a bit with NJCAA and NAIA added in). Based on that alone, I think one would be hard pressed to argue that there is an overwhelming need for this top down approach where we create new college wrestling programs for women, when the numbers simply do not dictate a need.
  23. Given that logic that it is men's wrestling's job to help men's wrestling, why is it men's wrestling's job to promote women's wrestling?
  24. He has something to work on based on one kid wanting to transfer? High profile athletes in other sports transfer all of the time. For instance, Alabama has players transfer pretty routinely in football including the top rated QB in his recruiting class
  25. Women's wrestling will not protect men's programs from being cut. Look around at other Olympic sports programs at the college level where men's programs are dropped and the women's team is left in tact. Those that try to make this argument are either ignorant of what goes on in other sports or naive to think wrestling wouldn't be any different. I am also skeptical to the idea that women's wrestling is going to experience massive growth. The participation numbers at the high school level are minimal. While I'm sure they will continue to go up some. However, to think that girls are going to be rushing to wrestle ignores that they are a niche group in a niche sport.
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