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  1. You will be hard pressed to provide any proof to substantiate the the argument that MMA is boosting participation numbers at any level. I think you would also find it difficult to show any correlation between international results, and growing interest in international wrestling in the US. I am pretty sure the majority of people outside of wrestling fans have no idea who Jordan Burroughs is, let alone J'Den Cox. I question whether the success of either of the above, Kyle Snyder, etc. has done anything to increase participation in international styles of wrestling. The fact is that the majority of wrestlers in the US only wrestle folkstyle with no participation in freestyle. As such, it only makes sense that the majority of fans come to support a wrestler via their performance in folkstyle wrestling. You also diminish Taylor's international wins including his performance at this year's World Cup. He certainly wasn't "...going 1-2, or 1 and out, while looking cool doing it, or winning a Spanish Open." Once again, I agree that Cox is a great wrestler so I am not sure about the nature of your post other than to pat yourself on the back and elevate yourself as a fan above the ignorant, simple minded American folkstyle fan.
  2. Well I am an American commenting on an American wrestler and referenced a style of wrestling that only Americans wrestle. Cox is a great wrestler no doubt. I was merely commenting on why someone like David Taylor might generate more fans.
  3. I don't disagree. I'm just saying his style, particularly in some of his college matches, probably doesn't generate the fans that wrestlers who open it up more do.
  4. Wrestling uninspired matches against much inferior competition as he seemed to do a lot in college, is not strategy, tactics and gamesmanship. It is just boring to watch.
  5. Since the advent of Flo, participation numbers in the sport of wrestling have decreased, wrestling was eliminated from the Olympics, brought back and whittled down several times. D1 programs have been dropped and is certainly no better off than pre-Flowrestling. Flo is great for providing content to a niche market, but to say they have boosted wrestling just doesn't add up as wrestling is clearly trending down.
  6. It is USA Wrestling's responsibility to grow the sport. If streaming is the chosen avenue, which in of itself is not optimal, there are plenty of ways to offer stream for free. ESPN will cover anything? Clearly they won't. The technique portion of Flo was clunky, and non-user friendly, not to mention went a long without much updates. Maybe this has changed.
  7. Anyone catch drone racing on ESPN last night? US Track on NBC? That's pretty crazy that ESPN can reach an agreement with the Drone Racing League, but the best USA wrestling can do is hide their product behind a shoddy subscription service in FLO. It is also crazy that people on here who are supposed to be supporters of the sport are content with this arrangement and even praise it, when it does absolutely nothing to grow the sport.
  8. Hopefully you gave the same sermon to Flo last summer when they had their media credentials revoked by the USOC for publishing content that didn't have the rights to multiple times. It is hard to be sanctimonious about Flo, when they illegally post videos and also steal money from customers by charging for services that they fail to provide.
  9. The internet is still developing? Sorry, but streaming live video is not a brand new technology. By now, reputable companies pretty well have it figured it out. Blaming the user's internet is a typical Flo response. When I had a subscription, I sometimes would try three different connections all with the same buffering.
  10. Comparing a kid to a corporate entity that charges for a service doesn't really translate. Sure I would offer praise to one of my kids in that situation. The role of a coach or caregiver is not comparable to that of a paying consumer. FloSports claims to be an innovative company. They have had $30+ million in investment in the past couple of years including World Wrestling Entertainment. They are not a mom and pop charity case. They are a self-serving entity with the ultimate goal of getting bought out by a big company and making a lot of money. I don't fault them for that, but in doing so, they have screwed over countless customers not only in wrestling, but track and other sports as well. I don't know why someone would offer praise to a company that for once was able to provide a product that they were supposed to be offering to begin with. Where else would a consumer continue to go back to someone who failed to deliver on a service? If I go to a restaurant 10 times, order a hamburger and the first 9 times it is raw, the restaurant is deserving of praise the 10th time when they finally cooked the hamburger right?
  11. I am not sure how you are able to determine my class, based on legitimate critiques of a company that historically charges for services that they that they are unable to provide and also engages in dubious billing practices. Was it classy when Flo took my money then failed many times to provide a functioning service? Sorry, but that is not factually correct. Flo is not focused solely on wrestling. They provide platforms similar to FloWrestling for more than 20 sports. Also similarly, FloSports has horrible customer feedback across all of their platforms and an F rating with the Better Business Bureau. It isn't about waiting for ESPN care about wrestling. It is about those in charge at USA wrestling being able to promote the product to find a better avenue to promote the sport. For instance I just flipped to a Fox Sports affiliate that was broadcasting a casual 5k race. Fox will cover this, but USA Wrestling can't sell our premier domestic event for broadcast?
  12. If Flo is supposed to be providing a comparable service, it most certainly is not a weak comparison. Compare ESPN's streaming coverage of the NCAA's vs. Flo's coverage of events or to Big 10 Plus at $79 a year. Flo Sports is a multi-million dollar company that charges $150 a year (more than Netflix). If I go to a mom and pop restaurant, order a hamburger and it turns out to be crappy, I don't keep coming back and excuse the poor meal to the fact that they are not a chain like Applebees. In regards to not intentionally trying to stream at a low level, intent doesn't really matter. Flo has suffered the same issues for years without resolution. So whether or not their poor streams are intentional or not, they are certainly negligent in amending the situation and over a period of time that does come across as intentional. What is undeniably intentional, is the disregard they have had toward their paying customers. For whatever reason, our sport's sanctioning body has decided the best avenue to promote our sport's premier events is behind the aforementioned subscription service. That in and of itself, limits the event to an existing fan base and does nothing to grow the sport. When that service is sub-par, it whittles away at the fan base, as people such as myself are no longer willing to pay for a subscription service that doesn't work.
  13. Actually, I don't think that it is how it works. I doubt there were too many people logging on to message boards last night to praise ESPN for being able to broadcast the NCAA baseball super regionals or track championships, without them crashing. I doubt anyone was logging on to message boards last night to praise Netflix for providing a product without insane load and buffering times.
  14. Pretty sad when people are heaping praise on a company for delivering a product as it is expected to be delivered. Talk about setting the bar low.
  15. Martin claims Flo is helping grow the sport, but I highly question the idea that a paid streaming service attracts new, casual fans. Flo has tapped into an existing fan base, but I would say has little to no impact on non-resident fans.
  16. If I remember correctly, Cael stated that tattoos and dogs are two things college kids should never get.
  17. SEC baseball is pretty big and only four programs break even. The median loss for college baseball programs is more than $500,000.
  18. How is this good for wrestling's image? Most of these schools including Mizzou, struggle to put fans in the seats in their own town let alone hundreds of miles away in a high school gym. This event is just more off the radar. In terms of being more expensive, I have a hard time believing renting a "mansion" and staying there for extended period of time to train is cheaper than flying in a day or two before the two day even and flying out when it is over. Kids signed up to participate in an indoor sport and go to Midwestern or Northeastern schools knowing that is cold during wrestling season. I'm not sure how going to the beach figures into that equation. Factor in that some of these programs are operating in the hole to the tune of $750,000 or more and it seems even more ridiculous.
  19. It seems pretty silly for programs that are losing money, including Mizzou, to create an event like this which is nothing but an added expense just so kids can say they went to the beach. I'm not sure what Koll is talking about when he says "civilized, humane tournament."
  20. The idea of JV duals seems silly, when most varsity squads have full lineups, let alone a JV lineup. Even in tri or quad meets, a lot of times my JV kids don't have a match. At tournaments they always have matches. No comparison in the level of involvement.
  21. Why does the NWCA send out articles that are supposed to encourage discussion, such as the one sent out today about dual meets yet have the comment button disabled? I question the assertion in the article by Moyer that promoting dual meets will increase roster expansion in wrestling. The reality is that duals allow for less participation than tournaments. A large number of tournaments in Missouri allow for multiple entries per weight. As a result, tournaments offer much more inclusion and greater opportunity for participation.
  22. They have had the same issues for years and make no improvements. Theoretical functionality isn't worth much. I've never been able to follow a tournament on FloArena without some sort of issue.
  23. What a horrible platform to try to follow a tournament. It is frustrating that tournaments choose to go with FloArena as opposed to Trackwrestling. It takes forever for pages to load, if they load at all.
  24. Cox is good for one or two eye poke timeouts a match. He seems to be the victim of eye pokes a disproportionate amount of times.
  25. Anyone have 1 semifinal ticket for tonight? If so PM me.
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